Barbour County Deaths
A Collection

We began this death record file with data collected from many sources by Fred Knapp and Diana Taylor. We invite you to contribute death information from your research. It may come from family record such as Bible records, public records, newspaper vital statistics and obituary notices, articles or family histories.

Can you add to our list? We welcome additions and corrections to this data.

The purpose of this listing is to help you find information on Barbour County families. Remember that these are compiled records and that you should try to obtain original proof to document any that you add to your family research. This collection is presented for your personal use and is not to be used by anyone for commercial publication.

Note: We have used current names and boundaries for the locations. Remember that before 1863 WV was VA and that before the creation of Barbour County in 1843 the area in question was Lewis, Harrison or Randolph County. Source: To identify and contact the source see the two letter code in the record and consult the list of contributors for name and e-mail address.

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B surnames for following periods,
transcribed by Crystal Boggs:

1920 - 1928
1929 - 1948


Thanks to these generous contributors our collection is growing; can you help it too?

Sources for the Barbour County Deaths Collection

Submitted by:Code
Adith C. Spencer
Brenda Ericsson
Cara P. Miller
Crystal Boylen Boggs
Fred H. Knapp
Janet Waite
Julia Workman Sterrett
Diana Taylor
L. D. Lawrence
Larry & Donna Hall
Linda K. Graham
Louis Ruf
Olin Compton
Gloria Mathew Schell
Dale Walter

Linda K. Graham has extracted her data from the Barbour County Death Register and may have additional information not shown here as the Register shows birth date, age at death, burial date, Occupation, burial place.

Crystal Boggs and Janet Waite have taken their data from microfilmed records of Barbour County.

The information submitted by Fred Knapp was extracted from the sources indicated below. Except in the case of his own ancestors he made no efforts to verify the data, however, it is intended through it's publication to aid others in the research of their Barbour County ancestors. Additions and corrections are welcomed.

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