Barbour County Cemeteries
Glade District

This listing is from a cemetery located on the C. L. & G. C. Phillips family farm located in the Glade Dist., near Meadowville and Teeter Lake. Inventory was taken 27 December 1932 by a family member.

Submitted by Erwin and Jennie Haller

  B/D D/D    
BennettJacob180201 Oct 1882Age 80-01-??  
BennettSarah (Phillip180513Jan1899 Age74Wife 
PhillipsBethiah (Well18 Sep 177504 Nov 1857Age 82-01-01WifeWife of John I. Philips
PhillipsDeliah (Coon07 Jul 181728 Apr 1881Age 63-09-01 Wife of William Phillips
PhillipsEmerson E.02 Apr 1888??? Age 76-04-01 Son of John W. Philips
PhillipsJohn I.12 Jun 177229 Oct 1848  Son of Thomas
PhillipsMary(P?)14 Apr 181714 Dec 1888Age 71-08-?? Wife of Richard Phillips
PhillipsRichard05 Jul 181102 Sep 1886Age 74-01-01 Son of John l. Phillips
PhillipsWilliam30 Mar 181414 Apr 1867Age 53-??-11/16 Son of John l. Phillips

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