Jacob Simon
Will dated 1851

Barbour County, VA Will Book 1

Will of Jacob Simon
Dated: August 18, 1851
Source: Barbour County, WV/Will Book 1, Pgs. 78-80
Transcribed by Sandra Fields on August 24, 2004
I, Jacob Simon of the County of Barbour and state of Virginia do hereby make and declare this to be my last will and Testament viz:

1st I desire that all my just debts be fully paid off and discharged by my executor hereinafter named.

2nd I devise unto my wife Sarah Simon all my household and kitchen furniture with the choice of two of my milk cows, One Black horse & one hundred dollars in money, during her natural life, and it is my desire that she live with my sons Branson Simon and Michael Simon, and that they furnish her everything that she may think necessary to a comfortable subsistence during her life, and if she should not be properly taken care of and treated by my two said sons, it is my wish if my said wife desires it that she may have assigned to her the one third of all my lands in addition to what I have above devised to her.

3rd I devise unto my two sons Michael Simon and Branson Simon the farm on which I now reside, and it is my desire that the same should be equally divided between them according to quantity and quality giving to my son Michael Simon the upper end of said farm and to my said son Branson the lower end of the land, so as to include my dwelling house.

Upon this condition nevertheless that they my two said sons pay in equal parts, Six hundred Dollars to my son Abraham Simon, and five hundred Dollars to my son Jacob Simon, the Six hundred dollars to be paid to my son Abraham in five years from and after my decease, and the five hundred dollars to be paid to my son Jacob in ten years thereafter, which said sums I devise unto my said sons, Abraham & Jacob, as also mentioned, which in addition to what I have given them heretofore is to be their share of my estate.

4th I give unto my son Michael Simon my young bay mare, and for which, it is my desire that he give to my Grandson Alfred Simon when he shall attained the age of 21 years, the sum of Fifty Dollars.

5th I further devise unto my sons Michael and Branson all the grain which is on my farm and is growing to be equally divided between them, as also all the hay thereon to be divided in a like manner.

6th It is my will and desire as a further condition to the gift of my farm to my sons Michael & Branson that they furnish a comfortable support and maintenance to my daughter, Sarah Demanda Simon and her child during her life and till the said child shall attain the age of 21 years or as long as she may remain unmarried.

7th I devise unto my son George Simon and my three Daughters, Mahala Ward, Carolina Radabaugh and Sarah Demanda the proceeds which will arise from the sale of all my personal property not herein before disposed of which I desire shall be immediately sold after my decease and the proceeds equally divided between them, and that the personal property herein before devised to my wife Sarah, at her death be sold and divided in like manner between them.

8th I hereby constitute and appoint my friend Lair D. Morrall, executor of this my last will and testament, and that I hereby revoke all former wills by me made.

And lastly, it is my desire that if any of my said children should be dissatisfied with the respective portions of my estate as above devised to them, and should attempt to harass my other devisees by suits or otherwise, that the devise made to them so dissatisfied be null and void and the same equally divided among the other of my said children who are satisfied with the shares above given them.

In testimony whereof ?I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal this 18th day of August in the year 1851.

Signed, Sealed and acknowledged in the presence of the undersigned.

Jacob Simon Sr. (Seal)

Wm. W.R. Callihan
Edward F. Grant
Edwin D. Wilson

Barbour County Court August Term 1853

The last will and testament of Jacob Simon Decd. was this day presented in Couret and proved according to Law by the oaths of Wm. W.R. Callihan & Edward F. Grant witnesses thereto, is ordered to be Recorded.

Teste: L.D. Morrall, Clerk

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