John Holtsbury

Information from Ohio Records
By Nicholas Sturm

The following is of interest because (long ago memory)Hu Maxwell's biography of John Holsberry suggested that John Holtsbury was from Ohio (he married in Maryland to a Poland and settled near Old White Oak in Randolph Co., VA.)

Gateway to the West, Vol. # 1
Fairfield County Marriage Records

Green, John to Elizabeth Holsberry 6-25-1807
Gallia County Marriage Records
Holdsberry, Jacob to Betsey Entsminger 4-12-1813
Licking County Partition Records
(This is the kind of find one seeks, but seldom finds!!!)
3-10-1826 - David Metzer vs John Holtzberry. Filed 10-21-1825. Nicholas Holtsberry, late of Licking Co., dec'd. Widow, Catharine entitled to 24 acres dower. Land, 90 acres N part S 1/2 Section 11, Township 19, Range 17 of Refugee tract. Eleven heirs: Jacob Holtsberry, Samuel Holtsberry, Ann Holtsberry now Ann Kenney, Richard Holtzberry, Conrad Holtzberry, Sally wife of Isaac Harter, Polly wife of John Woolard, Elizabeth Green, a widow, late Holtsberry, Susanna wife of John Wertzbaugh; John Holtsberry of Randolph Co., Va.;

James Holtsberry of Licking Co. Several of heirs sold their interest to Metzer.

John Holtsberry of Randolph Co., Va was married to a Poling in Alleghany, Md and lived in the heart of Poling country in (now) Barbour Co., (now) W.Va.
Nick Sturm
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