Barbour County Cemeteries

This cemetery is located on the east side of CR 93 about 2 miles north of Rt. 38, it is at the top of a hill in a field on the property of Ira Hovatter. There is an ornamental metal fence surrounding these graves, but about 30 feet to the north there are two more stones laying down with sections of the same style fence laying on them to keep the livestock from walking on them. There look to be some other graves that are unmarked. This cemetery has been abandoned for quite some time.

Inventoried April 13, 2003 by J. & J. Haller

FORD, Francis s/o F.G.W. & J.E. Ford 12/22/1858 - 03/30/1882

FORD, Jomima E. w/o F.G.W. Ford 12/22/1835 - 03/18/1903

FORD, William H. s/o F.G.W. & J.E. Ford 08/05/1860 - 11/09/1866

ENGLAND, Margaret w/o S.W. England 06/18/1862 - 03/11/1911

Information from two stones to north of Ford Cemetery.

HEBB, Reuben d. 05/22/1885 age 54 years

HOVATTER, Nancy C. w/o Bazzel 04/07/1841 - 07/09/1906

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