Barbour County Cemeteries

This cemetery is located on WV CR 92/5 about 1.5 miles east and south-east from WV Rt. 92. It is on the left side of the road, situated on the north-east side of a small ravine in a wooded area. The cemetery is over grown and difficult to distinguish. There is one tall marker (abt. 3 ft. tall) that can be seen from the road.

The Barbour Co. cemetery directions lists this cemetery as being on the road to Fullers. Fullers, WV was a small community located at the intersection of CR 4/1, 4, & 4/2. This community had a school, post office, store and a blacksmiths shop. Today there is not much reminiscent of the thriving community that Fullers must have been.

There are 4-5 other markers of creek rock with no writing that can be seen on them, and a couple of depressions with no markers.

Inventoried 23 March 2002 by Jennie Haller

* G. W. Loar 1827-1900
* Julia A. Loar 1829-1881
* S. E. Loar 1859-1877
* M. M. Loar 1876-1880
* M. U. Loar 1878-1881
* All on same stone.

J. A. L. MAR. 1(?) 8
Sarah E. Loar

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