Philippi High School
Graduation Class c.1910

Philippi HS 

Submitted by Stephanie Carman Durr,
Back row, left to right: Bonnie Mason, Hattie Chrislip, Elby Harley Cross, unknown, Delbert Cross and Principal G. J. WoodFord (?),
Front row, left to right, unknown, Edna Chrislip(married name Ryan), Sherman Poling, unknown.

Here is a picture of the graduating class of Philippi High in about 1908 - 1910, I believe. The names were written on the matte of the picture long ago. I came upon this from a relative. My paternal grandmother in back row is Harriet Chrislip and next to her in back row is my maternal grandfather Elby Harley Cross, his brother, nine months younger than he, is Delbert Cross. My grandfather was born 11 Aug 1890 in Philippi to Simpson Cross and Nancy Frye.

Sandra Harris writes to add: I think the female back row center may be my grandmother Blanche Fisher b. Apr 12, 1893 in Philippi, Barbour Co., WV. She attended Philippi HS and I think she graduated from there around the time of this photo. She always wore her hair in the same style (parted in the middle, braided and arranged on top.) She had a natural wave in the front as well. Also, I notice she was dressed in simple calico or feed sack which would be appropriate since she lived on a farm (Fisher Mill property) with her widowed grandmother during this time frame. Let me know if anyone else has identified this girl. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of Blanche that dates back to that timeframe to confirm. Blanche Fisher married George Jefferson Golden in 1912 and the couple resided on a farm in the Mt. Liberty area and later in Belington.
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