Three Barbour County Schools
Chestnut Flats, Watercamp and Overfield

Submitted by Joe Ferguson

Chestnut Flats School, 1947

chestnut flats
school 1947

My family, Thacker on the maternal side, has lived in Valley district of Barbour County, in various places between Werner and Talbot, from the 1850's until the present. Here are three pictures of former Barbour Co.schools, of which I often have fond memories. First a picture of the students of Chestnut Flats School taken about 1947. I'm the boy, third row, first from the left. Some of the family names of the children there are: Conner, Delaughter, Fallen, Farley, Ferguson, Golden, McCauley, Nelson, Price, Regester, Richards, Robinson, Ross, Snyder, Talbot, Williams, Winans, and Wolford.

The building is now a dwelling, but I don't know who lives there.

Another interesting note on the area around Chestnut Flats is the number of stores that were along the road between Talbot and Werner. You could get just about anything you needed to tide you over 'til Saturday when it was goin' to town day.

Starting at the Talbot community and going toward Werner were the Hathaway's, Winan's, M.Yeager's, Ab Yeager's, Henry Street's and Merl Werner's stores. Just a little way down the road toward Belington from Werner's store was Solenski's, Corley's and Colter's stores.

In town it was shopping at Parrish's grocery, the A&P, the "feed store", Kane and Keyser's Golden Rule, get just about anything you need store. And if that didn't do it there was always the Wards catalog order twice a year.

Watercamp School

watercamp school

This is Watercamp School where my mother went to school in the 1920's. The Chestnut Flats and Watercamp schools each "visited" the other in the fall and spring and we played ball. It was an all day excursion. We walked to the other school and usually got there a little before noon, ate our lunches and then played "baseball" as well as other games. Then we walked back to our own school in the afternoon.

Overfield School

overfield school

The Overfield School is in very bad condition. I went to school there in the 7th and 8th grades. Last summer I drove by and was able to take a picture in the rain. Rather depressing to see such history disappear.

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