Barbour County Farm Bureau Paid Memberships for 1933

submitted by Linda Graham.

Since the 1930 Census will soon be available, these addresses from 1933 may help find your ancestor in that record. In the farming areas in this part of West Virginia, mail was delivered by "route," not by address. Even into the 1970s this was so. These are probably the most accurate addresses available for this time period. L. Glenn ZINN was the head of the Farm Bureau in 1933. This is taken from his typewritten list.

Roy GOLDEN Philippi, Route 3
W. B. GALL Belington
David WOODFORD Philippi Route 4
Delbert WOODFORD Philippi Route 4
Lee O'BRIEN Belington Route 1
Aaron O'BRIEN Belington Route 1
T.L. BURNER Philippi, Route 4
BOLTON sisters Belington route 4
E. C. FELTON Philippi route 2
Press MCCLAIN Belington, route 2
John MCVICKER Grafton, route 6
Edgar MCINTOSH Grafton route 6
Coy MCDANIEL Philippi, route 2
Edwin PHILLIPS Belington, route 4
Wayne PHILLIPS Belington, route 4
L.D. PROBST Grafton, Route 6
Glen POLING Philippi, route 3
Lawrence PROBST Grafton, route 6
E.L. TURNER Belington, route 2
Aldine STEMPLE Moatsville, route 2
E.. L. KNIGHT Belington, route 2
J. M. KENNEDY Philippi, route 2
J.H. KENNEDY Philippi
Charley KEYSER Belington
Lee ARMENTROUT Philippi, route2
Edwin GOLDEN Belington, route 2
Brant GOODE Belington
Charles M. JONES Belington
G. L. BALLAH Belington
J. Lester HOLBERT Philippi, route 2
Howard HADDIX Philippi, route 2
Leslie HADDIEX Philippi, route 5
Owen HADDIX Philippi, route 2
C.G. HYMER Philippi
Clinton COLE Grafton, route 6
Ira L. CHRISLIP Philippi, route 4
Cleophus COLE Philippi, route 3
T. L. BOYLES Philippi, route3
Dorsey COLE Philippi, route 3
A.N. CARDER Philippi, route5
Demond LANTZ Philippi, route3
U. T. MITCHELL Moatsville, route 3
Blaine ANGLINE Philippi, route1
Alton BARTLETT Belington, route 1
A. D. BARTLETT Belington route1
Guy BURNER Philippi, route 1
M. B. BOLTON Belington, route1
Andy BOOTH Philippi, route 3
D.P. BAUGHMAN Philippi, route 5
W. B. BAKER Belington
J.C. BOYLES Belington, route 3
A.F. BENNETT Philippi
Randolph BOYLES Philippi, route 3
Hayward BRANDON Philippi, route3
W. A. CORDER Philippi, Route 2
Laco B. CORDER Flemington, route 2
J. L. CARL Moatsville
A.B. CORNWELL Philippi
Mrs. Lillie CADE Belington, route 2
E. E. COLE Philippi, route 2
C. A. DYER Philippi, route 2
G. G. DOUGLAS Philippi, route 4
Ray DENNISON Philippi
R.S. DICKENSON Volga, route 1
Joe DAVIS Belington, route 1
J. W. DADISMAN Belington
A.M. DYER Philippi
Thomas FITZWATER Belington
Herman FISHER Philippi, route 3
Mike FALLEN Volga, route 2
Marvin GAINER Belington
L. Aubert GAINER Philippi
John B. GRIFFITH Belington, route 1
J. A. GAUNT Belington, route 1
Truman GODWIN Belington, route 4
Alfred GRIFFITH Belington, route 1
Denzel GAINER Belington, route 3
Carl B. HARVEY Philippi, route 1
A. T. HERSHMAN Philippi, route 5
Charles M. HADDIX Berryburg
H. N. HOLMES Moatsville, route 2
C. T. HALL Hall, W. Va.
Bretsel HARRIS Belington, route 3
A. G. HATHAWAY Belington, route 2
J. C. JONES Philippi, route 3
Robert JOHNSON Montrose, route 1
G.G. JOHNSON Montrose, route 1
E. F. KNIGHT Flemington, route 2
J. M. KELLEY Belington , route 4
L. D. KITTLE Belington, route1
J. H. LENARD Park Branch
Henry MOORE Belington, route 1
Paul S. MARTIN Volga
George MITCHELL Philippi, route 2
Orby MITCHELL Volga, Route 2
Irene MOORE Montrose, route 1
L. C. MCDANIELS Philippi, route 2
V.L. MARKS Simpson, route 1
Guy NITZ Volga
C.O. MARSH Philippi, route 5
A. D. MARKS Philippi
Fred O'NEAL Philippi, route 1
W. A. NITZ Volga, route 2
S. K. NESTOR Philippi, route 3
A. L. PROUDFOOT Philippi, route 2
D. T. PROUDFOOT Philippi, route 2
J. B. POTTS Belington, route 2
C. D. POLING Philippi, route 3
E. L. POLING Belington, route 4
Emerson POLING Philippi, route 3
E. S. PROUDFOOT Belington, route 2
Albert PAUGH Philippi, route4
S. A. POLING Montrose, route 1
Jay POLING Belington, route 4
C. L. PHILLIPS Montrose, route 1
C. Earl POLING Belington, route 4
A. J. RINEHART Belington, route 1
J. W. RICHMAN Moatsville, route 1
O. L. ROBINSON Philippi, route 2
Dale STALMAKER Philippi, route 3
D. C. SIMPSON Belington
Marshall STALNAKER Philippi, route 3
G. W. SIMPSON Belington, route 1
S. B. SCHOONOVER Belington, route 3
Dayton R. STEMPLE Philippi, route 5
H. H. STALNAKER Philippi, route 5
M. M. STRADER Philippi
W. R. SHAW Philippi
A. M. STANSBERRY Philippi, route 2
Porter SHAFFER Kasson, route 2
W. H. SOTHAN Belington, route1
H. E. STALNAKER Philippi, route 5
Lafayette THORN Belington, route 2
J. W. TETER Rangoon
C.D. TALBOTT Belington, route 2
H. G. TALBOTT Belington
Harrison E. TALBOTT Belington , route 2
Victor H. THACKER Belington, route1
Weldon B. THACKER Belington, route 2
J. W. TENNEY Belington, route 1
O. B. TENNEY Philippi, route 4
T. F. VALENTINE Belington, route 4
A. L. WONYCOTT Grafton, Route 6
Guy WILLIAMSON Philippi, route 3
D.B. WARE Belington, route1
H. B. WATSON Philippi
H. A. WILLIAMSON Philippi, route 3
Wm. R. WOODFORD Philippi, route 4
H. C. WILMOTH Belington
J. G. WILSON Belington, route 4
F. C. WILSON Belington, route 4
Roy WOODFORD Philippi, route 2
Roy WATKINS Belington, route -----
Enoch WARE Belington, route 2
L. G. ZINN Philippi, route 4
S. W. ZINN Philippi, route 1
E. D. ZINN Philippi, route 4
Roscoe ZINN Philippi, route 2
D. W. ZINN Philippi, route 2
Delbert BOYLES Philippi, route 5
Herbert BOYLES Philippi, route 5
C. C. BENSON Philippi, route 4
Sam BALL Belington, route 2
Clifford BARTLETT Belington
Wayne BARTLETT Berryburg
F.E. BARTLETT Philippi, route 2
C. B. BARTLETT Belington, route 4
J.C. BOGGESS Philippi
W. L. BOYLES Volga, route 2
H. F. COOL [no place listed]
J. T. CONLEY Volga
Odes CAMPBELL Volga, route 2
C. C. CRIM Philippi, route 4
H. C. COX Junior
Harry CROSS Philippi, route 4
K. E. CLARK Philippi
Dominic CENTEFANTI Belington, route 2
P. V. O'CONNOR Belington, route 2
R. A. COX Philippi, route 4
Rupert COLE Philippi, route 2
W. H. GEORGE Rangoon
A. C. GEORGE Rangoon
Albert GOODE Belington, route 2
S. G. GOODWIN Belington, route 2
V. E. GEORGE Belington, Route 1
Denzil GAINER Philippi, route 3
Letcher MARKELY Volga, route 2
Oan MCCAULEY Belington, route 2
Doyle MCCAULEY Belington, route 2
B. H. MILLER Moatsville, route 1
W. H. MARSH Philippi, route 5
Henry FOY Belington, route [not given]
Troy HADDIX Philippi, route 2
Ray HALLER Philippi
Leslie HOLSBERRY Montrose, route 1
L. L. HERSHMAN Philippi, route 5
N. C. HARDIN Philippi, route 4
G. H. HEDRICK Belington, route 2
Clarence HOUSE Philippi, route 4
Owen HUDKINS Flemington, route 2
Murrel HADDIX Philippi, route 2
John L. LANCE Philippi, route 1
K. G. LODGE Philippi, route 1
Willis LANTZ, Jr. Philippi, route 3
M. L. YEAGER Belington, route 1
A. YEAGER Belington, route 1
Ralph DURRETT Belington, route 2
Dewey DURRETT Belington, route 2
D. DICKENSON Philippi, route 4
Raymond STURM Philippi, route 3
Loyd SAYRES Grafton, route 6
Kenneth E. SMITH Simpson, route 1
Eddie B. SMITH Simpson, route 1
C. R. STALNAKER Philippi, route 5
Henry STREETS Belington, route 1
Charles SIMPSON Belington, route 2
Stanley STEWART Philippi, route 4
L. L. STOUT Flemington, route 5
Herbert SAMPLES Flemington, route 2
Floyd H. ANNON Moatsville, route 3
Henry R. MOSS Berryburg
Creed MARSH Nestorville
Levi MCVICKER Philippi, route 2
S.B. NUZUM Volga, route 2
R. B. NESTOR Philippi, route 5
Okey NESTOR Philip, route 3
R. F. RINEHART Belington, route 1
Ray RIDENOUR Moatsville, route 2
Panfilio RICOTTILLI Belington, route 2
Semore ROY Philippi, route 4
H. M. REEDER Flemington, route 2
Earl ROBINSON [no place given]
Ralph QUATTRO Belington, route 2
G. C. HOLSBERRY Belington, route 4
A. B. EKIS Moatsville, route 1
R. L. CRISS Philippi, route 5
H. J. MCCULLOUGH Belington, route 2
Mrs. Bessie DIGMAN Moatsville, route 3
Mrs. Isabel MITCHELL Moatsville, route 3
Mrs. Edna MCCAULEY Philippi, route 2
Mrs. Luvie MORREL Arden
Miss Cordie MOSS Moatsville, route 3
Mrs. Gewey HALLER Arden
Mrs. Hattie MORRIS Moatsville, route 3
Mrs. Dottie DUCKWORTH Arden
Mrs. Emma MITCHELL Moatsville, route 3
Mrs. Veta MCCAULEY Arden
Mrs. Ida BOYLES Philippi, route 3
Mrs. J. H. SEMMELMAN Moatsville
Mrs. J. E. FREY Moatsville, route 2
Mrs. M. E. GALL Moatsville, route 2
Mrs. J. O. WOLFE Moatsville, route 2
Mrs. R. T. MILLER Moatsville, route 2
Mrs. M. NICOLA Moatsville, route 2
Mrs. A. T. MILLER Grafton
Mrs. E. D. SEMMELMAN Moatsville
Miss Grechen CLINE Moatsville
Miss Sophia UTTERBACK Moatsville
Mrs. H. J. MOORE Moatsville
Mrs. George PITZER Moatsville
Miss Lulu POLING Montrose, route 1
Mrs. J. L. MCBEE Philippi, route 2
Mrs. D. LAKE Philippi, route 2
Mrs. Floyd MOSS Berryburg
Mrs. Mabel WARD Volga
Mrs. M. D. MCCOY Volga
Mrs. W. W. KERR Volga
Mrs. A. J. STEEL Philippi
Mrs. Edna LAMBERT Volga
Mrs. Paschal BRAKE Volga
Mrs. Bessie MARTENEY Volga
Mrs. Fannie RADABAUGH Volga
Mrs. Lizzie SWICK Volga
Mrs. Sarah MARTENEY Volga
Mrs. Susan MAXON Volga
Mrs. Naoma MOUSER Volga

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