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Carolyn Arbogast 13 November 2015

Looking for information on the "Laben Bennett Family Farm" located on Hunters Fork Road off Rt # 92, outside of Belington, WV. Laben lived middle 1800's. Would like to know if there was a family cemetery/ or graves on farm. Any past owners of farm might be able to answer my question. Looking for lost ancestor's grave.

Karen Stewart 1 October 2015
Orphan Train

Does anyone know the date the Orphan train came to Philippi with the children? My research seen to have conflicting dates, one source is 1903 but research of two brothers seem to lead to 1905. Does anyone have solid confirmation of date?

James Norris 1 April 2015

Is there a will for these names? Sam Norris or Prettyhair Norris

Tamara Poling Fullerton 30 March 2015

Many years ago I was a member of a Poling Genealogy Forum. There was a researcher named Phyllis, I believe, who was a prolific researcher of West Virginia Polings. I am trying to get back in touch with her.

David Rogers 29 January 2015

I am trying to find out more information about Kasson, WV during the Civil War and the Triplett family, specifically Lewis Burr Triplett and his wife Demarias. Any information would be appreciated. Is there a old map of Barbour County, WV showing where people lived or paths taken by of Union and Confederate forces?
Thank you,
David Rogers
Arlington, TX

Patty Stockdale 14 October 2014

Hello, I was reading the abridged article on Kasson --

At the bottom of the article it mentions:

"This has been abridged from the 1979 article written by "the Coffmans". If you have family from Kasson you will enjoy reading the entire article for more tidbits on the town and its citizens."

I am wondering how to find the full article.

Thank you, Patty Stockdale

M Lew Note: The article came from Barbour County West Virginia published by the Barbour County Historical Society in 1979. It might be found in a genealogy society library, ARFHS (Allegheny Regional Family History Society) or HCPD (Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants)

Patty Stockdale 14 October 2014

I am trying to find my great great grandparents' and great grandparents' farms in Barbour Co. I understand they lived near each other and the farms may be near Nestorville, WV, as they are buried near there.

My Great Grandfather George Washington Shaffer and Great Grandmother Inibie Gainer Shaffer are buried in the Shiloh Church Cemetery on Shiloh Rd (CR 5/2) of route 38 west of Nestorville. My Great Great Grandfather Jacob W. Shaffer and Great Great Grandmother Mary A. Wilson Shaffer are buried in the Mt. Castle Dunkard Cemetery also on Shiloh Rd (CR 5/2) of route 38 west of Nestorville.

The Valley Furnace is near the intersection of Shiloh Rd and Route 38 west for Nestorville, WV.

Carl Samples 25 September 2014
Orphan Homes

Were there any orphan homes in Barbour or other close countys?
Thanks, Carl Samples

Don Porter 22 September 2014
Mount Olive - Old Quaker Cemetery

Some years back I was told the cemetery adjacent to the Mount Olive Church is sometimes mistakenly called Mount Olive Cemetery although it's proper name is Old Quaker and the real Mount Olive Cemetery is much smaller and about a mile away. I visited both sites some years back. In visiting the Find a Grave website recently I find that all the internments that I know to be in Old Quaker are listed as Mount Olive although the associated map points to the much smaller cemetery.

So now I'm a bit confused. What is the proper name for the cemetery by the church and also the much smaller cemetery?
Don Porter

Janette Payton Taylor 7 September 2014

Hello,I am trying to find information for a Dr. Campbell and his sister, Bessie, who lived at 217 S. Main Street in Philippi, Barbour County, West Virginia.
Thank you very much for any help you might give.
Janette Payton Taylor

Dave Rogers 19 August 2014

I'm doing genealogy on Lewis & Demarius Triplett who lived in Kasson for many years beginning around 1859. Do you have any history of Kasson around that time period or the family?
  Thank you,
Dave Rogers
Arlington, TX

Shanna Wratchford 13 August 2014

I was hoping to locate the birth certificate of this individual to determine the birth parents.  Believed to be: Ada May (Ware) Linger and Troy Christopher Linger.  Richard Junior Linger DOB: 2/7/1937 DOD: 2/10/2011 I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you! Shanna W.

Del Proudfoot 9 August 2014

Have found an error (?) in the Proudfoot Genealogy posted on your site and cannot get through to Martin Proudfoot. If you have a current email for him I would appreciate it.
Del Proudfoot

Darlene Schaeffer 2 August 2014

I need info on the Chrislip/Crislip family. I am the great great granddaughter of Ada Crislip and great great great of Fredrick Dolan Chrislip.
Thank you, Darlene Schaeffer

Clems Auto Center 25 July 2014

Do you have proof that William Norris and Elenor Snodgrass was related to Pretty hair. I am related to him; in a few births of his children he is listed as William W Norris NOT William B? Need answers.

Rebecca Adams 22 July 2014

I am looking for information, may be published in local newspapers, on the death of Paul Zbosnik after a mine accident in November 1959 at Lockview Mine. He was the husband of Anna Koziar. Thank you!

Rosanna Jordan 22 July 2014

Marilyn (Daugherty) Finley - who
Heart & Hand House - what, when, how, why
Seeking any additional information on the impact this person may have played on the community.

Donna Summers 3 July 2014

COLEBANK, STEWART & DADISMAN are the main lines I am researching from Barbour County, but there are many related families. Please get in touch with me to exchange information.
Donna Summers

Amelia Packard 31 May 2014

I am trying to find out about my Crites Family through the Lutheran Church. Amelia

Chad Wallace 6 May 2014

Hi, my great grand parents were married in West Virginia around 1917. However I can't seem to find any record of it. Mike Danes and Lidda Anderson Danes lived in Barbour county when he died in 1940. Do you have any advice on where to look for such a marriage document? Thank you, Chad Wallace

Jerry Robinson 21 April 2014
Taylor Drain Cemetery

We are in the process of cleaning that cemetery up but need more help and funding. If you are on Facebook and search for our group Facebook page you will see what a great job we have and are doing.  Just click on Join and I will OK it. Any help you can give to get the word out would be great.
Jerry Robinson

Barbara Sarco March 2014

James Sarco, Pearl Sarco death records, obituaries. This is my grandmother and grandfather from Russia(now Ukraine). Was wondering where they are buried, I never knew them.
Thank you.
Barbara Sarco
Destin, Florida

Travis Kundel 17 January 2014

I am trying to determine more on the parents of Joseph S. Humphrey(s).
Born abt 1826 or 1836 (his census records jumped around with respect to his birth date).
Married Emily A. Bond
Died 1900-1910

Marriage record identifies parents as Richard and Rebecca. But that is the only reference. He might have been in the civil war. I never found census records in 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870.

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