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Jim Saffle 23 September 2011

I am looking for information on my ancestors in the Joseph Saffle family and the Levi McVicker family who apparently lived in the Pleasant Creek or Stonehouse area which was affected by the construction of the Tygart dam. In particular, I want to find out whether they were in any of the cemeteries displaced by the construction of Tygart Dam and if any related information still survives. I hear that Joseph Saffle's grave was one of those relocated to the mass grave at Mary's Chapel near Philippi, but I have no solid proof of any of this. Additionally, the markings on the vault at Mary's Chapel are not very specific. Please let me know if you have any helpful information.

Theresa Peterson 21 September 2011

Looking for information on the family of Tillas Knapp, b. 1826 in Barbour County, WV.

Nick Probstfeld 19 September 2011

My Grandfather was Perry Martney. He was born in 1907. I know he had a brother named Ted or Theodore maybe? He always called him Teddy. That is all I know. His wife, my Grandmother, was Margaret Jane Davies. I am most interested in tracing my family from him. My mother and all of her siblings are gone and so I have no connection to this part of my family. This has become important now that I am a dad and want my children to know where they come from. Any help on Great Grandparents, etc. would be wonderful.
Thank You, Nick Probstfeld
Note: Nick, I found Perry Marteny's parents by doing an online search: Edward Marteny and Daisy Kittle. They were married in Randolph County, 10 Nov 1895. This gives you another surname to search. M. Lew

Karen Godwin Wensch 30 August 2011

I recently sent an email to the individuals researching the Godwin surname and didn't receive a reply (other than a couple were returned as incorrect addresses). I have been able to research the Godwin family back to my Great, Great, Great Grandparents, Robert Godwin & Mary Barb, who lived in the Tucker/Barbour County area. We have been unable to find his birth, death or burial site. A son John and a grandson, Robert are buried at Old Dutch Cemetery, and my grandparents are buried at Pifer Mountain Cemetery. We would appreciate receiving any additional information anyone has obtained regarding the Godwin family.
Thank you, Karen Godwin Wensch

John J. Staud 26 May 2011

My great-great Grandfather, T. Granville Sinsel was born in Barbour County in 1848. He married Leida (aka Lee Ida) Booth (b. Jul 1865, also in Barbour County) on March 11th 1884. I have found out a great deal about the Booth family, from Captain James Booth back to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066! But I am not having much luck with T. Granville. According to the 1860 census, Granvill Sincel (sic), age 11 and Porta Sincel (sic), age 9 lived with the John R Williamson's in Philippi. Were they possibly orphaned? Where can the birth certificates be found from that time period? Or possibly baptism certificates? The marriage (abv.) was preformed by S.A. Schonoberger, a "minister of the Church of the U.B." Maybe the families were members of this Church? What has become of the Church of the United Brethren in Barbour, or was there ever one? Maybe Rev. Schonoberger was without a church, as the wedding was performed at the house of the bride's parents. I got all of this from the Marriage License. Thank you for any help in locating the ancestors of Thomas (T.) Granville (Granvill) Sinsel (Sincel).
Best regards to the Blue Ridge Mountains from Herzogenrath, Germany,
John J. Staud

Dollie Newhouse 25 May 2011
Sunrise on Dolly Sods: The Dollys of WV

I see on the genealogy website a book by Mark Hale, Sunrise on Dolly Sods: The Dollys of WV. I tried to contact the publisher listed on the website, but the link no longer works and my email was never answered. I was hoping you might have additional knowledge about the publisher or a phone number I can try. Thank you in advance for any information you are kind enough to offer.
Sincerely, Dollie Newhouse

Laura Harper 17 May 2011

Thank you for the opportunity to further my family research. I'm looking for the death record of Barbara Young (nee Paugh).

The family is enumerated in the 1870 census living in Elk Township, Harrison county.
John C. Young
B. 1835 Rockingham, VA (John & Elizabeth)
B. 1835 Barbour county (Jeremiah & Margaret)
M. 1855 Barbour county
Orval V. B. 1858
Angeby B. 1863
Homer B. 1860

By 1882 John is found remarried (listed as a widower) and living in Lewis county. I have not found any references to the rest of the family in any records.
Thank you again for your assistance.
Laura Harper
Munroe Falls, OH

Lucas Kenndy 10 April 2011

My great great uncle Jefferson Lucas was captured in Philippi, WV, in April 1863 and after the war there is no further record of him. I thought maybe he had found a sweetheart in or around Barbour County, WV and after the war he went back there and lived. Are there any Lucasís in the area that are descendents of a Jefferson Lucas from Page County VA?

Tanya Dragovich Knaub 29 March 2011

My grandmother, Gertrude Mae, married Mike Dragovich, she was born to Sarah Perchan Lamb. I don't know who the biological father might be because she was adopted into the Perchan family. Any news would be very helpful. Thank you. Tanya
Note: Tanya, I found the marriage of a Sarah Lamb in Randolph County, WV:
Perchin, Mike, age 38 born Austria, resident of Randolph County
Lamb, Sarah, age 24, Randolph County
married 22 May, 1909
Have you looked for records in Randolph County? M.Lew

Mary J. Gregory 29 March 2011

Newspaper articles relating to a fire on January 8, 1951, on Flemington Rd., Pepper, WV, in which C. T. Hall was severly injured. He died of his burn injuries in Philippi, Barbour Co., WV, March 18, 1951.

I would appreciate copies/transcripts of these newspaper articles.

Kate Latham 28 March 2011

I just came across this March 26, 2005 query by John Stevens on your forum while doing a Google search.

Would appreciate receiving any info you may have on Charles David GAINER born approx. 1888 Barbour W.V.

This man was married to one of my relatives in Canada (Ida Vey Simpson). I am also in touch with another person who is researching him. Unfortunately it is an old query and I can't get a link off it to contact John Stevens.
Can you help? Kate Latham

John Walden 3 March 2011

John Puller Walden (13 Sep 1788-5 Mar 1867) and wife Sophia Mildred Saunders (5 Apr 1806 - 12 July 1871) moved to Barbour county and were in the 1840 census. At one time John was listed as a school teacher. He and Mildred had 6 children. I know he was in Barbour county from documents he signed in 1859. I have done some limited searches in cemeteries around Philippi but have not located their burial sites. Does Barbour county have published cemeteries with listings of person buried in each similar to what Upshur county has done? I live in CA and further searching in person is very difficult and costly.
Thanks for any help you might be able to offer. John Walden

LBrooko 22 February 2011

Hello, I would like to find detailed information about my Great Grandfather (GGG) Henry Sturm, Sheriff of Barbour County. Thank You

Thomas Phillips 22 February 2011

Looking for info about SEVIER families in Barbour Cty. My wife's Great Great Grandmother was named Elizabeth. On 2 death certificates of her children her maiden name was listed as Elizabeth Sevier. She was born in the early 1840s. She and her 2 children were listed as SULLIVAN when she moved to FL. The 1850 census lists a James Sevier from Barbour Cty and one of his children was Elizabeth, aged 6 in the census. This name does not show up in the 1860 census. We've hit a brick wall. Any help would be appreciated greatly.

Susan Erickson 21 February 2011

I am looking for information on Elizabeth Bell b. 1767 who married Benjamin Jones b. 1768. They had a son James Jones who I believe was born 1796 in Hardy County. They were married in 1790. Other sons may also have been born in Hardy County. Since their son was born in Hardy county I am thinking that Elizabeth Bell and her family may be from Hardy County. I do not have any other information on Elizabeth's parents.

Benjamin Jones is a descendant of the Jacob Jones/Dinah Stanton family of Upper Monongahela Valley WV / Knottsville, but I have not been able to trace their son Benjamin's wife Elizabeth Bell.

Any help is much appreciated. Sue

Bertine Lockhart 19 February 2011

Any information re: Berryburg. Did it have a courthouse, etc. where births or deaths were recorded? An uncle of mine (now deceased) said he remembered as a young boy that it burned down and all records were lost. Interested if there is or was a cemetery in Berryburg. Hope you can help me. Thank You

Rick Sothen 14 February 2011

I am researching my SOTHEN ancestors. My father, Maitland SOTHEN, was born in Elkins, my grandfather George and my great grandfather Lewis lived in Belington. If anyone has information on any of the SOTHEN's please let me know. Rick, Phone:623-293-8587
Thanks, Rick Sothen

William (Jerry) Robinson 9 February 2011

I am looking for anybody who is still alive who graduated from Philippi High School Class of 1932. My Mother Beryl Robinson was a member of that class and I am looking for information about her and any photos that anybody may have of her. I am her Son, she was married to Heady Robinson. Beryl died at age 24, about a year after I was born.

Blaine Hatch 7 February 2011

Looking for information on a William Powers (from Newfoundland) who married a Roma Wright(parents: Albert and Martha) July 27, 1927 in Harrison, West Virginia.

Charlie Clark 6 February 2011

I'm looking for a will or other items to prove parents for both Henry and Prudence Keiser. I have papers from shirt-tail relations that have no documentation but just family knowledge for the following:

Undocumented parents
Prudence's: Simeon Everly Sr. b 15 Oct 1763 in MD d 17 Mar 1843 Monongalia Co. and Prudence Howard b 1769 in PA, d 06 Oct 1841 Van Voorhis, WV.

Henry's: Johannes Keyser d after 1850 in Monongalia Co. and Hanna Leatherman d 1865 Barbour Co.

I have a copy of the 1850 Barbour County census showing my family.
448 448
Henry Kyser* 55 Millwright MD
Prudence 49 MD
Martin 24 VA (Preston Co) ** My family's from
Reason 21 VA
Henry 18 Farmer VA
Sarah 17 (?) VA
Simeon 15 VA

*Kyser as spelled on the Census, but a letter I have written by Henry in 1862 is signed Henry and Prudy Keiser.

Martin and his family are on the 1860 Census in Iowa. A Biographical Record of Iowa states that Martin and His wife Sarah Thompson Keiser were Virginians and came from their home in the "Old Dominion" in 1859. I don't know if this helps,

Note: I found a notation in the 1860 Census giving Henry Kieser, 65, MD, Millwright/Dunkard. Maybe there are records of the Dunkard church that could help you. M.Lew

Howard Ashenfelter 7 February 2011

I'm looking for information on Jacob S. Ashenfelter the blacksmith in Philippi in 1860. I would like to know when he died and where he is buried. Also, where was the shop located in Philippi and when was it established? Further, does anyone know anything about his son, Thomas J. Ashenfelter?

Pam Stanley 2 February 2011

I am looking for proof that John Chamberlain Holden and Prudence Kittle Holden were the parents of Rachel Holden Hudkins. Rachel was born around 1820 and died 1863. She and her parents are buried at the Old Ebenezer church cemetery. Rachel married Jacob Hudkins in 1844. I sent an application to the DAR on Abraham Kittle and was missing proof of Rachel's parents. I can not find a birth or death certificate for Rachel and her marriage certificate does not list her parents. Thank you, Pam Stanley

Jon Eggart 21January 2011

I am looking for information on Joseph Day who lived in the Philippi area off and on from 1910 until after 1942.

He was born in Brooklyn February 5th 1894 or 1895. He married Grace Shanabarger abt 1915 and had children Rosa (1916-?), Evelyn (1926-1926) and George (1921-?) Grace died 1926 and he remarried Genevieve Andrick in 1927 and had another child Marilyn (1928-?). Genevieve died 1958.

I'm trying to confirm that Joseph is the brother of my great-great grandfather.

The last documentation I have is his WW2 draft card listing him as a resident of Barbour County in 1942.

I haven't been able to find his death, burial, etc or what became of any of his children.

I would appreciate any help on Joseph Day or his children.

Candy Tuemmler 14 January 2011

My great great grandfather was Marcellus Watkins (1854-1934) married to my great great grandmother Sarah Martin Watkins (1855-1931).† Marcellus was the son of Brice Gassaway Watkins and Nancy McDaniel Watkins.†

Anything you can tell me about them will be greatly appreciated (where they lived, any wills or comments made about them).† I believe one or both of them had Native American ancestry.
Sincerely, Candy Tuemmler

Kim Line 3 January 2011

My name is Kim Line, I am related to the Wells, Kittles, Hoff and Phillippe families, my GG Grandmother's mother was Mary Phillippe, whose father was Peter, his father was Christian who came with his family to Wythe V (WV). My GG Grandmother married GG Grandfather John Wells, his father William, his father Daniel, his father Phineas Wells who came to Wood V (WV). My mother has several pictures of my relatives, with my Grandmother and some of the relatives on the farm in Phillippi. I have been doing my ancestry. Most of my ancestors originated from that area and are related to most, Westfall would be another. There are still some missing links and would like to find out more. I have a lot of info and pictures if interested.
Thank you, Kim Line

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