Barbour County Cemeteries
Mt. Morris

There are a few other unmarked graves and a few marked with creek rock. Inventoried: Summer 2000 by Erwin & Jennie Haller.

Submitted by Erwin and Jennie Haller

Frances M. Freeman
b. 04-01-1860
d. 08-30-1861
  Lucinda A.C. Johnson
b. 12-16-1877
d. 06-22-1899
Alice T. Miller
b. 03-1866
d. 11-03-1945
  John C. Miller
b. 07-17-1842
d. 11-05-1920
daughter of A & H.A. Miller
d. 03-14-1872
age 23 years, 10 mo., 15 days
Sleep daughter dear and take
your rest god called you home
He thought it best twas hard
indeed to part with thee but
Christ's strong arm supported
me. -Adam Webster
  Nora V.
daughter of J.G.& E.C. Miller
d. 10-20-1889
The light of her moving life
went down as sinks behind
the hill, the glory of a setting
star. Clean, sudden, and
son of J.G. & E.C. Miller
b. 07-04-188(3)
d. 06-20-188(7)
  Ellen C. Miller
b. 03-12-1853
d. 05-03-1892
As a wife...devoted,
As a mother...affectionate,
As a friend... der, kind and true.
Hester Ann
wife of A. Miller
d. 07-01-1857
age 36 yrs, 6 mo,7 days.

Andrew Miller
d. 01-31-1879
age 85 yrs, 5 mo, 14 days.
In life beloved
and in death remembered.

wife of Andrew Miller
d. 03-04-1840
age 84

Andrew Miller
d. 01-01-1834
73 yrs, 10 mo, 6 days.

Harry C. Ekis
son of A.B & E.M. Ekis
b. 08-12-1908
d. 01-22-1909
  Hester A. Ekis
b. 05-19-1875
d. 05-04-1899
Sarah Ekis
b. 03/25/1844
d. 04-21-1891
  Benjamin Ekis
b. 10-26-1815
d. 10-14-1889
Benjamin D. Miller
son of A.K. & S.M. Miller
b. 11-19-1895
d. 02-18-1897

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