Barbour County Wills,
A Collection

We began this collection of Barbour County family wills with seven transcribed by Sandra Fields. If you can add a will from your research, please contact me Margaret Lew and help the collection grow. Note: Some of the wills have been written or filed outside Barbour County, but all are strongly connected to the families of the County.

Donald Sheaffer submitted the following will:

John Harris last will dated 1875, proved 1881

Barbara McGee Stenberg transcribed the following wills:

John C. McGee will dated 1854
Uriah W. Modisett will dated 1862

William K. Fisher transcribed the following will:

John Holsberry, will dated 1862, 1863

Sandra Fields transcribed the following wills from courthouse copies.

Samuel Black, will dated 1839
James Black, will dated 1862
Thomas Black, will dated 1863
James Swick, will dated 1873
Aquilla Osborne Sr., will dated 1885
Susan Sturm, will dated 1885
Samuel Black, last will & testament 1897, 1902
Enoch Phillips, last will & testament 1892, 1894
Eli Phillips, last will & testament 1914
Black Phillips, last will & testament 1896
Aaron Phillips, last will & testament 1890, 1891
Nicholas Sturm, last will & testament 1881, 1882
Isaac Sturms, last will & testament 1906
Delita Anne Sturm, last will & testament 1897
Jacob Kesling, last will & testament 1845, 1847
Joseph Phillips, last will & testament 1854, 1855
Abram Simon, last will & testament 1865
Jacob Simon, last will & testament 1851, 1853
Benjamin Simon, last will & testament 1851

Cris Jett submitted the following abstract:
John Jett, will dated 1863, probated 1864
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