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Steven Gerald Poling Fri Dec 27 2002

Looking for information on the History and genealogy of the Poling Family. Specifically I would love to find out where there is a copy of Clarissa Tatterson's book on the History of the Polings. Any infomation you could share would be welcomed!
Take Care,Steve Poling

Spank Carlson Thu Dec 12 2002

I'm looking for information on Winfield Scott HADDIX and his wife Caroline C.(?) WATKINS. The information given me indicates that both were born in Barbour County (WSH May 22, 1855 - CCW Mar 12, 1856), married there (Jan 20, 1873), then left for Nebraska around 1877.

They had 13 children, but I think only Calvin, Sam, Ross and Newton could have been born before they moved west. Any info on any of these folks and/or the lineage of Winfield or Caroline would be greatly appreciated.

Mary Bess-Boswell Sat Nov 30 2002

I am seeking information on Paul V. COLE and Blanche COLE. I have reason to believe that Paul V. COLE b. c1893; Blanche COLE b. c1892; were born in W.Va., however, I am unsure of the county. Paul V. COLE m. Eva RIPLEY date unknown.

Both Paul V. COLE & Blanche COLE were listed in the 1900 Alleghany Co. Census living with their Grandparents James & Elizabeth ELMORE; and their uncle William ELMORE. Paul V. COLE d. 15 Jun 1950 in Alleghany Co. Va. James & Elizabeth had a daughter named Blanche which may point to the daughter being named Blanche, but have no proof. This is all the info I have on the above persons and would appreciate any info that anyone might have. Thanks so much!

Barbara Gillispie Thu Nov 28 2002

I hope you can help me; my grandfather was Charles SIMPSON b July 8, 1891 as far as I can figure he was born in WV(county unknown). His father is unknown, also his mother. He was once married to Anna KEEN marriage license shows that. She died leaving two daughters 1- Katheren SIMPSON b 1915 and Marie SIMPSON (my mother) b 09-07-17 who married Carl RUCKER from Belington. The two girls were born at Flemington, WV. Charles (Charley) was then married to Lona PROUDFOOT and lived in the Talbott Community until her death. She is buried at Talbott cemetery. I remember the stories relating that My grandfather was raised by another family by the name of Howell. No first name. I really need some help on this as I am at a dead end. I live in Kentucky and don't get to come in very often due to bad heath with myself and my husband. There's no one else that seems to care and some have wiped ths slate clean and will not even talk to me about the past.Thank you again and may God bless you. Barbara Gillispie

Carol Miller Wed Nov 20 2002

I am searching for any information on Edward STEVENS m: Keziah COLE. I need to know the names of all their children. Is there a will on this person? I believe he died about 1848.

The GEORGE line I have back to Reuben GEORGE. I am a member of the DAR on this line. Any information further back would be helpful. The MOORES I would like to obtain some pictures if there are any. My ggf was George W. MYERS. Would like infor on this line. I have a picture of him. His first wife was my ggm. Elveria Frances MOORE. Any help on any of these would be helpful.

Bob England Sun Nov 17 2002

I'm looking for information on Samuel ENGLAND, my grandfather, I believe he married a Belle LELAUDER (JOHNSON) Oct. 21, 1912, he was 26 ands she was 36, I also believe she had 4 children by Johnson named B. Johnson, Harry Johnson, Lennie and Mary. Samuel and Belle had two sons Hoy and Charles, Charles is my father. Need information on Samuel back. Thanks Bob

Robert Harris Fri Nov 8 2002

Being new to ancestor search, I'm not sure if this is in good order. I'm trying to trace the ancestors of Jacob HARRIS. He was born in 1833 or 1834 in Augusta or Hardy County, the son of George HARRIS, Jr and Elizabeth YANCY. The line goes back from George Jr to George Sr to John, I think. There may have been a John, or two, back of that.

Jacob lived in Barbour County, but I don't know when he got there. He married Mary Jane ANGLIN on 27 March 1855. Children were

Jacob moved to Gilmer County, near Tanner, after the War.

Jacob's brothers and sisters were: William (married Rebecca Wilson WILLIAMS and Mary KELLY); Phoebe (married Mortimer ANGLIN); Silas; James N.; and Margaret (married M. Pete DUFFY)

I have heard the location for Jacob's farm mentioned as Hickory Flats. Don't know if that is accurate.
Thanks, Robert Harris

Tracy Windsor Wed Nov 6 2002

I am researching my grandmother's great-grandfather, Hugh BARR. Apparently he started a brass band with his sons after he came home from the War (called the BARR BAND). I am having difficulty in finding any information (if available) on this band, or on Hugh Barr (and his descendants).

Would you happen to know anything about this band? If not, where I could look or who I could talk to find more information?
Thank you, Tracy Windsor

Curtis C. Martin Sun Oct 27 2002

My name is Curtis Martin, my fathers name was Roy Curtis MARTIN, his fathers name was William Willis MARTIN, his fathers name was William M. MARTIN and I think his fathers name was Joseph W. MARTIN We I have just started on this family search and am very new at it. I know almost nothing about Joseph. We think he was born in Kentucky, a pioneer in Indiana and went to Lucus Co Iowa where he later died. His date of birth and death are unknown at this time his wife's name and vitals are also unknown. Curt, E-mail:

Randal A. Harvey Sun Oct 27 2002

I am looking for help on jump starting a geneological search. Will later be planning a trip to Barbour county, but am trying to get started on some basic info before I get there, and am having difficulty. My grandfather was Russell Edward HARVEY, dob 7/19/13 in Belington. I am having difficulty obtaining info on his parents, William HARVEY and Emma WISEMAN (HARVEY). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, for purposes of my future trip to Barbour county, any hints or recommendations for specific places to spend some time while I am there, other than the usual places?

Thanks, E-mail:

Jennifer Hinson Tue Oct 22 2002

My name is Jennifer Hinson and I am the granddaughter of Madoline McQuain. I am trying to find information regarding the following people:

Madoline E. MCQUAIN - Maiden Name dob June 13, 1921 Belington W.V. Madoline was the daughter of A.L. MCQUAIN and Appie LANTZ MCQUAIN of Route 1 Belington West Virginia. Her father worked in a coal mine. She attended High School in Belington and graduated in 1938. She became pregnant in July or August of 1939.

She may have traveled to Kansas after graduation to pursue a modeling career.

Madoline had one son James Lee DALEY. He was born on April 19, 1940 She was an unwed mother but the father listed on the birth certificate was James Stephen DALEY. Mr. DALEY may to live in the area.

Madoline died an untimely death in 1976 but had promised her son that she would reunite him with his father. It is reasonable to assume that James S. DALEY may still be alive and in his late 80's or early 90's.

If any information can be found regarding this man I would appreciate any assistance and would reimburse you for your time. Please feel free to redistribute this information to anyone who may be of any assitance.
Thank you, Jennifer Hinson, E-mail:

Pat Wennersten Weds Oct 9 2002

I am still looking for info regarding Joseph HUMPHREYS. I only have an approximate date of birth for him which is about 1834 supposedly in Georgia according to the l860 Barbour county census. He was married to:
Emily (Bond)
born 7-12-1850
died aug 3, 1898
(recorded in death info in Barbour cty) I think they were married in Barbour cty.

Now would like to find the death info for Joseph in Barbour county. Of course I don't know when he died either sorry...I sure would like to get his father's name..if possible..

How would I find out about any land he might have owned? I live in Grafton and only got to get to Phillipi once so don't know when I will get back there again. anyhow any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help or advice. Pat Wennersten, E-mail:
Note: I did find a marriage for Emma A.Bond and Joshua Humphreys - 22 March l869 in Wes Cochran's Barbour County WV Marriages 1843-1892. You may find info on the marriage records about the parents of the couple. M.C. Lew

Billie Jo Lieberman Mon Oct 7 2002

Anything on Bennett Ingram HUDKINS, born 1807 in England and came to Barbour county, his son Thomas Lee HUDKINS born 1852 in Barbour county, and his son Ernest Marion HUDKINS born 1888 in Barbour county and moved to Kansas. Anything on their familys then and now and also in England. Thank you Billie Jo at

Linda Phillips Sullivan Sat Oct 5 2002

I would like information on Thomas D. Phillips b. 1782, d. 1855, and his wife Sarah Lemon Phillips, b. 1783, d. 1878, they lived in Belington I think. I would also like to find a John Phillips and Elizabeth Lemon Phillips perhaps living in Barbour in 1850. I have been having a hard time with my Thomas Phillips' family. Do you have access to any earlier census, tax info, or other documentation that might help me establish when Thomas Phillips came to this county. Or just any sources available to help me find more documentation on this family and his parents and siblings. Are there probate records available as to wills or disbursements of estate? I will stop with this question, but I have many more. Thanks, Linda Phillips Sullivan, E-mail:

Mary Ellen Dahm Tue Oct 1 2002

I am looking for Waitman STEERMAN married Myrtle GORHAM. His father was James Steerman. Waitmans children were born in West Virginia in late 1860's to 1880's (we think). Thank you, Mary Ellen Dahm, E-mail:

Ginny Toney Sun Sep 22 2002

The Dec 05, 1925 obit from Wheeling, WV paper (the Wheeling Register) gives the info that Cora Belle HENNEN was born Dec 25, 1857 in Phillipi, WV. Her death certificate (she died Dec 4) gives her parent's names as Lorenzo DOLBEAU and Anna HARDEN, both parents born in WV. I could not find them on the online census. Are you familiar with these surnames? Any suggestion or help would be appreciated. Ginny Toney, Houston, TX, E-mail:

Norma Richmond Sun Sep 22 2002

Worthington Mathew REED was born June 18, 1863 in Harrison County, WV. His parents were Asbury REED (born 1847) & Martha LOWTHER, both from Upsher County, WV

Asbury REED's parents were Alexander REED (born in 1825 in Faquier County, VA) and Nancy LOWTHER. They were married March 13, 1845 in Harrison County, WV.
Children of Alexander Reed & Nancy Lowther:
Asbury 1847
Nelson 1848
David 1850
Elizabeth 1852
Joseph 1853
Joshua 1855
John 1856
Alex 1858
Margaret 1862
Edward 1864
Elsworth 1868

This REED family is listed in the 1860 & 1870 Upshur County Census Alexander REED died Sept. 14, 1896

Asbury REED & Martha LOWTHER married Dec. 21, 1865 in Harrison County, WV. Martha's parents were Joseph Mary A. LOWTHER. Joseph & Mary LOUTHER (LOWTHER) are listed in the 1860 Upshur County Census

Children of Asbury & Martha REED :
Rosey 1862
Worthington Mathew REED 6-18-1863
I don't know what happened to Rosey REED after that. A possible marriage for her, could be Nov. 26, 1884 in Gilmer County, WV to a William ABLES

Then Martha J. Lowther REED (Worthington Mathew REED's mother) is listed in Nov. 26, 1869 Harrison County, WV to James SHIFLETT from Albemarle County, WV. She is listed as a widow ?? This is only 4 years after her marriage to Asbury REED.. (I think I found records somewhere that Asbury REED was still living at the time of Martha's 2nd marriage, I just can't find them now.)

James & Martha SHIFLETT are listed in the 1880 Gilmer County, WV Census. I think the James SHIFLETT's father was also a James SHIFLETT.

Martha Lowther REED SHIFFLETT is listed in Nov. 5, 1885 Gilmer County Marriages to a James INGRAIM.

Worthington Matthew REED is listed in Gilmer County, WV marriages on April 22, 1891 to an Alice INGRAM.. (don't know what happened to Alice) But in March 21, 1903 Worthington Mathew REED is found in the Doddridge County marriages going by his middle name Mathew and the last name of his stepfather SHIFLETT ?? Why ?? He married Myrtle LAMB (my great grandmother).

Myrtle LAMB's parents were Peter B. LAMB & Mary A. HOSKINSON. I don't have much on Myrtle's brother & sisters.

Any add on's to any of these people would be interesting. Thanks, Norma Richmond, E-mail:

Vivian McAdams Sun 15 Sep 2002

I am looking for information on Reuben P.Hayes born in Virginia 1803, died in Tennessee 1870.Thanks E-mail:

Roger Simpson Sat 14 Sep 2002

My great aunt Laura SIMPSON, from Newburg WVA married a Robert WHITE, also from Newburg. They had a son Clarence WHITE who was a M.D., who practiced in Phillippi during the 1930's & 1940's, Clarence was supposed to have died of pneumonia. I can't find any records of my Aunt or of Clarence. In 1944 a Tornado came through Phillippi and blew all of our records and photos away. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. Please E Mail me at or by US Mail to Roger L. Simpson, 9942 Hughes Ave. Laurel MD. 20723

Darlene Thayer Jones Fri 13 Sep 2002

Sanford DALTON m. Nancy Jane NORRIS (her Parents) Isaac S. DALTON m. Rose Ellen COLLINS seeking her mother's maiden name (Charlotte m.--- COLLINS.) Any help appreciated. Thanks, E-mail:

Jennifer Hinson Mon 9 Sep 2002

I am looking for information on two of my relatives. My grandmother Madeline MCQUAIN of Belington and James S. DALEY. Madeline grew up in Belington her DOB is June 13,1921. She attended High School in Belington around 1935-1940. She died in April of 1976 and is burried at Joseph's Chapel. Mr. Daley is older than Madeline and may have been a prominent member of the community possibly owning a service station?

Any information would be helpful so please forward these messages to your friends. Thank you, Jennifer Hinson 336 377-3187, E-mail:

Barbara Love Tue 3 Sep 2002

Looking for descendants of William A. LOVE bc. 1840 Barbour Co d. 1914 Harrison Co. He married Martha QUEEN in Harrison Co abt 1860. Have already found several descendants and looking for more! Our direct line is thru Albinas LOVE 1867-1951 and May CHAPMAN. E-mail:

Christina Wilson Mon 2 Sep 2002

Myrtle C. RUCCI Nov. 13, 1915 in Berryburg Wv (Barbour County) Any other info on family will be greatly appreciated. Thank you E-mail:

Lindel Gum Fri Aug 30 2002

Seeking information on my GGGrandparents: Thomas Jefferson PHILLIPS (possibly son of Benjamin Phillips), b. 1 January 1835; d. 5 July 1877; m. 7 Sep 1853 Elizabeth WILMOTH (daugther of Jonathan WILMOTH and Martha Patricia "Patsa" ISNER). Would like to correspond with other descendants.

My Barbour Co. Surnames: Bennett, Cade, Cox, Godwin, Gower, Isner, Jones, Moats, Nestor, Phillips, Shaffer, Wilmoth

Randy Elaine Stalnaker Wed Aug 28 2002

Hi, my name is Randy Elaine Stalnaker, and I am looking for information on the following people, STALNAKER family,
Elizabeth TRUBY married to Jacob STALNAKER,
Andrew and Catharine MARTENEY STALNAKER,
CROUCH, Sarah, married to John RYAN,
VANSCOY, David Lewis married to Medora BURNER,
Jesse BROWN married to Amy Belle ALLENDER, and Apaline KELLEY ALLENDER,
Catherine Daniels
Information on Anna Lilley, who was married to Marshall CROUCH.
Most of my relatives are from the Randolph County area, and would love to hear any information regarding them, thank you, Randy, E-mail:

Bob Parker Sun Aug 25 2002

Looking for any genealogical information about the NESTOR family in Barbour Co. WVa,and neighboring states. Bob Parker, Alabama, E-mail:

Sally Starks Torchik Mon Aug 19 2002

Could you please tell me if there is a Sugar Grove Township in Barbour County. As I had seen a census that had Adam STARKS and Hannah STARKS listed, also their son George and another child was living at home. The township was Sugar Grove. My computer crashed after I had found it and of course I hadn't printed it off yet. George was born around 1883 and christened in St. Pauls Lutheran Church, Mt. Solon, Va. Sept. 26, 1885, so I don't really know where he was born. Any help you can help me with would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Sally Starks Torchi, E-mail:

John R. Jeffries Mon Aug 5 2002

Can anyone help me add to these lines?



Hope somebody will tell me where these families came from. It would make me and family jump for joy! E-mail:

Beverly Yoak Fri July 12 2002

I am looking for info on G.A WELLS.He was my great, great grandfather. He married Nora WYER from Gilmer Co.July 6 1890. They were married in Gilmer Co. His father was Abraham WELLS. His mother was Mary O'NEAL. They were married in Barbour Co. Oct. 21 1847. This is all I know and I am trying to to research my roots and I don't seem to be getting anywhere. I am very new to this, so any help would be Thank you

Jenny Kolakowski Fri July 12 2002

Looking for information on Sanson Ulysses GEORGE and Maude QUEEN

Saralea Miller Mon July 8 2002

I am trying to locate relatives of Sarah Ellen FOY who lived in Barbour County between the years 1861-1906. Where can I find records besides the census, birth and death records to trace people that have lived in Barbout county? E-mail:

Barb VanAtta Fri July 5 2002

Hi Can any one tell me about a Cotrill's Run in Barbour Co.? James CAMPBELL is buried there and would love to locate his resting place if at all possible. Barb (Moats) VanAtta, E-mail:

Cindy Humphreys-Chapman Tue July 2 2002

My great grand-parents were Thomas S. and Matilda HUMPHREYS . . . the one that local history is said to have fired the shot at the beginning of the Battle of Phillipi. Does anyone have any information about this or my great-grandparents? Thanks! E-mail:

Thelma Hale Mon July 1 2002

My gr grandfather David NORRIS born 1855 and died March 8 1911 . Buried in NORRIS Cemetery. Is this Taylor Cty or Barbour Cty?? Trying to vertify to obtain death certificate. Help is really appreciated. E-mail:

Ron Bechtold Sat Jun 15 2002

I have determined when my uncle --JOE KEZIES--died in Barbour Co. He was a miner in Century. His death record states he died 28 Oct 1922 in Barbour Co. At the time of his death he was a miner in the Century mines.

I would like to search for an Obit, but I don't know the names for the local newspapers. Can you help? Thanks, Ron, E-mail:

Terry Berrier Tue Jun 4 2002

Seeking info on Ashford Worthington STALNAKER. He was my grandfather and head of the Electrical Engineering Dept. at Ga Tech in the 40's and 50's. He was born in Barbour Co. in 1897 to Ashford STALNAKER and Mattie WILSON. I need help finding a birth record or a census record showing his parentage. Any help would be greatful. Thanks T Berrier, E-mail:

Tom Simmons Sun Jun 2 2002

Looking for information on my great-grandmother Lucinda CRITES's W. Va. roots. Born about 1873, her 1940 Loudoun County, Va. obit states that she was "...a native of Barbour County West Virginia and a member of Zion Methodist Church also of West Virginia. She was married to Charles M. HERNDON on August 26, 1894 and for the past 14 years made her home in the Ashburn community." Any leads will be gratefully accepted.

Regards, Thomas Ashby (Tom) Simmons Sedalia, Colorado, E-mail:

Bill Sun Jun 2 2002

I am doing reseach on the CORDERs in Barbour Co. I am looking for info on Francis FRIDLEY b.1859 d. 1916 and Alice FRIDLEY b. 1857 d. 1917. Their daughter Mollie was my Great Great Grandmother, I think they may have raised my Grandfather after Mollie's death. Thanks, Bill, E-mail:

Tanya Knaub Fri May 31 2002

Sarah LAMB who married Stanley PERCHAN had a previous child by someone else, named her Gertrude May, no one knows who the father might have been. Stanley adopted her into the family when he and Sarah married. How to find out the child's biological father.

Kathie Fisher Fri May 31 2002

I am researching the Thomas BAKER family, located in the 1870 Barbour Co (Philippi) WV. Thomas is with his wife Mary (Polly) and children -- Elnora, Jacob, Harrison and Thomas. In a death record of Mary's son Thomas, her name looks like Terkey. This is all of the information I have on this family.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Kathie Fisher E-mail:

Brian Jennings Wed May 22 2002

I have looked in a number of cemeteries in Barbour and even had some family still living in WV look in an Upshur county graveyard for ancestors supposed to be buried in the cemeteries. Unfortunately, some headstones are so old and weather-beaten, we may have looked right past them. My query is this: I was wondering if folks are required to file survey plats of who is buried where in cemeteries and if so, where do they have to file? State or local? Thanks for any help you can give. E-mail:

Barbara Barken Fri May 10 2002

Would it be possible for someone to locate an obituary for Colonel A. PAYNE who died June 1970? His last residence on the SSDI was listed as 26250 Belington, Barbour Co, WV and his birth date as Jul 22 1886. I am in PA and are not sure just where to inquire about this. Any information would be most appreciated. Thanks, Barbara in PA

Rick Sothen Fri May 10 2002

I am researching my SOTHEN ancestors. My father, Maitland SOTHEN, was borne in Elkins, my grandfather George and my great grandfather Lewis lived in Belington. If anyone has information on any of the SOTHEN's please let me know. Rick, E-mail:

Wayne Price Tue May 7 2002

Re. PRICE brothers serving in Union Army during the Civil War

I think the brothers might be William George Washington PRICE and Isaac PRICE, both sons of William PRICE (of Woolf Run) and Anna POLING. They served in the same 15th WV Regiment and were very active during the war. William G.W. became an officer, while Isaac apparently did not. Isaac reportedly lost both arms during the war, but that didn't appear to stop him from getting married twice and having not an insignificant number of descendants.

See the following web site for a seeming authentic and thorough listing of the this regiment:

Independent of above, I seek information of William PRICE's (of Woolf Run) parents, and ancestors. Also, parentage of Anna POLING, his wife.

I also seek where in Maryland William is from, and whether the family was really from Virginia. Wayne Price, E-mail:

Nicholas Sturm Thu May 2 2002

A few weeks ago while extracting data from Steps of our Forefathers, commonly known as the "Tacy Book," I was once again reading the second which appears to be primarily extracted from John RYAN's application to the Court of Randolph for a Revolutionary Pension.

An item or two regarding places he claimed to have served caught my eye and I went perusing other references in the Philippi Public Library and found there seemed to be several matches to items give in Border Wars.

I wonder if anyone has noticed the parallel and wonder if anyone else as noted the likelihood that John RYAN of Randolph-Barbour may be the RYAN mentioned several times in that old and sometimes reliable report on early Colonial warfare? John is known to have resided in Hampshire (broad sense) prior to the Revolutionary period where his father apparently had settled and remained there until about 1795 when he relocated to Randolph. Some believe he spent some time in adjacent Allegany county, Maryland where at least some of his children may have been born. I have seen two different identifications of his wife Sarah. Does anyone know if he might have had two wives of the same name, or that perhaps one of the Sarahs was the wife of a different John RYAN?

John's father left a will which is quoted in Western Waters that makes reference to a sister who married a Thomas HANKS who eventually settled in Ohio. (Could it be land that John had seen during his Ohio service, and mentioned to his sister on his return? Perhaps even to Thomas HANKS?) Thomas seems to have had a sister Nancy, apparently one of the 18 or so persons with the name Nancy HANKS living at the time.

Thanks for any impressions or insights.

Nicholas Sturm Thu May 2 2002

For many years I have been aware of a listing in the 1850 Barbour County Census at dwelling 1111 for Andrew TRIMBLE, age 27, M, Farmer, 800. The second line is: Mary LASSON, age 27, M. No clear evidence of ditto mark after name.

On next page are: Barbara TRIMBLE, age 7, F
Sarah ", age 6, F
Cilorn ", age 4, M (name very difficult to guess)
Nancy ", age 3, F
Elizabeth ", age 1, F

We have never been able to explain the "Lasson" (or perhaps "Sasson") for Mary.

Last night while working through the household one-by-one in the household 1107, for William COSTILOW, age 56, M, Farmer, I noticed that the last of his children was: Verna LASSON ", age 1, F, which was followed by Jane COSTILINE or COSTILW, apparently COSTILOW and thus William's mother.

Household 1108 is of John FRY, wife and 4 children.

Household 1109 is of Edieth (Mr. Morrall's usually spelling of Edith) ADAMS with eight relatives.

Household 1110 is of William P. ROSS, wife and apparently seven children 28 yrs ... 16 yrs.

I would be interested in any insight regarding this name LASSON or SASSON found in these two families.

Nicholas Sturm Thu May 2 2002

I've been working on a parallel display of the 1810 thru 1850 heads-of-households from U.S.Census transcriptions. Today while looking for cross matches to Barbour County 1850, I noticed an unusual listing for household 1460 of Allen CHANNELL, age 25. Jane, age 30 is apparently his wife, but two children are listed as: Moses Smith ", 4 yrs and Aaron Champ ", 3 yrs.

There are only two CHAMP families listed, each with an adult parent and several SMITH families. This household 1460 appears to be non-sequential as is the case for most of the last 20-30 pages of the 1850 Barbour Census.

Can anyone provide enlightenment on the identity of these two children, formally or informally adopted, it would appear? Thank you.

Joe Miller Thu May 2 2002

I am looking for anyone who has the book called, History of Mt. Morris School, Church and Cove District, by George A. Shingleton.

Tom McMurdo Tue Apr 30 2002

Searching for information on the Alexander Borthwick MCMURDO (1866-1934) family. He was born in Scotland and was a coal miner superintendant and died in Volga, Barbour County.

Rita Wolf Pierce Tue Apr 30 2002
Descendants of Jacob Nester by Carl K Nestor

I would like to purchase a copy of the book: Descendants of Jacob Nester, 1761- 1844, Carl K Nestor, Morgantown Printing & Binding Co, Morgantown, 1983. I have been told this book is out of print. I would be willing to purchase a used copy. Thanks you for your help. Rita Wolf Pierce, E-mail:

Geraldine D. Rasmussen Wed Apr 17 2002

I was told that Hu Maxwell's book has information on the lineage of Anthony Q. SWITZER, my maternal great-great grandfather. He was descended from one of the three brothers, Valentine, John or Nicholas who came to the USA in the mid 1740 - 1750s. There is a question as to whether Anthony lineage from his birth in 1824, but require his specific parent, whether John (son and grandson of immigrant Valentine who arrived in 1749,) or John, immigrant who arrived in 1753. Thank you.

Arlene Hilbert Wed Apr 17 2002

I am rearching for information on the following HARRIS, BIBEY, and CONNER names. Samuel HARRIS married Olive Agusta BIBEY. they had the following Children: Roy Harley Laura Ted Thomas Monzel Bryson and my grandfather Asa HARRIS who married Ina CONNER.

I am also looking for information on Asa HARRIS and Ina CONNER. Asa is the son of Samuel J. HARRIS and Olive Agusta BIBEY. The children of Asa and Ina are: John, M. Arline, Dorothy, Carlos, Lena, Bernice and Vivian. I have tried to e-mail the names of other researchers on the surnames list but they keep coming back. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Arlene

Mark and Joyce Whitcomb Tue Apr 16 2002

I'm looking for any information on Larry COMPNELL, he emigrated from Naples in 1899 at age of 8 or 9, and lived in Philippi until his death approximately 1960's?? He had 3 children: Elizabeth (Shorty) COLLINS, Bernice DALTON, and Andrew COMPNELL (died 2/97) Mark and Joyce Whitcomb, Home: (515) 221-9519,

Rita Wolf Pierce Fri Apr 12 2002

I am looking for the parents of Levi W. RICHMAN. Levi W. RICHMAN (RICHMOND, RIGHMAN, RICHMON) b. June 12, 1824 VA d. 1908 Curtis, Frontier Co., NE. Levi married Anna NESTOR on Nov 18, 1847 in Barbour Co., WV (daughter of Daniel NESTOR and Marian "Anna" WILSON) b. April 20, 1831 d. May 31, 1893 Curtis, Frontier Co., NE.

The book: Descendants of Jacob Nester, 1761- 1844, Carl K Nestor, Morgantown Printing & Binding Co, Morgantown, 1983. pg. 155- Anna Nester, b. 4-2-1831, m. 1847, Levi W. Richman (Grandson of Abraham Richman.

I have two land deeds for Levi W. RICHMAN and Anna NESTOR RICHMAN:

  1. Sept. 2, 1867 Taylor Co., WV, Book 8, p. 171 Henry MILLER & wife Rebecca S. to Levi W. RICHMAN 2 & 1/2 acres near Knottsville (formerly called Nathan)
  2. Levi Richmond & wife (at this time living in Red Willow Co., NE) to HENRY M. WOLF Oct. 1, 1873 Taylor Co, Book 12, p. 62
Levi and Anna show up in the: 1870 Census of Taylor County, WV (Union Township) by Cochran
Page 91
Levi W Richmond 46 Va Farmer
Annie 39 Va Keep house
Daniel J 20 Va
William J 19 Va
Mary C 16 Va
George W 13 Va
John W 8 Va

I believe Levi W. RICHMAN's brothers were Jesse L. Righman, George Richman (wife Velma), & John Richman (wife Mary). This is not proven but based on the Frontier Co., NE school census. Other researchers have stated that brother Levi, Daniel and Jesse came from Hardy Co., WV before coming to Barbour Co., WV.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Rita Wolf Pierce

Bev Christensen Fri Apr 12 2002

I am looking for information on Andrew Jackson WILMOTH. He was a businessman and farmer. He was murdered Aug. 1875 in Barbour County. Want to know his parents names. He was born in 1836. He was in Union Army.

Kathleen Swearengen Sat Apr 6 2002

Looking for information of two brothers raised in Barbour County. Both in Civil War. One was a Captain William PRICE. His brother had both arms shot off. Lived and raised a family. I have read their names in a WV. history. If you have any more information please send to E-mail above Thank You M. K. Price Swearengen 700E Sprinfield Rd Columbian,Oh 44408.

Kelly Slayton Sat Apr 6 2002

I am looking for any information about the SLAYTON family from (Coalton?) Barbour County. My husband's grandfather is Richard B. SLAYTON, whose father was Cam SLAYTON. From my understanding Cam is not a shortened name, but his birth name. Cam SLAYTON married Dolly Catherine JACKSON. Cam and Dolly had 4 children: Robert, Ronald, Mary and Richard. I do not have the full name of Cam's father (C. B. SLAYTON), but his mother's name was Amelia CURRENCE. This is the only information that I have about the Slaytons and I do not have any dates except Richard B Slayton was born Jan. 31, 1928. I would appreciate any help! Thanks! Kelly Slayton,

Gregg Smith Thu Apr 4 2002

Hello, do you have any Civil War Soldiers lists for Barbor County? My Gr Gr Grandfather, Elijah G. SMITH and his wife, Edith PEPPER were in Barbor in the 1850 Census. I would like to find any other records on them. Thanks, Gregg Smith,

Ruth Markley Sun Mar 3 2002

Looking for descendants of Lewis C. MARKLEY b. Oct 1848 in Barbour Co. W.V., m: 8 Jan 1874 in Harrison Co. W.V. to Margaret FLOYD. He is s/o Christian MARKLEY Jr. and wife Pheobe WOODS. He MIGHT have been married more than once. Known children are:

  1. James Terrence Markley b. Oct 1895 in Ritchie Co. W.V. d.Aug 1966 Parkersburg, Wood Co. W.V.
  2. Leland Sanford Markley
  3. Daniel Christian Markley
  4. Ruth markley
  5. Cora Bell Markley
  6. Minnie Markley

Jane Briley Sat Mar 2 2002

Charles Granderson CLEAVENGER moved to Iowa from the Barbour County area. Story has it he traveled by wagon with his twin brother but we have not been able to find information about his twin.

Katherine White Sun Feb 17 2002

I am looking for any history on the ENGLAND family of Barbour County. My grandfather was Draper ENGLAND and my grandmother was Katherine WERNER ENGLAND. I am trying to do the family tree for this family as nothing has been done in the past. If you can help me please e-mail me. Thank you. E-mail:

Frank Stone Mon Jan 28 2002

Seeking information re: John FENTON, immigrant from England circa 1880 and/or Gertude COLLIER who was from Oklahoma and married John FENTON circa 1885. He was a foreman for the railroad, and they lived and raised a large family in Hazelton, KS.

Sarah Sun Jan 27 2002

Hello, I am new to the list and I was wondering if someone could tell me how Clemtown got its name and who was it named after. Does anyone know how I can find out the history of it? It is north of Philippi and south of the Taylor County line. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sarah

Sarah Reed Sun Jan 27 2002

Anyone place any of these names? I am looking into all branches. James Harrison REED b 1823 m Nancy J. LILLARD b 1829 children

Generation #2
Homer H. REED m. Virginia ISNER b 1860 children
Generation #3
James M. REED m Cordelia E WRATCHFORD b 1883 children

Beth Oconitrillo Sat Jan 26 2002

I am searching for information about my great-grandmother, Elizabeth DILLMAN. She was born on December 12, 1860 in Sandy Creek, West Virginia to Louis & Susan (CHRISTIAN) DILLMAN. The family moved to Verona, New York between 1865 & 1870. I can't find Sandy Creek listed as a town so I assume it's a hamlet or such. Is it in Barbour County? Where could I find more info? E-mail:

Ann Moore Tue Jan 22 2002
Maxwell's History of Barbour County

For Sale: A first edition of "The History of Barbour Co" by Hu Maxwell, published in 1899 by The Acme Publishing Co. in Morgantown, WV. This 517 page book contains many illustrations and also contains many family histories. The book is in excellent condition. Price is $90.00 plus $10.00 shipping by UPS. You may contact me at my home (785) 272-7985 if you have any questions regarding the book. Thank you.

Ralph Sayre Tue Jan 8 2002
Stringtown - Tacy Church

Can you tell me where Tacy Church and Cemetery, also Stringtown are located? Thanks, Ralph

Phletus Williams Mon Jan 7 2002

I would appreciate receiving information as to the parents of Jonathan M. Shingleton. He married Nancy Yeager in 1862. The aol address of Gloria ( would not respond. Thanks, Phletus Williams

Peggy Chapman Sun Jan 6 2002

Any connection with these names will be appreciated. Peggy,

Joyce Murphy Thu Jan 3 2002

Looking for any information of Anthony J. SMITH/WILL 3/19/1844, Meadowville, WV d.May 9,1927, St George, WV. m. Catherine Sarah Pitzer(1) June 17, 1869. m. Harriet Cerilda Pitzer(2). Mother, Delilah WILL, father, Hiram SMITH. Hiram and Delilah never married and can find no info of Hiram.

Anthony J. WILL enl as a private 8/26/1862 in Pocahontas Co of the 1st Reg. Virginia Partisan Rangers. This Company later became the 62nd Reg. VA Mounted Inf. Can not find record of his service after 4/30/1863. Family states he was taken prisoner and enl as a Federal soldier under the name of SMITH.

Children:(1)Ida May, Silas Dow, David Taswell, Mattie Mae, Elva, A.J."Ollie", Wm.Bryan. (2)Buena Vista, Lavlla V, Minnie M, Truman E, Lillian L, Geo.H, Isora S. As far as I know all child. are SMITH's. Especially would like to know about Hiram and A.J's war record.Thanks so much for your assistance. Happy New Year! E-mail:

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