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Robert M. Hershman
The Mitchell's of Mitchell Run

John and Solomon Mitchell migrated from Morris County New Jersey to what is now Barbour County probably between 1788 and 1792. Hardesty's Biographical Atlas Volume 4 page 215 states that the first pioneers of Pleasant District were Henry Thompson about 1780 and Jesse Terrell. Hardesty's also states that John and Solomon Mitchell migrated from New Jersey shortly afterwards.

The research of Cheryl Massey about 1998 uncovered the birth and baptism of Solomon Mitchell at the First Presbyterian Church of Morristown, New Jersey. However, those same records for John Mitchell were discovered only recently.

Coontz in her book The Western Waters muddies the waters about the Mitchells. She states that the Mitchells were John and Paul rather than John and Sol. She also points out that John Mitchell owned property on both sides of the Tygarts River. This was true; however, there were two John Mitchells. The property owned in Randolph County was Reverend John Mitchell and his wife Susan Washburn. Jackie Greathouse published extensive research on the Reverend John Mitchell. This John lived near what is now the Barbour/Randolph County border and later moved to Lewis County.

Both John and Solomon married daughters of William Thompson. Early researchers had the Issue of John and Solomon wrong. Ted Wolfe, Jr.'s research of the Harrison County marriage bonds of these children helped to finally align the families properly.

The sons of John Mitchell and many of his descendants tended to stay near Mitchell's Run. The sons of Solomon Mitchell stayed for a while but later tended to migrate both west and east to counties such as Ritchie, Roane, Jackson, Preston, and Tucker.

Descendants of John Mitchell

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 MITCHELL was born 1729, and died November 18, 1799 in New Jersey.
He married SARAH. She was born 1732, and died August 06, 1798 in New Jersey.

Notes for John Mitchell:
Served as a Private in Captain Isaac's militia at Parsippay in 1776 where he lived in Hanover twonship. Son Thomas Mitchell served also. John may have come from New England.

Notes for Sarah:
Sarah's family name may have been Mahurin. The Mahurin family had a large representation in Presbyterian Church in Morristown NJ. There are two listings of marriages of John Mitchell to Sarah McHurin/Mahurin both Nov 28 1751 one East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA and one Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA. However, another LDS listing says that Sarah Mahurin born June 9, 1732, m Nov 28, 1751, died Oct 17, 1762.

Children of JOHN MITCHELL and SARAH are:

  1. LYDIA2 MITCHELL, b. December 14, 1752.
  2. JAMES MITCHELL, b. March 29, 1754, New Jersey.
  3. THOMAS MITCHELL, b. June 17, 1756, New Jersey.

    Notes for Thomas Mitchell: Served during the Revolutionary War. Listed in 1793 as a member of the Morris County Militia in Morris Township.

  4. BENJAMIN MITCHELL, b. November 22, 1758, New Jersey.

    More About Benjamin Mitchell: Baptism: January 21, 1759, Hanover Church NJ

  5. LUCE MITCHELL, b. September 04, 1761, New Jersey; m. WILLIAM STEVENSON, March 06, 1785.

    More About Luce Mitchell: Baptism: October 11, 1761, Hanover Church NJ

  6. 2 JOHN MITCHELL, b. October 12, 1763, Morristown, Morris Co, NJ; d. Aft. 1836.
  7. SARAH MITCHELL, b. June 04, 1766, New Jersey; m. ALEXANDER KIRKPATRICK, November 08, 1787, Morristown First Presby Church.

    More About Sarah Mitchell: Baptism: April 06, 1766, Hanover Church NJ

  8. 3 SOLOMON MITCHELL, b. April 15, 1768, Morristown NJ; d. June 10, 1852.
  9. HEZEKIAH MITCHELL, b. August 14, 1770, New Jersey.

    Notes for Hezekiah Mitchell: Listed as serving in the Morris County Militia Pequanach township in 1793. Baptism: April 14, 1771

  10. JOSEPH MITCHELL, b. January 29, 1774, New Jersey.

    More About Joseph Mitchell: Baptism: April 29, 1774.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 MITCHELL (JOHN1) was born October 12, 1763 in Morristown, Morris Co, NJ, and died Aft. 1836. He married RACHEL THOMPSON February 14, 1793 in Harrison Co. WV, daughter of WILLIAM THOMPSON and ELIZABETH. She was born Abt. 1775, and died Bef. 1825.

Notes for John Mitchell: Barbour County WV Hardesty's Biographical Atlas Volume 4 on page 215 about the first pioneers of Pleasant District. It gives the first two settlers of that area (this is the area of Mitchell Run, Taylors Drain) as Henry Thompson about 1780 and a Jesse Terrell. after these two came Solomon and John Mitchell came from New Jersey and settled on the farm now owned by John Keller and here they both lived and died." page 214 - There is a discussion of small streams in the Pleasant district and the quote is "Mitchell's Run three and one-half miles in length, empties into the Valley River five miles below Phillipi. It derives its name from the earliest settlers upon its banks."

John and Solomon probably came to the area between 1788 and 1792. John Mitchell last appears in the Hanover Township, Morristown, Morris County, NJ tax roles in 1787. Solomon Mitchell never appears on the tax roles probably because of his age.

John Mitchell purchased 400 acres of land from William Thompson in 1802. The deed of sale listed the land as 3 miles down the Valley River from the mouth of Fox Grape Creek. He sold parts of his land located on Mitchell's Run to Robert Mitchell and Uriah Weaver in 1824. He later disposed of 145 acres to Philip Haddox Feb 22 1833. John signed the marriage bonds for son John to Cassie McDaniel on Aug 14 1836 which is his last known recorded act.

More About John Mitchell: Baptism: January 01, 1764, 1st Presbyterian Church of Morristown NJ.


  1. RACHEL3 MITCHELL, m. ROBERT MCDANIEL, June 05, 1815, Harrison Co. WV.
  2. ROBERT (ROB/BOBBY) MITCHELL, b. August 10, 1801, Barbour Co WV; d. July 19, 1870, Barbour Co WV; m. (1) SARAH (SALLY) KELLER, March 13, 1821, Harrison Co WV; b. Abt. 1806, Barbour Co WV; d. December 23, 1855, Barbour Co WV; m. (2) SARAH (SALLY) HOLLAND, October 20, 1856, Evansville, Preston County WV; b. 1811, England.

    More About Robert (Rob/Bobby) Mitchell: Burial: Taylor's Drain Cememtary Barbour Co WV

    Notes for Sarah (Sally) Keller: Died on nearly the same date as her niece Sarah Keller who was the daughter of John Keller. Barbour County records indicate that it was the same day; however, other records give different dates.

    Burial: Taylor's Drain Cememtary Barbour Co WV

  3. MARY MARIAH MITCHELL, b. Abt. 1802; d. Barbour Co. WV; m. DANIEL WEAVER, May 01, 1821, Harrison Co. WV; b. Abt. 1801, PA; d. October 14, 1855, Potter, Atchinson Co. KS.
  4. LUCINDA MITCHELL, b. June 06, 1810, Harrison Co WV; d. March 26, 1852, Barbour Co WV; m. JOHNNY KELLER; b. January 03, 1809, Belington Barbour Co WV; d. August 11, 1887.

    More About Lucinda Mitchell: Burial: Pleasant Creek Cemetary Barbour Co WV

  5. FANNY MITCHELL, b. 1812; m. ADAM MINEAR, August 19, 1832, Harrison Co WV.
  6. JOHN MITCHELL, b. February 15, 1816; d. May 15, 1854, Barbour Co WV; m. CASSIE MCDANIEL; b. 1812; d. April 27, 1906.

    More About John Mitchell: Burial: Sayre Cemetary Barbour Co WV.

3. SOLOMON2 MITCHELL (JOHN1) was born April 15, 1768 in Morristown NJ, and died June 10, 1852. He married ELIZABETH THOMPSON October 23, 1797 in Harrison Co WV, daughter of WILLIAM THOMPSON and ELIZABETH. She was born February 14, 1781, and died May 29, 1857 in Barbour Co WV.

More About Solomon Mitchell: Christening: Morristown First Presby Church


  1. REBECCA3 MITCHELL, d. 1836; m. URIAH M. WEAVER, July 09, 1817, Harrison Co. WV; b. 1798; d. July 28, 1865, Moatsville, Barbour Co. WV..

    Notes for Rebecca Mitchell: Rebecca signed a deed June 11 1836 and Uriah remarried in 1837. Rebecca is named as the daughter of Solomon and Solomon and Elizabeth also signed a permission for the marriage. Harrison Co VA Marriage Bonds Vol 3 page 152.

    More About Uriah M. Weaver: Burial: Pritchard Cemetery Barbour Co WV

  2. SARAH MITCHELL, b. 1798; m. JAMES MCINTOSH, March 19, 1817.

    Notes for Sarah Mitchell: Solomon and Elizabeth gave permission for Sarah to marry. Marriage bond signed by James McIntosh and Solomon Mitchell. Harrison Co Va Marriage Bonds Vol 3, Page 141.

  3. LYDIA MITCHELL, b. 1804; m. JOHN GOFF, December 20, 1824, Harrison Co WV; b. 1802.

    Notes for Lydia Mitchell: Marriage Bond signed by Solomon and John Goff. Harrison Co Vol 4 page 95

  4. MALINDA MITCHELL, b. 1805; m. JOHN MCVICKER, October 28, 1824, Harrison Co WV.

    Notes for John Mcvicker: Marriage bond signed by John and William McVicker. Solomon signed permission for his daughter Malinda to marry. Harrison Co Bonds Vol 4 page 83.

  5. HEZEKIAH MITCHELL, b. August 10, 1809, Harrison Co WV; d. May 15, 1886; m. MARGARET FARENCE, December 05, 1830, Harrison Co WV; b. March 27, 1810; d. February 19, 1885, Roane Co WV..

    Notes for Hezekiah Mitchell: Lost three daughters to whooping cough March 1854.

  6. JOHN W. MITCHELL, b. May 12, 1815, Barbour Co WV; d. January 12, 1898, Pennsboro, Ritchie Co WV; m. LEANNAH HADDIX, October 06, 1835, Bond Harrison Co WV; b. June 29, 1817, Barbour Co WV; d. January 31, 1892, Eva Ritchie Co WV.

    Notes for John W. Mitchell: John W. Mitchell first settled at the mouth of Bone Creek on a farm later know as the Butcher farm, now owned by the Alex Prunty heirs.

    More About John W. Mitchell: Burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery Ritchie Co WV

    More About Leannah Haddix: Burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery Ritchie Co WV

  7. WILLIAM MITCHELL, b. June 07, 1820, Barbour Co WV; d. October 04, 1877, Tucker County, Wv; m. ARENA RILEY; b. November 22, 1823, Randolph Co; d. August 25, 1903, Tucker County, Wv.
  8. MICHAEL MITCHELL, b. June 11, 1826; d. February 17, 1910, Pifer's Mtn Tucker Co WV; m. NANCY SHAW, 1851; b. December 29, 1827; d. January 04, 1904.

    Notes for Michael Mitchell: Tucker Co history by Hu Maxell say they had 7 children die in 3 weeks time of Diptheria. 1900 census reports they had 9 children with only 2 living.

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