Enoch Phillips
Will dated March 22,1892

Barbour County, VA Will Book I

Last Will of Enoch Phillips
Dated: March 22, 1892
Source: Barbour County, WV Will Book 2, Pages 96 98
Transcribed by Sandra Fields August 20, 2004

Know all men by these presents, (sic) that I Enoch Phillips of the County of Barbour and State of West Virginia do this day will and bequeath all my property, both real and personal to the following named persons, as stated for them to have and to hold after my death.

First: Ellen Phillips my third wife whom I am now living with, shall have the following described tract of land. Beginning at Black oak a corner of Ashford Stalnaker's and John Poling's, thence a straight line to a large chestnut near my house on the Meadowville road; thence with three of E.P. Phillips lines to a stone on D.F. Elliott's line; thence with said Elliott's lines and H.B. Skidmore's line to a Double White Oak; thence with Ashford Stalnaker's line to the beginning. She is to have the above described tract of land as long as she remains my widow, or virtuous during her natural life; after which it shall be equally divided between my two youngest daughters viz: Louly Dell Phillips, and Delta M. Phillips, and they are also to have one bed and bedstead each.

Also, my wife Ellen Phillips is to have all the household and kitchen furniture and grains of different kinds, and all their eatables that I might have. She is also to have my Iron gray mare and her harness, and two cows of her choice, also two hogs of her choice. The farming utensils and two cows and one horse and four hogs and my bee stands and my half interest in the mowing machine and the following described tract of land. Beginning at a Black oak, John Poling's and Ashford Stalnaker's corner thence with John Poling's line to a stone in the Meadowville road near the church house, thence with the meanderings of the Meadowville road to a large chestnut near my house, thence a straight line to the beginning, are to be sold within thirty days after my death, and my debts and funeral expenses are to be paid with the money, and the remainder to be divided equally among Johnson Phillips my oldest son, Emily Cross, my oldest daughter, Louis Clark Phillips my next oldest son, Laverna Estaline Nestor my second daughter, and Dama Godwin, my third daughter. I have given E.P. Phillips my third son, Elza Phillips my fourth son, and Winfield Scott Phillips my fifth son all that I intended them to have. On the last described tract of land I except twenty five rail ties for the use of Ellen Phillips my wife, and I also except Fifty Dollars of the money for which the said land is sold to be equally divided between French Phillips, my grandson and McBurnard Phillips my grandson, if they stay at my home place until they are sixteen years of age, and I hereby appoint A. J. Smith my brother-in-law, my administrator.

Given under my hand and sealed with my seal this 22nd day of March 1892.
Enoch Phillips (Seal)

Witnesses: Alba Walverton
C.F. Walverton

The State of West Virginia:
Barbour County Court Clerk's Office April 17, 1894.

The last Will and testament of Enoch Phillips Deceased, was this day presented in said office for probate by A.J. Smith the Executor therein named, and the same being proved before me by the oaths of Alba Walverton and C.F. Walverton the subscribing witnesses thereto was ordered to be recorded and a record thereof was made accordingly and upon the motion of the said A.J. Smith he is hereby appointed Executor of the said Last Will and Testament, and thereupon he together with J.R. England as his surety entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of One Thousand Dollars, conditioned according to Law, and took the oath prescribed by Law as such Executor.

And upon the further motion of the said A.J. Smith Executor as aforesaid, C.F. Walverton, Alba Walverton and J.R. England are hereby appointed appraisers of the personal estate of said decedent to be administered.

Attest: Granville E. Taft, Clk.

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