Barbour County Family Album


Add a page to the Barbour Family Album. The format? It is open to your creativity: send me -- a family story, memoir, letters, or family group sheets, descriptions of places in Barbour County, bits of County history or geography, photographs or illustrations -- old or new. As the pages fill we will learn more about the County our ancestors lived in.
Write to me with your page ideas: Margaret C. Lew


Barbour County Families

  1. Birth Records found in an Alford Family Bible
    Submitted by John McCollam
  2. Allen, Hand, Howell, McClaskey, Moore, Townsend & Others Some families stayed in the Barbour County area for a short time and moved on. These collected notes might help you find information on "lost" families of Barbour County.
    Submitted by Nicholas Sturm
  3. The Mystery of Jacob S. Bennett A descendant attempts to find the final resting place of a CSA veteran of the Civil War.
    by Ralph Bennett
  4. Dr. William Biggs, A Civil War Tale
    As told by Alva Biggs (1853 - 1937) Submitted by Anita Johnson
  5. Boggs Family Cemetery at Big Otter, Clay County Reading, photographs and an index of names.
    Submitted by Sara Mollohan Huffman
  6. Chenoweth Family Photographs
    From Noel Chenoweth
  7. Family of Ashable Clevenger
    submitted by Vivian Kay Clevenger Polan
  8. Descendants of Samuel and Margaret Cleavenger
    submitted by Ronald L. Cleavenger.
  9. Clevenger/Cleavenger Family
    Descendants of Samuel Clevenger (1750-1803) submitted by David Kuhl.
  10. Clevenger Family
    These Clevengers need to be connected. Can you help?
  11. William Cole and John Cole of Baltimore Co. MD and Barbour Co. WV
    By Lyle K. Corder
    Much of what has been written about the Cole families has confused the two families of William and John Cole. Here is a new reading of the roadmap they have left in the records.
  12. Joseph Corder, 1753 - 1807
    Of Fauquier and Frederick Counties, Virginia
    And his sons William and Joseph of Barbour County, West Virginia

    By Lyle K. Corder
    Tackles the confusion between the Corder and Carder Families and other Corder puzzles.
  13. Crites Family
  14. Duckworth Family
    By Nicholas Sturm
  15. Ellison/Ellyson Family
    Descendants of Gideon Elllison(1800) and Elizabeth Stephens (1800)
    submitted by David Kuhl.
  16. Ellison Family Query
    Ellisons needing connections.
  17. A Review of My Life: Reuben Taylor George
    Related in 1937 one week from his 88th birthday to Buell Zirkle
    submitted by Elizabeth George-Jordan
  18. Hannibal Hill Family
    Excerpt from Biographical Souvenir of the State of Texas
    submitted by Linda J. Camp
  19. Edward and Catharine Digman Hill Family
    Hill family photographs and information, including a virtual cemetery of the Hill Family.
    submitted by Louis Ruf
  20. Hitt Family
    Descendants of Bathalsar Heite, six generations in Barbour Co.
  21. Phillip Hoffman's Burial Place - a Query
    Where was Phillip Hoffman buried? Can you help find his gravesite?
  22. John Holtsbury, Information from Ohio Records
    submitted by Nicholas Sturm
  23. Descendants of Nicholas Holtsberry
    Nine generation family history of the Nicholas Holtsberry family. Nicholas and his wife Catharine were the parents of John Holtsberry (1780-1862) who settled in Barbour County.
    submitted by Karen McKellar
  24. Abraham and Maria Morgan Hudkins
    A mother's poignant letter, 1865.
    submitted by Julia Sterrett
  25. Keller Family
    submitted by Kenneth Anderson
  26. Descendants of Hans George Lantz
    submitted by Norvil Lantz
  27. My Lantz Lineage
    submitted by Bill Zucchero
  28. Martin Family
    The family of Joseph (Joel) Martin and Mary Ann Hitt, three generations
    submitted by Margaret Lew.
  29. Ancestors of Boss Male
    Five Generations of the Male/Mayle Family, by Bernard V. Mayhle
    Submitted by Marg Mayle Dalton
  30. McGee Family
    The family of John and Catherine McGee, three generations
    submitted by Barbara Stenberg
  31. Jonathan McGee's Estate Sale
    Sale date 17 February 1855, many Barbour County names in the list of purchasers.
    submitted by Lee McGee
  32. The Final Resting Place of John Minear
    Directions to the grave sites for John Minear, Daniel Cameron and Jacob Cooper, victims of 1781 ambush.
    submitted by Olin Compton
  33. Mitchell Family of Mitchell Run
    John and Solomon Mitchell migrated from Morris County New Jersey to what is now Barbour County probably between 1788 and 1792. Three generations of the Mitchell family, some Mitchell questions resolved by the research of Jackie Greathouse, Robert Hershman, Cheryl Massey and Ted Wolfe, Jr.
    submitted by Robert M. Hershman
  34. Moore Family
    The family of Eli and Sarah Asa Moore, featuring a photograph of Eli and Sarah's grandchildren, and a list of three generations of descendants -- new-- photo of Labon Moore's children. New January 2005 -- early photo of Labon Moore's sons and a note from Lila Mae Moore on children of Jethro Moore.
    submitted by Howard B. Moore.
  35. Norris Family History
    An oral history handed down
    submitted by Edith McCartney
  36. Ancestors of Linda Chloe Poling
    Thirteen generations of the Polings and related families to early origins in England Germany and Holland.
    submitted by Herbert Ray Samples
  37. Roberts Family
    Descendants of Elijah and Permelia (Arnold) Roberts
    submitted by Donna Tivener
  38. Shockey Family
    Histories of the Jacob Shockey family by Ira and Henry Shockey
    submitted by Ruth E. Markley
  39. The David Stuart Family of Overfield
    A Stuart Family Oral History by Beverly Rollins
    Interviews, photographs and descendant charts record memories of the life of a Barbour County family from mid 19th through the 20th century.
  40. The Teter Family of West Virginia -- Barbour County Branch from The History of West Virginia, Vol. III, 1923.
    submitted by June George Quinn
  41. Teter Family of Barbour County from The History of Barbour County, by Hu Maxwell, 1899.
    submitted by June George Quinn
  42. A Clue on Walters of Barbour County
    Including a clue for researchers of the Shaws.
    by Nicholas Sturm
  43. Ward Family
    Descendants of Job and Tabitha (Cummins) Ward submitted
    by Dennis Ward, many Barbour family connections.
  44. Descendants of Charles William Ware
    Can you help identify his antecedents?
    by Scott Vanscoy
  45. Woodford Family
    submitted by David Kuhl who has collected all Woodford names from WV records,
    can you identify the parents of these Woodfords?

Barbour County Photographs

  1. Ernest and Anna Baughman Family
    Three mayors of Philippi.
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  2. Belington School 4th Grade
    Mrs. Edith Casto's Fourth grade class of 1937-1938, names of most of the students are included, can you help complete the roster?
    submitted by Miriam Reyburn-Steele
  3. Belington School 5th Grade
    A 1937 - 1938 class photograph.
    submitted by Howard "Ike" Moore
  4. Belington School 8th Grade
    The 1941 class photograph.
    submitted by Howard "Ike" Moore
  5. Belington Bridge
    Nice 1909 postcard view of the bridge and hillside.
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  6. Belington High School
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  7. Citizens Bank in Belington
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  8. B & O Depot Belington
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  9. Central WV Gas in Belington
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  10. Crim Avenue, Belington
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  11. Belington Methodist Episcopal Church, 1908
    submitted by William K. Fisher
  12. Belington Presbyterian Church
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  13. Franklin P. Rease Home, Belington, 1913
    submitted by William K. Fisher
  14. Belington's Lucerne Hotel
    Two early postcard views.
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  15. Three Barbour County Schools
    Chestnut Flats - 1947, and contemporary photos of Watercamp and Overfield with memories of life in the Valley district.
    Submitted by Joe Ferguson
  16. Ford Run School c. 1935
    Some Boylen clan children are identified in this photo, can you recognize any of the others?
    Submitted by Crystal Boylen Boggs
  17. John Patsey's Store
    Photograph of Patsey's General Merchandise, 1907, probably located around Galloway.
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  18. Junior School, 1895
    A photograph of the students of Junior School, taken outside with the log walls of the school in the background. Can you help to identify the students or teachers?
    Submitted by Susan Perry
  19. Store at Junior
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  20. Mary's Chapel Church, Pleasant District.
    Mary's Chapel Church was destroyed by fire in October 1923, a 1925 photograph shows the new building, included are copies of the pledges made by members to finance the building.
    Submitted by Noel Chenoweth
  21. Aerial view of Meadowville
    An undated photo found and submitted by Rick Wilbur
  22. Old Covered Bridge over the Tygart River
    An old postcard view of a Philippi landmark.
    submitted by Noel Chenoweth
  23. Philippi views
    Three postcard views of Philippi c.1903-1910.
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  24. Two views of Mainstreet in Philippi
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  25. Philippi, Wooden B & O Depot
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  26. Philippi, Fire on Mainstreet c.1942
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  27. Blanket mill in North Philippi
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  28. View of covered bridge and old mill
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  29. Philippi First National Bank
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  30. Philippi Citizens Bank
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  31. Philippi, Fire at Valley Hotel, 1900
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  32. Philippi Livery Stable
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  33. Philippi, Auvil Boarding House
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  34. Barbour County Courthouse
    Nice old postcard view of the Courthouse.
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  35. The Geneva Hotel
    An early postcard view of the Geneva Hotel in Philippi.
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  36. Philippi High School
    Postcard view of the old Philippi High School building.
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  37. Philippi High School Football Team 1908
    The team poses with its pennant, can you identify any of the members.
    submitted by Stephanie Carman Durr
  38. Philippi High School Graduation Class
    A graduating class c.1908-1910, includes Crislip, Cross, Fisher, Mason and Poling. Can you help with any other names?
    submitted by Stephanie Carman Durr
  39. Philippi High School Graduation Class 1908
    The graduating class of 1908, Bennett, Chrislip, Wentz, Haller, Switzer, and Peck. Help needed to identify others!
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  40. Philippi High School Graduation Class 1920s
    Photograph of a graduating class of the 1920's taken on the front steps of Philippi High.
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  41. Philippi High Basketball Team 1929
    Champs 1929, Pitsenberger, Baughman, DeHart, Lang, Evans, Ware, Dyer, Booth, Simon, and Ryan.
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  42. Philippi High Basketball Team 1930s
    A team photo of the 1930's, Baughman, Bowers, Haller. Can you identify others?
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  43. Philippi High Football Team 1932
    The football team of 1932, many players are identified in this photo.
    submitted by Gerald Baughman
  44. The Sandridge Farm at Audra
    An old photograph of the farm, including gristmill and covered bridge which is now part of Audra State Park. Brief notes on its history and ownership.
    submitted by Don Williams
  45. Sand Ridge School
    A newspaper photograph shows teacher Albert Jones and class on the last day of school c.1910. Auvil, Barrett, Jones, Moore, Phillips, Poling, Stalnaker, Tusing, and Vannoy children are identified in the caption.
    submitted by Howard B. Moore
  46. Sand Run School
    A photograph from the late 1930's shows teacher Wayne Phillips and his class. Davidson, Digman, DeLauder, Lantz, Leonard, Murphy, Poling children are here -- help is needed to identify some students.
    submitted by Diana Taylor
  47. Taylor's Drain School
    A clipping from The Barbor Democrat shows teacher Maurice Zinn and his class. Burner, Felton, Miller, Proudfoot, Wilson and Zinn children are here -- help is needed to identify some students.
    submitted by Noel Chenoweth
  48. A Mayle Family Photo
    Written on the back of this photo: "jelly bean ... Albert ... Joe ... and Sara Lue." We know these people have some connection with the Dalton, Mayle, Parsons, Pritchard, and related families -- can you identify them?
    submitted by Diana Jones
  49. Some Stones at the Bretheran and Trinity Cemeteries
    Photographs taken of family headstones, Brady, Foy, Moore, Steerman, Ware, Yeager in two cemeteries at Junior, Barbour County. Many images.
    by Sheley J. Napier

Barbour County Records

  1. Belington 1893
    submitted by Stephanie Durr, transcribed from The Bell Publishing Co.'s 1893-'94 Directory a list of farmers, businessmen and others.
  2. Some 1920 Census pages
    submitted by Faith Van Shaik, several pages of the Barbour County 1920 Census.
  3. Barbour County Farm Bureau Members, 1933
    submitted by Linda Graham, an address list -- may help you locate your ancestor in the 1930 Census.

Barbour Blue and Gray

  1. Federal Soldiers from Barbour County
    From The History of Barbour County, West Virginia by Hu Maxwell, published at Morgantown, WV, 1899.
  2. GAR Posts in Barbour County
    Information from the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.
  3. Men in Gray, Confederate Soldiers of Central West Virginia
    by Ralph P. Bennett

Newpaper Clippings

  1. Addie Wince Zinn's Scrapbook
    transcribed and submitted by Linda Graham, items from The Barbour Democrat: births, deaths, celebrations, and news found in her grandmother's scrapbooks. Many names and events from 1927 to 1960; lots of Zinn family but much more.
  2. Philippi Clippings
    submitted by Diana Taylor, items from The Philippi Republican, Thursday, December 6, 1923 and The Barbour Democrat, Thursday, April 13, 1939. Lots of family names mentioned.

  3. Obituaries from The Barbour Democrat and The Philippi Republican and others.
    Nancy Nestor Obituary, February 5, 1914
    William Allen Obituary, September 10, 1914
    Sophia Ball Obituary September 28, 1917
    Joseph Calvin Corder Obituary July 12, 1917
    Mrs. Harry Nestor Obituary February 19, 1920
    Della Moats Obituary February 19, 1920
    Captain Newton Poling Obituary August 3, 1922
    Levi JohnsonObituary February 8, 1923
    Leolon Sturm Obituary, 18 July 1940
    Mrs. Mollie Freeman Duckworth Obituary, Thursday February 9, 1956
    Tacy Coffman Auvil Obituary, May 24, 1956
    Elizabeth Huffman Gainer Obituary, May 24, 1956
    C. S. Nestor Obituary, June 7, 1956
    Nancy Jane Moats Obituary, Thursday March 21, 1957
    Martha Elizabeth Moats Obituary, September 18, 1958
    Edward Newton Fluharty Obituary, Thursday March 23, 1961
    John William Janes Obituary, Thursday March 23, 1961
    Mrs. Venna Burner Dyer Obituary, Thursday March 23, 1961
    John W. Wright Obituary, June 8, 1961
    Mrs Lula Weaver Obituary, June 8, 1961
    Samuel M Boylen Obituary, Aug 24, 1961
    Mrs. Rosetta Johnson Obituary, Aug 24, 1961
    Henry A. Boylen Obituary, Oct 19, 1961
    Charles Howard Bennett Obituary, Oct 19, 1961
    Seymour J. Wyatt Obituary, Oct 1961
    George Raymond Hotsinpillar Obituary, Thursday April 5, 1962
    Effie Winans Burner Obituary, Thursday October 13, 1966
    Raymond G. Wildman Obituary, Thursday October 13, 1966
    Wilburn Alston Ryan Obituary, October 13, 1966
    W. D. (Bill) Laulis Obituary, Wednesday June 4, 1969
    submitted by Bridgette Osz.

    Mordecai D. Riley Obituary July 9 or 10, 1918
    Anette Hudkins Riley Appreciation February 24, 1927
    Walter G. Riley Obituary January 5 or 6, 1940
    Appreciation January 6 or 7, 1940

    Florence Riley Knapp Obituaries September 27, 1944
    Appreciation September 1944

    DeWitt Clinton Hudkins Obituary April, 1946
    Appreciation May 1946

    Jacob Henry Knapp Obituary 1948
    submitted by Julia Sterrett.

    Noel Chenoweth Obituary August 7, 2002
    submitted by Mardie O'Connor.

    Edward G. "Pete" Poling Obituary, January 5, 2001
    Shirley Claypool Skidmore Wathey Obituary, September 15, 1998.
    from The Review East Liverpool, OH.
    submitted by Jan Waite.

    Rosa Pyles Lyons Obituary July 1958.
    Henry A. Boylen Obituary October 19, 1961
    James R. Boylen, Sr. Obituary March 27, 1984
    submitted by Crystal Boylen Boggs.

    Magdaline Hill Obituary, January 6, 1938 The Philippi Republican
    Anthony Hill Obituary March 29, 1953 The Parkersburg News Parkersburg WV,
    submitted by Louis Ruf

    Hazel Lottie Carder Obituary, January 13, 2002
    Corinne E. Thomason Obituary, January 4, 2002
    from The Star Beacon
    submitted by Linda Lee Bukky, obituaries of Barbour Countians in Ohio.

    John Moore Fisher Obituary, August 5, 2002
    submitted by William K. Fisher.

    Violet Gadd Coonts Obituary, January 2002
    from The Inter-Mountain News Elkins, WV

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