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Robert J. O'Connor 22 October 2013

I am looking for the address of the William McClasky home in Philippi in 1861. McClasky was the sheriff of Barbour County. I am writing a book about James E. Hanger. Hanger recuperated for a few days in that home. Is the home still there today?

I appreciate any information you might be able to provide.
Thank you, Bob

Jasmine Molina 24 September 2013

I am looking for more information on my native American genealogy. I believe it runs in my great grandmother's side. Her name was Olive Jane England-Phillips 6/5/1892-10/19/1978. Her parents were Truman England 10/24/1864-? Elizabeth Jane Cross - England 6/1860-1/9/1929. I can go back a little further if needed. I would greatly appreciate ANY help!! Thank you!

Fred A. Swick 23 September 2013

Hi, I am looking for information on my great grandfather and his parents.

Martin Swick, born about 1858 Barbour Co
Married Virginia Lucy McUlty of Pendleton Co in Pendleton Co 1884
Died Petersburg WV 1927

Tammy Ware 27 July 2013

I grew up in Belington, WV and I'd like to know if anyone has already done the research on members of my family and if I could purchase it anywhere.  My father was Layman Lynn Ware of Valley Head, WV (Randolph county) and he married my mother, Lena Mae Cross of Belington.  My name is Tammy Lynn Ware.  

If you can help in any way, I'd appreciate it.  I'm specifically interested in tracing back to our English, German, and other heritage.  Love to know when the families came over from Europe.  
Thanks, Tammy

Stefanie Hines 17 July 2013

I am looking for the obituary or any sort of death records for Abbie Feris maiden name Faulkiner or Faulkner or Faulknier, Feris is also spelled Ferris. Thank You!!!

Ralph Bennett 10 July 2013

I am doing historical research on the Bennett & Gainer Civil War History. In particular I am seeking to discover the circumstances of the death and final resting place of JACOB S. BENNETT, Sergeant, 31st Virginia Infantry CSA. Jacob was born in Barbour County and was husband to ELIZABETH GAINER and father to Rachel Bennett Poling, Emery B., Jonathan P. Asa O., Mary Bennett Poling, John Huffman, Nelson S., Greensberry, Minerva Bennett Matthews, & David Hess.

Family tradition seems to indicate that Jacob S. Bennett died on board a POW ship in New York Harbor after being taken POW during or just following the Battle of Gettysburg. Any assistance in this quest would be much appreciated.
Thank You, Ralph Bennett

Greg Phillips 4 July 2013

Hello, I'm trying to find Norris contacts or information about Sam Norris, his son, Sam, grandson William, greatgrandson Joseph, down to my grandmother Fannie Leota Norris Phillips. I'm Greg Phillips. Thanks for any leads

Denny Avers 29 June 2013

I am seeking access to the obituary of Elizabeth Beatrice (Shoemaker) Poling, who died 27 June 1967 in Philippi, Barbour County. She was the widow of Aldine Dean Poling. Both are buried in Mt. Vernon Memorial Cemetery.

Elizabeth Beatrice Shoemaker was my 1st cousin (once removed). She was the daughter of David Patrick Shoemaker and Harriett "Hattie" Dennison (both buried in Philos Cemetery, Westernport, MD).

I am hoping that her obituary will provide some clue to the location of one of her siblings, who I am having difficulty locating after their father died in 1940.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Denny Avers
Lake Monticello, VA (born/raised in Keyser, WV)

Bill Kisner 6 June 2013

I'm looking for final burial location of Elias Kisner - 1825-1918. He was married to Nancy Phillips 1823-1892. Any additional information you may have on the Kisner family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Carina Mone 5 June 2013

My name is Carina Mone, and I am attempting to clear up some questions I have regarding my lineage. I have managed via to trace my lineage back from my grandmother, Lois Jean Williamson, to her father, Dwight N. Williamson. I was able to trace Dwight to his mother, Nettie Mae Satterfield, and his grandmother, Melissa Catherine Carpenter. I was then able to futher trace Melissa back to her mother, Abigail Weaver, and her father, John C Carpenter. From Abigail, I was able to trace back to her parents, Uriah Weaver and Rebecca Mitchell. From Uriah, I was able to trace back to his parents, Henry Weaver and Abigail Griggs. I could not find anything else in Rebecca Mitchell's line, and I could not find anyone in earlier generations from Henry Weaver and Abigail Griggs. Would you be willing to help look up any information for me or at least point me in the right direction?
Thank you so much!
Carina Mone

Susie (Susanne) Heatherly Hillison 31 May 2013

Thomas H. Heatherly married 1st: Ellen Carter/Corder in 1849 2nd: Lucille/Luella/Lucinda/Ella in 1904. They had two daughters 1) Gladis who married Hays Huffman and had one daughter. I've yet to find anything of Gladis' sister, Rose Ella/"Rosie" b. 1907, nor what ever happened to their mother after my Gr. Gr. Grandfather Thomas died, 25 Feb 1915. She was young enough that I'm assuming she remarried but I've yet to find who or where? Any knowledge or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Bonnie Lipscomb Kudla 23 May 2013

I am trying to find the parents of Nancy Virginia PHILLIPS who was supposedly born in Barbour County between 1850 and 1853. Per her marriage record of 1873, to Solomon King LIPSCOMB, she was 23, making her birth year 1850. On her tombstone in Riverview Cemetery, Preston Co, she was born 1853. Family information was that Nancy was hit by a car while crossing a street in Rowlesburg, Preston Co, where she and Sol resided. I'm hoping someone out there knows of a family Bible or any other source of information. I've checked all census records, surrounding clerk's offices, etc and it appears she didn't exist but left a bunch of kids behind. Desperately need help in finding her parents.

Diana DeLauder Taylor 13 May 2013

I am hoping to find out if you know of any person still in the Barbour county area or associated with the historical society - we have the DeLauder family anvil that was tossed into Sugar Creek during the civil war era - recovered later by Charlie Buck Philips - and returned to the DeLauder family - it has even won some prizes through the years as the oldest anvil at the fair etc. I would like to find out if there was a write up at the Barbour Democrat about it and the raiders that threw it in the creek during the civil war. And I would like to contact some researchers in the Philippi area if at all possible .... do you have any suggestions ... I will try to contact the historical society also.
Thanks, Diana DeLauder Taylor

Dennis Read 26 April 2013

Is there anyone working on the READ family? I know of a John Read born about 1856 and died around 1914, was buried in the Read/Davisson cemetery. Is there a directory of the people buried in the Read/Davisson cemetery?

Barbara Blades Burke 24 February 2013

Great-grandfather is Robert Andrew McCutcheon born 1/14/1833 Rockbridge Co., VA and died 1/28/1918 Belington, Barbour, W.VA.  Married Margaret Ann Buckey, June 20, l861 in Randolph Co.

Margaret Ann Buckey born 7/16/1840 Randolph Co. died 1/30/1921.  Located 1870-1900 in Barker, Barbour, W.VA.  Apparently had hotel listed in Bell Publishing 1893-94 Directory.

I cannot locate either gravesites or marriage information.  Any help would be appreciated.
Barbara Blades Burke, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

T. J. Murphy 23 February 2013

I have sent an inquiry for the Reese surname in Barbour County. Any information that you can give me would be a great help for me at this time. Thank you for your help
  TJ. Murphy

Linda Ware 6 February 2013

I have been trying to answer one of the recent Queries on the Barbour County Web site but can't get it to work. For the request by Shelly Means on February 3, 2013 regarding Ella Holden.  According to the book "They Rest Quietly Cemetery Records of Barbour County, WV", she is buried in the Chenoweth (or Findley) Cemetery.
Note: Thanks Linda, I have also written to Shelly with this information! M. Lew.

Shelly Means 3 February 2013

Seeking the burial place of Ella Findley Holden. Here's what I think I know about her. Ella Findley's parents were:  Father--Francis Findley, born in Virginia, 1849-1923; Mother--Minerva (McLean) Findley, born Virginia, 1853-1938

I have a copy of the 1880 Federal Census Record and Ella and her parents are listed.  Ella is 3 years old and her place of birth is listed as Virginia; she was born about 1877.  The census is for Missouri. Ella married William L. Holden (born in 1873) on October 21, 1894.  They had two children: Otto Floyd (my grandfather) and Stella.

I have a copy of West Virginia, Death Index, 1853-1973 from Ancestry. com and it lists Ella's birth place as West Virginia.  It lists her death place as Barbour, West Virginia on Jan. 14, 1898.  There is a FHL Film number: 1630845 but I have no idea what that means.  I have to go to the public library to have access to

William Holden married a second time and lived in Denver, Colorado.  I live near Denver and have found Otto's (my grandfather) grave in the Fairmount Cemetery.  I have no additional information about William or his second wife and 6 children.  I have no pictures of my grandfather or his family.

I have contacted the Barbour County, West Virginia's Clerk's Office.  Debra Harris Talbot was very kind but was unable to find any information in those records.  I have searched on find a but have had no luck and so I am against a wall again.  It has taken me some time to find out this information and I don't know where else to search.   Perhaps I should search for her parents' graves and perhaps she is buried nearby. Thank you! Shelly

Jim Champ 5 January 2013

Wanting information on the property records for James Nimrod Champ (1882 - 1968), Custer St., Barbour, Belington W.Va. Thank you, hope to hear back from you soon. I can be reached at

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