Barbour County Queries 2001

Barbour County Researchers:
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Diane Werckle Fri Dec 28 2001

My father's name is Lucien BARBOUR. His father's name was also Lucien BARBOUR, as I believe his father's was before him. My grandfather was born in eastern Kentucky, but it is believed that his father (or grandfather) probably came from Barbour county, WV, after losing a sizeable piece of land following the Civil War. I know that Lucien and Carroll are both family names, but beyond that I don't know anything about my ancestry. Do you have any information about two brothers who owned an estate in Barbour township, then separated following the War? Do you have any record of any Lucien BARBOURs or Carroll BARBOURs in the early to mid 1800's? I am trying to trace my dad's family, but have not been able to find any birth or death records in the counties they came from. Thank you so much! Diane Werckle, E-mail:

Eric Howdershelt Thu Dec 27 2001

My Great-Granfather, Columbus Nestor, of Nestorville, was an active member of "Woodmen of the World" in its day.

I was looking for more information, and after a search, wound up on this page.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

John Gainer Thu Dec 27 2001

This concerning the post of 8/2001 by Nicholas Sturm: Please contact me as I have additional information on George Gainer and the Gainer Family in general. I tried to reply to your earthlink address, but my email was returned. Thanks, John Gainer, E-mail:

Ralph Bennett Tues Dec 18 2001

Looking for info on John H. BENNETT, husband of Jerusha TRIMBLE and father of John Edward BENNETT. John H. was likely born in Barbour Co. about 1850 and his son was born July 18, 1878. Most interested in the father and grandfather of John H. BENNETT.

I believe both were employed by the B & O Railroad. It may be that John H. may have been born in the Baltimore area. I do know that John E. was married in April 1902 in Taylor Co. to Alice WEAVER. I am also sure that John H. Bennett was married to a Jerusha TRIMBLE. These individuals also lived in Taylor County for a number of years.

My hope is to research my family back to their English origins. I am presently posted working for the US Military in the UK for a while longer and would like to hire a good genealogist. Do you know of one? Thanks very much for any assistance you can offer. Ralph,

Wayne Price Wed Dec 12 2001

I'm researching whether Anna RIGHT who married Martin POLING in 1816 as recorded at the following internet address: in this web site, later married William PRICE in 1819 as Anna POLING, also recorded at the same internet address.

Would anyone happen to know if this is true or not? Many thanks. E-mail:

Note: The marriage records that you are interested in were extracted from the records of Randolph County WV, you may want to contact the County Clerk there to obtain copies of the documents in connection with the marriages. M.C. Lew.

Robin Henterly Tues Dec 11 2001

Hello. My name is Robin Henterly (Townsend). I am trying to research my family. I live in NC. I was in WV last year, but I kept getting sent from from place to place until I ran out of time. I never did make it to the place I needed to be -- The Cultural Center. I plan to try again in 2002. Anyway, I am trying to find birth records, Ephraim and Alonzo TOWNSEND's death records, anything on TOWNSENDs. I know my GGGrandfather John Arkensas Townsend was born in WV. I have his DOB as 1862 from the census, his tombstone has his DOB as 1864, and his death certificate has his DOB as 1863. He died in Ohio.

I found a census of John and his family in 1900 Spencer,Roane Co.,WV. I did get my Great Uncle Ephraim's birth certificate (WV). It says John was born in Philippi, Barbour Co. It shows Ephraim and his Mother, Rachel Jane (BEE) were born in Doddridge (Near West Union). If you can be of any help I would deeply appreciate it.

Here are John and Rachel Towndsend's children:

Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Robin Henterly E-mail: kvn551@excite

Chuck Thornton Mon Dec 3 2001

Searching for homestead of John W. WHEELER, son of Abraham WHEELER, probably located south of Philippi, near Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Carrolton, WV. E-mail:

Chuck Thornton Mon Dec 3 2001

Searching for info/relatives of Dorcas BENNETT (1830-1911), w/o Solomon SUDER (1817-1903), both buried Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery, Carrollton, Barbour Co. E-mail:

Scott Vanscoy Sun Dec 2 2001

I am doing my family tree that includes WARE, GOWER, LOWER, HART, VANSCOY, HANIFAN, MOON.

I am trying at this point to trace back the WARE side of the tree from Barbour Co. I am mainly intrested in finding info. on Charles William WARE. He seems to be my brick wall. My grandfather was Coleman Isaac WARE a son of Charles. I have nothing on who Charles parents or brothers and sisters might have been. I would love to share any info. that I have with you on any of the above families to help you or others. If you can help in any way I would really look forward to hearing back from you. I hope to come up there and search sometime this winter. I live in Augusta Ga. and visit all my relatives that live in Elkins. We don't get alot of snow down here and I love to come up and see a little. Anything that you might be able to send this way would be great and a huge help. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you. I hope you have a wonderful day and God Bless. Scott Vanscoy. E-mail:

Joe Miller Tue Nov 20 2001

I am looking for some one that can go to the Philippi Library and look for a book called Western Waters. There is some information on a John MILLER and maybe an Andrew MILLER that came into the Barbour County area. Thanks, Joe, E-mail:

Mary Alice Miller Sat Nov 17 2001

My father's family lived in Pleasant Creek, a few miles from Philippi. His parents were Wilson and Lucinda (KELLER) WOODFORD, married 1887. Is there no longer a Pleasant Creek community? They are buried at the Pleasant Creek Church Cemetery. I'm beginning to research the family and would like to know more about that community. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Mary Alice Miller

Therese Fisher Thu Nov 15 2001

I am trying to find the brothers and sisters of Joseph SERBACK, son of John & Mary SERBACK of Brownton. He died during the Korean War. Does anyone know anything about this family? Therese Fisher E-mail:

Pat Ryan Sun Nov 11 2001

Is there anyone doing research, or who can furnish me information on Charles Howard SIMPSON b. abt 1870, he was from Pendleton Co according to marriage record, who married Myrtie (KEISER) RIGHT of Barbour Co, b. abt. 1876. Children of the couple were Orion Grant (Bud), Harry Hugh, Doyle and Jim Simpson. E-mail:

Jim Mouse Wed Oct 24 2001

I am researching the families named Love and Smith who were early settlers in Barbour county. Jim Mouse E-mail:

Judy Wright Tue Oct 16 2001

Looking for information on Mable CROSS b. 10-6-1907 in Barbour Co. Daughter of Layfette Enoch John "Tet" CROSS and Lilly CURTIS. Mable married Harley William RUCKER.

Any information would be appreciated.Thanks, Judy Wright, E-mail:

Patricia Jenkins Wyrick Tue Oct 16 2001

I am looking for any information available on my grandfather, James Carl JENKINS, married to Lula Jane BOSTIC August 1920. Children of James Carl JENKINS believed him to have died in 1929 or 1930. I found a divorce record for James and Lula Jane JENKINS dated January 1951 in Spencer, Roane County, WV. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. E-mail:

Frances J. Foster Thu Oct 4 2001

Looking for any information you may have on FOSTERs or GOURs in Barbour Co. My father: Roy Neal FOSTER, the middle name may also be mispelled and be Neil, is the son of James Randolph FOSTER and Geneva C. GOUR. There are 11 children. All remain living with the exception of my father, Roy, who died Oct. 3, 1991 in Mercer County Pennsylvania. My Grandfather James Randolph died in 1970. Any information available, would be greatly appreciated. I know that John FOSTER, whom I believe is my GG grandfather, was in the Civil War in the H company. James R. is buried in Mt. Liberty Cemetary. Thank-You for your time. E-mail:

Rita Canaday Tue Oct 2 2001

I am looking for Laban J. WILEY - born 1801 and his brother Lafayette - born 1795. Also interested in who their parents were and where they came from. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Rita Canaday, E-mail:

Yvonne Moody Stephens Mon Sep 24 2001

Fountain MOODY b 1825... I am searching for any family members, father, mother, siblings, aunts, uncles or cousins.

Ellenor/Helena/Elenor (various spellings) FRYMIRE b 1823....any family info.. Thanking you in advance...Yvonne, E-mail:

Ruth Markley Sat Sep 22 2001

I am looking for information on Isaiah BENNETT and wife Catherine SHOCKEY. I need Isaiah's parents. The 1850 census of Barbour Co. Va. gives his family as:

They later moved to Jackson Co. W.V. and had more children. E-mail:

Diane McDonald Thu Sep 20 2001

Searching for David McDONALD (sometimes McDANIEL ) who married Lydia STANSBURY on Aug. 2 1833. Also lived in Harrison, Ritchie, and Monongalia and Wood Co. Diane Mc Donald, E-mail:

Mary Alice Miller Thu Sep 20 2001

I am trying to trace the PROUDFOOT family. The earliest info I have: Mahalia PROUDFOOT, born 1833, Philippi, (my ggrandmother). E-mail:

Roberta Saunders Wed Sep 19 2001

My name is Roberta Saunders. I am researching the family tree of William MOORE. His wife, Rachel ??, was born in Barbour Co. around 1839. I would be interested in finding further information about them and their decendants. Any information about William's place of birth would also be helpful.

I don't know Rachel Moores maiden name yet. I do know that they had a son named Isaac who moved to Buzzard's Glory in Gilmer Co WVa. I was told that William came from England but haven't been able to verify that yet. Thank you, Roberta Saunders, e-mail

Carrol Ann Mon Sep 17 2001

I am hunting David DILWORTH family of the Philippi area. They are in the 1850 Census, so died after that. Interested in meeting others working on this family. E-mail:

Patricia Britt Bohon Sat Sep 15 2001

Tilden VANMETER was counted in the 1880 census; he was 3 years old. It states Cove District Barbour County, but there is no other information about him that I have been able to locate. E-mail:

Lori Tanner Fri Sep 14 2001

I have ancestors from Philippi, WV in the CROSTON/MAYLE/TANNER family, and though I have been able to find information on the CROSTON and MAYLE family, I cannot find information about the TANNERS.

My great-grandfather was George TANNER, married to Loretha MAYLE. Before his marriage to Loretha he had a son by another woman. This son was Jonas Ira TANNER, my grandfather, who married a CROSTON. I hope this information helps, please e-mail me if you can help me. Thanks. E-mail:

Avonlea Marvin Fri Sep 14 2001

I'm looking for info re my grgrandfather Edward or Edwin VanBuren WOODS and his mother, Martha Margaret DONALSON WOODS.

Van (as he was called): born 14 February 1859 in VA or Ohio. Married Virinda Ann HAMON and died 1 August 1937 in Dade, Nicholas County. I need to know his father's name. He was evidently a Confederate soldier and did not come home from the war. Whether he was killed, died in prison, or just chose to not return to his family is unknown.

Any information you have will be appreciated. I do not know that either of them were ever in Barbour County, but it was a surprise to me that Van might have been born in Ohio. So I'm grasping at straws. Thank you for your help. Avonlea Marvin, E-mail:

Diana Matheny Jones Sat Sep 8 2001

Needing information on Eleanor COLE married to Jesse MAYLE, her Father may be Joshua COLE! E-mail:

Linda Simons Mon Sep 3 2001

Hi, my grandfather's name was Newton Poling BENNETT. I'm trying to find a connection to Newton POLING. I would like to get in touch with the man who posted Newton Poling's information. Linda NC, E-mail:

Lynn Wed Aug 29 2001

I am looking for anyone who can help to find my grandparents, and any information on them. their names are: Francis Marion HADDIX, born July, 1884, in Taylor Co West Virginia. I guess he also went by Fred and Frank. He married my grandmother Violet Dorothea McDANIEL in 1932, she was born May, 1913, in Barbour Co West Virginia to a Benjamin Franklin CANFIELD and a Mary Emeranda COFFMAN. I have some information on the McDANIEL and CANFIELD side, but none on the HADDIX side and that is what I need. Thank you, E-mail:

Nicholas Sturm Tue Aug 28 2001

Mostly not a query, but useful item found in perusing:
The OSTER, OESTER, OYSTER, OASTER name was rather common in Barbour until most of the boys moved out a few years before 1850. The mother of the group remained in a home with one of the daughters in 1850.

This evening I became conscious of this line in the records we copied from Randolph records:

John Gainer (&) Susana Easter (dau of) Jacob (married) July 28, 1813 (by) Simeon Harris

With little doubt this Jacob is the father of the first generation of OASTERs in Barbour-Randolph and the husband of the 80 (?) year old widow still living with a Barbour family in 1850 census. This may be the critical link in the connection to the ESTERs of Hampshire or Pendleton Co.

Incidently, this John GAINER was probably a son of George GAINER who came from Allegheny Co., MD. George's brother Bryan appears to have been younger than George by several years and likely not old enough to be the father of this John as he was likely born in 1778. But that is not certain.

Regarding the GAINERs. I recently found two listings of Sarah (wife of George Gainer) in Gilmer records. In 1850 she was given age 70; in 1860 her age was transcribed as 93. The first is possible -- not likely as she would have probably had a child at age 10 to 15. The other age would make her 23 to 28 for first known child.

My question: Has anyone found a will of George GAINER in Lewis or Gilmer county? A list of his children would help greatly in sorting out the children of George & Bryan. ???

Today I noticed a census listing for a William GAINER in Allegheny Co., MD in about 1810 or 1820. Perhaps George left a child in Allegheny when he moved to Randolph! ??
Nick, E-mail:

Lynne Uhler Mon Aug 27 2001

I need to find obscure sources for my SWEARINGENs in Barbour County. I haven't been able to find any death records (1860-70) for any of them, yet they were living in Barbour from the 1840s until the 1860 census; No cemeteries, no nothing. The land transactions suggest that at least one of my couples didn't sell their land until 1876 -- yet there is nothing for them on the 1870... They are not in any will indexes either.

I feel like I have actually read every item available from the LDS; do you know of any vital records sources I might try? Thanks, Lynne, E-mail:

JoAnne Cole Sun Aug 26 2001

Am researching the family of Preston CAMPBELL, b. 9 Jan 1842 in Barbour Co., West VA. (don't know township yet) Preston is son of James CAMPBELL, b.c. 1775 in Berkerley Co. VA m. to Jane DYER who also died in Barbour Co. VA. Jane d. in 1888; and James died in 1854.

Please email me at or contact at 3 Humming Bird Road, Covington, LA

Bob Booth Sat Aug 25 2001

I am looking for information pertaining to either George or his son Milford MOORE. Rebecca was George's wife and the mother of Milford. George is my grandfather, and Milford is my uncle. Any information would be greatly appreciated. You can email me at
Thank you, Bob Booth

Lulu Grubb Tue Aug 21 2001
The town of Claude, Barbour County

Does anyone have any information on the town named Claude in Barbour County? How did the town get its name? Was there a mine or a mill or was it always farms? My husband and I found Claude Road. We stopped and asked where the town was and we were told the whole area was Claude. Any information will be appreciated. E-mail:

Judy Sirk Tue Aug 21 2001

Searching for information on a Scott SIRK who was killed in a work related B&O train accident on 20 Dec 1911. He lived in Braxton Co., but it is believed that the accident occurred in Belington, (Barbour Co.) WV. E-mail:

Mary Lou Finch Sun Aug 12 2001

Reuben DAVISSON, born 24 October 1783 in Harrison County married Sarah Susan HADDIX. They had a daughter Leonora born 17 September 1813. She married Nicholas BRYAN 11 December 1834 in Harrison County. I am trying to prove the parentage of Leonora to Reuben and Sarah Susan. They are mentioned in books pertaining to Barbour County. E-mail:

Tom Mayer Jr Sun Aug 12 2001

I am seeking information about the family of GRAYNOLDS in Barbour County. George E GRAYNOLDS appears in the WV 1870 Federal Census Index, Barbour County, Philippi Township, ID#WV56936130.

This is the first GRAYNOLDS I have been able to find anywhere on the Internet. My natural father was listed as Willard Graynolds, age 22 (born 1921) in West Virginia, when I was born Richard Earl Graynolds, 1943, Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana.

Debra H. Talbott, County Clerk, checked for Willard Graynold's birth between 1900 and 1927 but no luck. Thanks Debra for looking!

Can anyone help or know where the Graynolds moved after the 1870 census.

Thanks, Tom Mayer, Portland, Oregon, E-mail:

Note:You should try to see the 1920 Barbour County Census records at the National Archives or a library with the microfilms. A Greynelds household was recorded in Junior (Town) in the transcription of the 1920 Census published by Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants:
GREYNELDS, R. L., husband, 26, occupation Minister of Gospel
Ruby, wife, 23
Robert L. Jr., son, 3
Basil William, son, 0

Sue Harms Streets Sun Aug 12 2001

Researching the STREETS family. Great grandparents and so on. Dates of death & births. Thanks. E-mail:

Lyle Corder Fri Aug 10 2001

Seeking info on the Francis STANSBERRY family of Monongalia Co and Barbour Cos of WV. Francis had a son Jonah b.1811 who married Sarah PRIDE in 1834 in Monongalia Co. thanks...Lyle Corder, E-mail:

Tricia Swearingen Fri Aug 3 2001

Looking for information on Samuel R. SWEARINGEN and Fanny Schnieder? SWEARINGEN, believed to be the parents of my great grandfather William SWEARINGEN b 1846. Believe Samuel R. born about 1812. Thanks Tricia, E-mail:

Laurel Meyer Fri Aug 3 2001

I am seeking information on Noah Warder KERN(S) or his father Mitchell KERN. The timeline on these two individuals would be around the mid-1800s. Apparently the KERN family owned a home in Philippi. I would appreciate receiving information regarding these two individuals and their lineage. E-mail:

Sandra Fri Jul 27 2001

I am searching for information on John MATTHEW, b. abt. 1796, Virginia, d. 5 June 1876, Barbour Co., WV. He was married on 5 March 1818, in Preston Co., to Mary SNIDER, d. 1868, Barbour Co., WV. Did they have a son named Abraham, b. 1821 in either Preston or Barbour County? Thanks, Sandra,

Patricia Jenkins Wyrick Fri Jul 27 2001

My name is Patricia Jenkins Wyrick. I am trying to locate information in reference to a JENKINS married to Lula Jane BOSTIC, born in Greenbrier County May 2, 1903, daughter of Andrew BOSTIC and Dora Lee BOSTICK. There is a marriage recorded August 19, 1920 in Barbour County for James C. JENKINS, age 38, born in Braxton County, married Jannie BOSTIC, age 22, born in Greenbrier County. I am trying to locate info on my grandfather's family, including his name. My mother, Ruby Lee JENKINS, was born in Philippi, WV, August 22, 1925, daughter of Jim(?) JENKINS and Lula Jane Bostic JENKINS. Jim(?) is the only name my mother ever heard him called. He disappeared from her life when she was 3. She thought he had died then, but we have info that he was possibly still living in 1947. There is a record of James C. JENKINS, son of Madison JENKINS and Dora E. Smith, buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery near Philippi along with his mother Dora E. Smith Mackey. This James C. JENKINS died November 15, 1967 in Barbour County.

I would appreciate any information you could possibly provide to me. Ruby is the last child still living of this union and has asked me to try to find some info on her dad. We have a photo of him given to her by her maternal grandmother, but there is no name on the back. When she was 3, he took her, along with her older brother and sister, to his brother's home near Renick. After he dropped out of sight, the children were sent to different people. They had no contact with their mother for several years, and never again lived with her. My grandmother Jane passed away in 1995. My mother took care of her for the last 10 years of her life. Thanks, E-mail:

Suzie Crump Fri Jul 27 2001

Am looking for information on John G. COTTRILL / COTTRELL who married Tabitha BUCKALEW. Cannot find information regarding their marriage. The family shows up in the 1850 Barbour County Census, but I have nothing before that time.

Chauna Hovatter Casteel Thu Jul 26 2001

Hi! My maiden name is HOVATTER. I recently started doing research on my family tree. I need some more info on Henry HOVATTER, my ggg grandfather. My gg grandfather is Issac HOVATTER. My g grandfather is Jacob G. HOVATTER. My grandfather is Emmett B. HOVATTER. My father is Dennis Emmett HOVATTER.

I believe Henry HOVATTER was in Randolph Co., but am not certain. He was married to Rachel KITTLE on April 28, 1831 in Randolph Co. I believe sometime shortly after that they moved to Barbour Co. I am related to his son Issac HOVATTER, who married Sydnie E. KINES on Dec. 26, 1861. My Great Grandfather is Issac's son Jacob G. HOVATTER b:1866 d:1942 married to Mary Etta KINES on Nov. 5, 1893. My grandfather is Emmett B. HOVATTER b: April 12, 1894 d: March 1, 1958 married to Mabel CHANNEL around 1930's. If you have any info on any of these people please contact me either by email or phone. Number is (540)249-8007 Thanks, Chauna Hovatter Casteel, E-

Maggie Tue Jul 17 2001

Hello, I am looking for any information regarding Theodore KELLEY. He was born 1910 in Belington, WV, son of S.T. KELLER and Josephine Claire Von GORDON. A birth date, any parental info, etc. I am unfamiliar with this specific type of query, I am used to it being submitted to an entire board! Thanks in advance, Maggie Pittsburgh,

Van Booth Thu Jul 5 2001

Looking for information on Isaac HARRIS born 1817 and his wife Elizabeth (?maiden name). Also Creed HARRIS born 1857 and wife Sarah E. (?maiden name). Creed HARRIS's daughter Emma Lou married my grandfather John Franklin BOOTH. I'm ok on the BOOTH genealogy back to 1709 but I'm having a problem with the HARRIS Family. Any help with this would be loved by my family, thanks in advance. Van, My E- Mail address is booth1924

Duane Sasser Wed Jul 4 2001

I am in great need of information pertaining to Louisa, Lucinda, or Louise BUTCHER who married Arlando Jackson STURM around 1885 and died mid 1890s. To my knowledge they had four living children Blanch, Minnie, Dallas, and Roy I [think].

He remarried Cora Grace SMITH daughter of Abraham and Margaret Harding SMITH. Would like any information on Abraham's ancestry as well. He died about 1869 and Margaret later married Jackson HARRIS. I have the descendancy of all these but need some ancestry. Thank you for any help. My mother was born in old Meadowville. E-mail:

Linda J. Ware Sun Jul 1 2001

I am seeking information on my grandmother Susan J. WARE born approximately 1896 and died maybe around 1924. She is the daughter of Peter F. WARE and Henrietta Jane WILLIAMS. They lived in the Junior area. She married Charles Lawson WARE 14 September 1911 in Barbour County. I am also trying to find information on Charles's family. His parents were John Richard WARE and Nancy E. ENSMINGER. John was born about 1856 and Nancy about 1864. Would appreciate any inforrmation at all on any of the above listed people. Thanks for you assistance, Linda J. Ware. E-mail:

Jeff Hill Fri Jun 29 2001

I have maps and census records from 1880, 1900, 1910. My group of HILL and RIGHT families are said to be from the Grant District. Can anyone shed some light on where the Grant District is or was. Thanks. E-mail:

Gail Cassiday Tue Jun 19 2001

I am looking for info on Adonijah Walker PHILLIPS born in 1823; married to Elizabeth PHILLIPS daug. of Moses PHILLIPS and Susannah WALKER. Adonijah is the son of Benjamin PHILLIPS born 1775. According to Hu Maxwell's History of Tucker Co. Adonijah came from Barbour County. Any help would be appreciated. Am especially looking for info on his son Samuel PHILLIPS born 1852 and married Minerva WEESE. Gail Cassiday, E-mail:

Donna Summers Fri Jun 15 2001

COLEBANK, STEWART & DADISMAN are the main lines I am researching from Barbour County, but there are many related families. Please get in touch with me to exchange information. E-mail:

Jennie Haller Fri Jun 15 2001
Barbour County Cemeteries

I am looking for cemeteries in the Barbour Co. area, if anyone knows of any that are not listed, I would love to hear from you. Even family cemeteries or just forgotten ones. Thanks in advance for your help. Jennie Haller. Thu Jun 14 2001

Looking for the parentage of my g.g.grandfather Andrew Jackson BERRY (b.1816-17) whose parents were native to VA and of Irish descent. WV>IN>IL>IA. His first two children William and James, were born in the late 1830's we believe in WV. The other nine children were born in Edgar County IL and Jasper county IA to his second wife Sarah YORK. His first WV wife's name is unknown to us. She died in childbirth. One of Andrew's children, Solomon would say in later Texas Censuses 1885 and 1913, that his father was from WV. The given names of A.J.B.'s children have similarity with many of Henry BERRY's descendants, but any real connection is unknown. ANY leads to the right WV family would be kindly appreciated as this our families "brick wall". Thank you. E-mail:

Debra Vogel Wed Jun 13 2001

Looking for information on grandfather, Thomas Rite or Wright MAXSON/MAXSEN/MAXON. Family uses many spellings of name. Married to Lillian D. FORNASH. Death sometime late 1953. Lived on farm in Volga, outside Phillipi.

Loretta F Combs Sat Jun 9 2001
Combs Family Reunion

I have been checking the Events Calendar at Roots Web periodically for info, but have seen nothing regarding this event. It usually was held the last Sunday before July 4th but I haven't seen any info posted. Have you access to this info that I may be overlooking? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much. Loretta

Clyde Lantz Mon Jun 4 2001

Need death date for Matthew MANLEY and Burial Place, from Upshur Co. abt 1910?

J. Phillips Sat Jun 2 2001

Hello, my name is J. Phillips. ISO info on Samuel Elliott PHILLIPS. Death listed in Barbour Cty, WV 8 Feb 1923. Father Eli H. PHILLIPS; mother Mary KITTLE ;wife Sarah YEAGER. Wondering if Samuel and Sarah had children. My grandfather, William Griffith PHILLIPS, b. 5 Sept 1887 in WV and d. 2 Oct 1960 Buffalo, NY had a father ... Samuel Phillips; unk mother. William had a bro. named Shelby or Selby and an unk sister. Could this Samuel Ellliott PHILLIPS be William Griffith PHILLIPS' father, and my ggrandfather? Would like to request someone do a lookup for me. Appreciate any thread, positive or negative. Thank-you. J. Phillips (

Violet Trisch Wed May 30 2001

I am a grand daughter of Jane Belle POE, married name FAST. My cousin Pat Wennersten and I have been working on family genealogy and cannot locate the birth place of Jane. Her parents were Stephen S. POE and Mary Arbella ROBINSON. They were married in Barbour Co., Nov 1, 1860 according to a genealogist in Grafton,WV., book in the public library. Jane appears in a census with them in Fetterman,Wv as a one year old in 1870. We would like to confirm if this is their biological child or an adoptive child? Haven't found her in Taylor Co, Marion Co, etc yet. Jane's death info from funeral home said birthdate Jan 14, 1869,and has birth as Taylor Co.WV. can you locate and confirm marriage of her parents and birth of Jane Belle POE in Barbour Co.? Thanks!

Larry Melrose Wed May 23 2001

Researching Family of Elizabeth Catherine FISHER and Adam R. MELROSE.

Steven L. Cockrell Wed May 23 2001

I'm looking for the marriage date of Andrew SLUSS, b. 1805, and Sarah F. CARTER, b. 1824. They raised a family and died in Barbour Co. and I hope they were married there as well. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you, Steve Cockrell ( )

James F. Wisecup Tues May 22 2001

Dr. William BIGGS lived on a farm near Laurel Hill. His farm was in between the north and south in the Battle of laurel Hill. Can anyone pinpoint the location of this farm for me?


Madeline E. Black Sat May 19 2001

Searching for info on Maude F. CHAPMAN, she was b.1879 and d.1964. She is buried in the Elk City Cemetery in WV. Can anyone give me her maiden name and her husband's first name? Appreciate any help. Madeline

Christie A. Reniche Mon May 14 2001

Looking for information on Henry and Bryan STURM/STORM and their families.

There are several STORM/STURMS with same names. To elimate confusion here are the ones I have.

They are descendants of: John "Jackie" STURM (b. April 16, 1791 in Botetourt County, Virginia and died in Illinois. (Buried at Ash Grove Cemetery. I located a number of their graves since the STURM/STORMS were the first buried there and are the primary family burried there.)

  1. Bryon H. STORM (b. April 09, 1873) Parents: John Nelson STORM and Nancy TURNER.

  2. Bryan STURM married Anna Barbara STURM who was born probably 1660-1668. Her mother Anna Barbara STURM (1641) married Johana Peter STURM (b: 1630).

  3. Henry STORM (b. February 20, 1815) Parents: John STORM and Susan WYSONG

  4. Henry STORM (b.1796 in Virginia) Parents: Johan Peter STORM and Barbara Ann FRESHOUR

  5. Henry STORM (b. February 12, 1828) married Emeline PRICE.

I also like to fill in my genealogy about history of the area during the 1815 to 1890's. E-mail:

Charles R. Lazarus Wed May 9 2001

My grandfather and his sons, one of which was my father, had a dry goods store in Belington around 1905. The name was Lazarus and Sons, we have a picture of it on the main street.

I am searching for any information about my grandfather and the store.

I also have my father's WWI military registration number in which he registered on 9/12/18, it is 4535162. He registered, I assume in Belington or possibly Elkins, Can you direct me or provide any information on this. Thank you. Sincerely, Charles R. Lazarus,

Note:You should try the records at the National Archives for information on your father's military service. A link to the National Archives is on the Barbour County Genealogy home page. Margaret Lew.

Margaret Veek Mon May 7 2001

I am looking for the record of a marriage for Jonas COOPER and Mary Elizabeth REED, or any Jonas Cooper to ?????. I believe the marriage took place about 1852, as one of their sons was born in June 1853, and Jonas was in the 1850 census with his father.
Thank you......Sincerely, Margart Veek,

Note: I didn't find this marriage in the transcribed book published by Wes Cochran -- Barbour County Marriages 1843-1892. Margaret Lew.

Bruce T. Fallon Sun May 6 2001

I am looking for more information on the following family that was found in the 1900 census for Barbour County:

Father: John FALLEN (born Mar 1865 in WV)
Mother: Kata FALLEN (born May 1865 in WV)
I believe her maiden name is COUGHLIN.

Children: (all born in WV)
Patrick (Jan 1885)
Michael (Sep 1888)
Walter (June 1891)
Annie S. (Mar 1892)
Nora (May 1894)
Mary G. (July 1896)
Agnus (Mar 1899)

I also have them listed in the 1920 census with the additional children:

John (age 17)
Clarence (age 16)
Raymond (age 14)
Margerie (age 11)
Paul (age 8)

Paul is my grandfather who I understand was the son of Annie shown above, but was born out of wedlock and adopted by John & Katherine.

Thank you for your help!

D Snyder Wed Apr 25 2001

Looking for info on Jesse SHARPS or Jessie SHARP, Mary REXROAD and Matilda SHARPS(SHARP) PERRY and Granville PERRY. E-mail:

Steven L. Cockrell Tue Apr 24 2001

Looking for information on Andrew SLUSS and family. Wife Sarah CARTER. Living in Barbour Co. in 1850 census. Daughter Roxanna married Minor S. SHARPES of Taylor Co. They are my g-g-grandparents. Any help appreciated. E-mail:

Barbara Stenberg Fri Apr 20 2001

Several of us are cooperating on searching for descendants of the various McGEE families in the counties surrounding Barbour in WV. Any information on above families or any other related to McGEE is sought. If you are an active McGee researcher join our "McGee list". email me to get on and with any info you have. E-mail:

Marshall Lucas Mon Apr 16 2001

Hi, If more than one of these names exist in your family line then we are probably related and you are "Melungeon". I am looking for any additional information to add to my research and web page. I am especialy looking for personal stories. Images or histories about our ancestors. Thanks, Marshall Lucas, E-mail:

Carlin Daly Sun Apr 15 2001

I am looking for the HALL family of WVA. George Wesley HALL was born about 1859. I am looking for his parents who I believe were John HALL and Lydia HILEMAN. Any help would be appreciated. Carlin Daly, E-mail:

Stan L Jones Sun Apr 8 2001

Seeking any available information concerning Sydney CHANNEL, b. 18 August, 1843, Barbour Co., WV, d. 13 February, 1915, in Cantril, Van Buren Co., IA. According to information gathered by my wife's family, Sydney CHANNEL came with her parents Moses & Catherine CHANNEL (we don't have Catherine's maiden name) to the Niles district 3 mi. south of Cantril about 1853. About 1863 they moved to Clark Co., Mo. She married Jeremiah SMITH March 24, 1862 and in 1873 they moved to Cantril.

I've seen information elsewhere identifying a Moses CHANNEL, b. 1805 in Randolph Co, WV , (son of Samuel CHANNEL and Sarah Elizabeth HORNBECK) who married Catharine KERNS. One of the 10 children identified for this Moses and Catharine is a daughter Cidney, b 1844. The source of this information did not list any place of death for Moses, Catharine, or any of their children, so I'm somewhat hopeful that these are the same individuals who later wound up in Clark Co., MO, and that Sydney (her husband's obituary spells her name Sidney) and Cidney are the same person, but I certainly don't think that I can conclude that without further information. Any information that might help determine whether or not these are the same folks would be much appreciated. E-mail:

Bobbie Hudnall Sun Apr 7 2001

I am looking for information on the ROGERS family who lived for a while in Barbour Co. My ggrandmother Annie E. ROGERS was born in Barbour Co. ca.1859. All I know is that her father's name was Francis and her mother was Lydia. I would appreciate any information that anyone might be willing to share. Thank you. E-mail:

Jo Hunt Fri Apr 6 2001

Looking for any information, ancestry in particular, for Willard Ross COLEBANK and Anna COLEBANK believed to have been born and raised in Moatsville, Barbour County, WV. I am an Illinois COLEBANK and his son has contacted me for information as I have a great deal of information for various COLEBANK families. Son was born in 1962. Willard is believed to have been born somewhere around 1930-1940. Would like to know who his parents are or were to connect him to my current information. E-mail:

Larry Sullivan Wed Mar 28 2001

The History of Barbour County has a reference to a Colonel William JOHNSON of Meadowville who visited Confederate troops massed near his home prior to the Battle of Laurel Hill on 8 July 1861. Trying to determine if he was a colonel in the CSA or with a home guard unit, or perhaps had served in an earlier war and was still called colonel as a matter of respect. E-mail:

Kathy Tue Mar 27 2001

Could some one look up for me Richard TAYLOR's death in 1923 and see who his parents are? He married Louisa CHAMP. And do you have newspapers from the 1930's or does the college have that? Thank you, Kathy E-mail:

Larry Sullivan Sun Mar 25 2001

Seeking 1870 census listing for the widow of Confederate military officer David Berkley LANG, who was killed just prior to the third Battle of Winchester (VA). Elizabeth LANG lived near Belington in Glade Twp. with two daughters and four sons.

Karen Pierson Thu Mar 22 2001

I am looking for relatives still living in the Philippi area. My g-grandparents are James WHEELER (1848-1905) & Jemima CLEVINGER (1869-1958), and William HOLDEN (1873-1959) & Ella FINDLEY (1877-1898).

A group of us will be going to Philippi in the Fall and we would like to get together with some of our cousins. E-mail:

Karen Russell Mon Mar 19 2001

I am looking for a marriage between a female NUTTER and a male RUSSELL. My great grandfather was Lewis Nutter RUSSELL who married Buena Vista KNIGHT in 1894 in Barbour Co. I am assuming that Lewis' mother's maiden name was NUTTER, so it is his parents I am looking for. Right now the only info I have is these two names (Lewis and Buena) and their marriage date and their 2 children. I know this is a very non specific request, any help would be greatly appreciated! Karen

Cynthia Garcia Mon Mar 12 2001

I am interested in any reunion of the descendents of Samuel or William BAKER. I am a descendant of Samuel Baker. Thank you . E-mail:

Carol Tue Mar 6 2001

I am searching for a birth of John Letcher FISHER, who was born ca 1873-74. His mother was Malinda BEANE FISHER. E-mail:

Joe Miller Wed Feb 28 2001

Does any body know where the Andrew MILLER farm is located around the Moatsville area? There is a Miller Cemetery located near. E-mail:

Barbara Pierce Thu Feb 22 2001

Jimison HILL married Emily COONTZ around 1859 in Barbour Co. WV. Had most of their children there. Moved to Texas where their last child was born. Jimison and Emily are both buried in Little Elm Cem. in Frisco, Denton Co., TX Victoria HILL, their last child was born in 1884. She married Walter ALLEN and moved to Ok. They are buried in Fairlawn Cem. in Comanche, Stephens Co., OK. Would love to hear from anyone with these name connections. My dad is 82 this year and I would like to show him some of his ancestors. He didn't know any of his relatives. Thank you Barbara Pierce, E-mail:

Craig Hill Sat Feb 17 2001

Two families in Barbour county I'm looking at now.
Daniel TEETH and Luvena TEETS had children: William, Sarah, Mary, Rebecca, Anjeline, Charles. William is my great great grandfather.

Banister P. STEVENS married Elizabeth and had children: Melany, Ann, Lucinda, James, John F., Jacob B., Martha E., Catherine F. Catherine is my great great grandmother.

Catherine F. STEVENS married William TEETS in 1866. Catherine was 17 and William was 21. Any info would be great. E-mail:

M. Wohlenhaus Tue Feb 13 2001

Looking for any info on Lucinda PEPPER, mother of Parker PEPPER. She & Parker lived with Wiliam P. & Edieth BARTLETT in the 1850 Barbour Co. census. She was living with Parker & wife Mary Jane (ROSS) in the 1880 Barbour Co. census. She was 72 years old at that time & does not appear to have moved to Kansas with them. Family lore has her maiden name as WATSON...I have no proof of that. Any info would be appreciated.

Jennie Haller Tue Feb 13 2001
Little Bethel Cemetery nr Meadowville

I have a general Highway of Map Barbour County West Virginia, dated 1998. On this map is a cemetery shown between Rt. 92 & Co. Rt. 9 just a little SW of Meadowville. I have been to all 3 of the cemeteries associated with Little Bethel, this is a fourth cemetery in the same area, I have not been able to locate it, does anyone have any idea where it is exactly, or how to get to it? Thanks. E-mail:

Levi Johnson Sat Feb 10 2001

Trying to locate info on great great grandfather who came to WVa via Va and England in about middle 1700s. His name Levi JOHNSON -- then John G Johnson - Levi Johnson - Lloyd Johnson - then me Levi Johnson now in Colorado,

Diane Bell Sat Feb 10 2001

Looking for any info on Brace WESTFALL who married Lula GEORGE. His father's name was Ira. Thanks for any help you can give. E-mail:

Christy Heatherly Fri Feb 9 2001

I am looking for information on the HEATHERLY line. I am curious as to when they settled in the Phillippi area and the parents of Elsie WILLIAMS and the parents of Adrian HEATHERLY. I am also curious about the how the home of Marcellus HEATHERLY burned down and how Adrian HEATHERLY died. Since the home of Marcellus HEATHERLY was burned down, the family history seems to have been destroyed. There are no pictures of my husband's dad from when he was a child or anyone else. Any information would be appreciated. Christy Heatherly, E-mail:

Maureen Pereira Tue Feb 6 2001

My ancestor, John O'NEAL was born ca. 1785, married Abigail ANGLIN. He had brothers David O'NEAL, b. 1788, m. Jane ANGLIN and Joseph O'NEAL, b. 1790. I decend through John's son, Samuel O'NEAL and Mary CRITES.

Though family tradition says John O'NEAL's father was Michael O'NEAL (who supposedly also married an ANGLIN), we have never been able to make this connection. John O'NEAL was killed in 1845 by Benjamin HEATHERLY.

I'm looking for parents of John O'NEAL, additional siblings, and does anyone know anything about this Benjamin HEATHERLY. Any info appreciated. E-mail:

Jack Sun Feb 4 2001

Hello, We are trying to find information about Nicklas KAUCHICK. He possibly lived in this area and was German or Austrian. Also, worked as a miner/blacksmith. Regards Jack. E-mail:

Jimmy Garner Sat Feb 3 2001

Looking for research on John and Mary WATSON JETT from Barbour County. Dates of their birth, their parents, their children. My mother was a daughter of Martin and Mary JETT SUTTON, trying to find a connection. Can you help? E-mail:

Levi Johnson Wed Jan 31 2001

I am grandson of Levi Johnson who lived in Meadowville and I am now trying to find proof of what I think I remember. My relations came mostly from your area -- JOHNSON, PARSON, POLING, VANOY. There was a book detailing the Johnson family back from LEVI PARR? mayor of London in 1500s to my fathers family -- Levi Johnson: sons Herman, Stuart, Lloyd, daughters Otie and Berniece. I will love u forever if u can help me in anyway --- Levi Johnson -- Grand Junction Colo, E-mail

Rick Brown Mon Jan 29 2001

Looking for information on Laura HUDSON HUMPHRIES and her husband William M. HUMPHRIES who lived near Phillipi, WV. Rick Brown, Chillicothe, Ohio, E-mail:

Kevin Hall Sat Jan 27 2001

My name is Kevin Hall and I have started researching family history, I am interested in any information about the townsite, 'Hall,' W.Virginia and the lines of David Williams families. Any help you can forward about the HALLs will be greatly appreciated. My email is; Thank you, Kevin

Larry Sullivan Thu Jan 18 2001

Seeking a volunteer willing to look up a West Virginia military raid in a book entitled The Career of Col. D. B. Lang, a Barbour County Confederate officer. Book was written in 1905 by Winfield LANG, who I believe was the colonel's son. E-mail:

Ed Bennett Wed Jan 17 2001
Formation of West Virginia

I enjoyed reading about Barbour County, West Virginia. I have been trying to find information on the vote of the present West Virginia counties to leave Virginia and form their own state. Do you have a county by county vote tally, and were any of the counties west of the border counties loyal to Virginia? Have there been any books published on the proceedings? Thank you very much for your time. Edward Bennett/Roanoke, VA, E-mail:

Danny Lee Carroll Wed Jan 17 2001

GGgandfather John M. CARROLL was born in Harrison Co. Va. 1858 He married Elizabeth HALL 8 Sep 1878 His parents were listed in marriage records as Melvin & Barbary CARROLL they also had a daughter Alcinda b.1849. I cannot find any more info on Melvin & Barbary CARROLL. Please help. Danny Lee Carroll, E-mail:

Sandra DeVault Tue Jan 16 2001
Philippi Covered Bridge

I am trying to locate information on how long it took to build the original covered bridge at Philippi?

Charles Barrett Sat Jan 13 2001

I am looking for the parents of W.A. EVERSON who married Sarah Margaret LONG on 17 Aug 1925 in Barbour County. Children of this marriage: Alma Irene (married a DELAUDER), Charlie, Betty (married Luther WEESE)...any help on any of these names would be appreciated...Thanks.

Judi Pfeifer Sat Jan 6 2001

I'm looking for any information on the HILL family. William Hill b.1802, wife Sarah ? (maiden name unk.) b.1813. All I have is first names and year each were born. They had eleven children:

  1. Louisa 1833
  2. John 1834
  3. Jemison 1835
  4. Jacob 1836
  5. Francis 1837
  6. Elizabeth 1841
  7. Nancy 1844
  8. Frederick 1846
  9. Amanda 1847
  10. William Worth 1849
  11. Melvina 1854,
Thank you, Judi Pfeifer.

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