Philippi High School
Graduation Class 1908

Philippi HS 
Class of 1908

Submitted by Gerald Baughman,
The older man is O. J. Woodford, and he was in the 1921 picture but not identified (I know his name because I later found him in the PHS 1930 yearbook/annual). I'm not familiar with anyone here. The picture is dated and my father attached a note with the tentative identifications, but he wasn't born then.

The members of the Philippi High School Class of 1908 have been tentatively identified as:
1. Esta Bennett Barker, 4. Edna Chrislip Ryan, 5. Addie Wentz, 6. Bly Haller, 7. Charles Switzer, and 8. ___ Peck. (7 and 8 are in the front row -- numbers are very faintly visible.
The Principal/Teacher ? is O.J.Woodford.

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