Philippi High School
Graduation Class 1920s

Philippi HS 
Class of 1921

Submitted by Gerald Baughman,
I got this picture from my aunt Marie Baughman of North Philippi. It was accompanied by a note from a long-time family friend and former Philippi resident, Lynn Wilson. Mr. Wilson's note says that it is a Philippi High School class taken on the steps of the OLD high school, and contains many mutual friends. Unfortunately, he did not identify anyone in the picture, but I think the fourth boy from the right (no necktie) may be my uncle Gerald "G" Baughman. Uncle G was born in 1904, placing the picture around 1921.

I found a list of the students prepared years ago by my father, Arnett Baughman. Seeing the names, I recognize several of the faces as prominent members of the community when I grew up there: lawyers, businessmen, our family doctor, and several South Philippi neighbors in addition to my uncle Gerald "G" Baughman.

Front Row, left to right: Paul Ware, Hilda Hinds, Ruth Kerr, ___Stalnaker, Icie Bartlett, Irma Ruckman, Hazel Harsh, Margaret Woodford, Isabel Manown, Pauline Watson.

Second Row: Aubrey Janes, Dayton Stemple, Hu Meyers, Gaston Coyner, Helen Woodford, Superintendent O.J.Woodford (behind), Aldine Shaw, Neva Jackson, Emily Crawford, Sadie Woodford, ___Fridley, Odie May Poling, Glenna McDaniel, Teacher Kathleen Poling, Franklin Murphy, Gerald Baughman, Aubry Boyles, Camden O'Neal, Ralph Ware.

Third Row: Audrey Poling, Pauline Weekly, Margaret Davis, -and three unknown.

Top Row: Howard Robinson, Austin Correll, Nelson Woods, Edward Woodford, Lawrence Malone, George Kittle, and Edward Daugherty.
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