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Gerald Baughman 19 December 2007

I'm looking for information on the parents of Asa Thompson. He lived from September 9, 1853, to October 15, 1943. Asa, his wife Nancy Jane McBee, and son George are buried in the Mount Vernon Church cemetery in Barbour County. Children were Monzell, Lenora, George A., Ivy, Ethel, and Lula. Nancy Jane and the children and spouses were connected to the Elk City - Overfield area of the county so the family possible lived there.

Gale Read 29 November 2007

I am researching Frances Read, born 1812, who I think is the twin of Francis H. Read. I have a lot of info on the brother, who moved to Iowa. The last I can find on Frances is the census of Barbour County, 1850. She is living with her mother, Ara Read, and is 38 years old. If she ever married it is after that time. I have a reference to the name 'Perrell' but that is not a verified spouse. Any assistance you can give me would be greatly appreciated, and I will take it to the next step. Thank You, Gale Read

Ann Sligar 27 November 2007

I am looking for information on Mary Margaret Auvil b.1852 in Valley Furnace d. 1931 married to William Henry Harrison Shaffer b.24 Sep 1846 d. 28 Aug 1901.

They would be my paternal great grandparents.

Thank you. Ann Sligar

Cathy S. Phillips 19 November 2007

I have a Elmina Poling born 1851 who married Lewis Clark Phillips. Elmina's parents are Martin Poling and Jane (I have from one source she was a Kittle. However, I believe she may be Jane Mariah Phillips, daughter of Absalom Phillips and Susannah Kittle Phillips. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you, Cathy

Sherry Osman 19 November 2007

I'm descended from Angus and Daisy (her father was Tilbury Orndorf) Walker who seem to be descended from the Brills, Godloves and McKeevers (Hugh, I believe). Could you give me any clues as to how I can find out more info? I know where Tilbury and Daisy are buried, (Wardensville Cemetary) but prior to them I seem to hit a dead end. Sincere thanks, Sherry Osman

Ernest Bennett 15 November 2007

I would like to locate the Bennett cemetery where my great father, Elam Bennett is buried. The cemetery was owned by La Ju Cross in 1979.

Stephen Brinkman 8 November 2007

Henry and Zaharia Talbott were from Barbour County West Virginia. They had a son named Gideon, who was born on March 18, 1853 in Barbour County West Virginia. Gideon also had a brother J.B. Talbott and sister Dora (Channel) Talbott who lived in West Virgina at the time of his death, April 24, 1934. Zaharia (Martin) Talbott could have been called Sarah.

The family moved to Kewanna, Indiana when Gideon was in his teens......Looking for more information.

Mary Byron 8 October 2007

I am researching my g,g,g, grandfather, Middleton SMITH of Hampshire Co. VA. He was married to Leah WILLIAMS, in Hampshire Co. on 13 Dec 1808. Leah Williams was the daughter fo Thomas S. Williams, a Revolutionary War ancestor.

Middleton and Leah (Williams) Smith with their nine children moved to Bond County, Illinois in 1831 or !832. They traveled from VA to Illinois with several other families, the Keyes (Keys), Striders, Halls, and Foucke. and Stubblefields, who were from the Hampshire co. area. These families were all related by marriage to the Smith's children later.

I am looking for a connection of Middleton Smith to the sale of property, which he inherited from his parent, William Smith, or the sale of property from his grandparent, William Middleton. I need a copy of any land transaction deed, or will that connects these men.

The records show that Middleton and Leah's children
  1. William S. Smith, b. 15 Aug 1810, in Hampshire Co. VA, married Amanda M. Hall in VA.
  2. Thomas W. Smith, b. 31 Aug 1812, in Hampshire Co. VA, married Charlotte Foucke
  3. John A. Smith, b.12 Dec 1813, in Hampshire Co. VA, married Sarah Jane Stubblefield
  4. Jane M. Smith, b. 11 Oct 1815, in Morgan Co. VA, married John Strider Hall.
  5. Samuel Smith, b. about 1817, in Morgan Co. VA.
  6. Isaac Milton Smith, 11 Nov 1818, in Morgan Co. Va, married Ellen Kirk McCormick.
  7. Mary Ann Smith, b.24 June 1820 in Morgan Co. VA married Su;vester Holcolmb.
  8. Ellen L. smith, b. 1822, in Morgan Co. VA.
  9. Joshua Middleton Smith, b. 1824 in Morgan Co. VA.
These births were all recorded in Bond County, Illinois Biographical History. I am looking for some land record, deed, transfer of estate of William Smith to Middleton Smith in the 1830 -1831 time period.

William Middleton is a grandfather to William Smith on his mother's side. If you find any information on William Middleton in a land deed, record, or other bibical record, please send this too.

Please if you are able to find this information please send to me at: Thank you for your help, and send the cost of copies and research to me at the e-mail address above. Mary

James E. Thornhill 6 October 2007

Do you have any idea who would have posted an inquiry, or how I might contact the person posting an inquiry about John Steuart, friend of George Washington and about Piedmont Plantation on Ancestry Message Boards [ Steuart ] in July. I posted a request on the board for the person to email me, about 36 hours after the inquiry and have had no response.

I am aware that grand children or g grand children of William STEUART of Highland Co. VA who descended from William by as many as three lines were in Barbour Co. at one time.

Sheri Krumenacker and I are probably best qualified to answer the inquirer. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to give in finding an email address for the inquirer.
Regards, James E. Thornhill ( Ed ), Lynchburg VA

Donald A. Dale 30 September 2007

Looking for info on Joseph THOMPSON married to Sarah Jones BOLTON abt. 1841. Sarah had been married to James BOLTON and had 2 known children: Richard, born about 1834 and James M., born about 1837. She had 2 known children with Joseph: Andrew Jackson THOMPSON, born Nov 1, 1841 and Clarissa THOMPSON born abt. 1843.

Joseph died between 1843 and 1850 as he isn't with them in the 1850 census. She later married John Black POLING and had a son, Josiah.

Andrew Jackson THOMPSON married Ocie ENGLAND and had abt. 9 children. Clarissa married David KELLEY and had abt. 9 children. Any info would be appreciated.

F. Susan Leader 5 September 2007

I am attempting to find birth records for a Roger Donald SIMMONS dob:27 May 1953 - Elkins, W.Va.

Also any informantion on his grandfather: Edward H. SIMMONS dob:(approx) March 1874 Gilmer County, WV dod:(approx.) July 1928 - Mill Creek, Randolph County,WV. He was married twice. First wife, Monnie MARTENEY and second wife, Russie.

I have reached a dead-end for both of these relatives. Anything you might be able to find would be a god-send.
Thank you so much,
F. Susan Leader, Winter Springs, Florida

Joaquina Zacharias 26 August 2007

Barbara Gillispie must have changed email address, as the following message bounced:
Hi Barbara, saw your query at Rootsweb. Although I too am researching Simpson ancestors, I don't yet have the answers you seek. But can you tell me when Charles Simpson married Lona L. Proudfoot, and when each of them died? thanks
Need a current e-mail address for Barbara Gillispie, can anyone help?

Robert Wallace 24 July 2007

Was Randolph County in the Old Augusta County VA?

Bonnie R. Barlow 17 July 2007

I am looking for the cemetery where Anthony James & Harriett Pitzer SMITH are buried. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bonnie

Linda Armstrong 6 July 2007

I am looking for information on Evelyn Virginia FREY, born January 24, 1923 in Barbour County. Father was Hugh M. FREY. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Linda

Nita Drummond Cragg 3 July 2007

Searching for information about Willis J. DRUMMOND who represented Barbour county in the state senate in 1868-69. His name shows up online in the POLITICAL GRAVEYARD with no other information. I want to know if he is the same Willis J. DRUMMOND born January 14,1832 in Fauquier county, Virginia; moved with his family to Harrison county, Virginia (WV)in 1848; and died February 16,1932, place unknown.

Jodie.L.Everson 25 June 2007

I was just wondering if anyone knows where I could find old photos of the Point Pleasant School House or what used to be a little old mining town called Knobtown, it's located out Point Pleasant Road behind the Barbour County Fairgrounds.

Betty Pickett 19 May 2007

My Henry THOMPSON is listed in the 1820 census in Harrison County. There are records of him acquiring land in Harrison County which may have become Barbour County after that county was formed. It is believed that he was born around 1770. One of his sons, Henry died in Barbour County and I would like to acquire his death certificate as well as his father's if it is available. The son, Henry's death is recorded and one record lists his occupation as a priest and the census never indicated that.

U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index Record
My aim is to find evidence of the origin of this branch of the Thompson family and they seem many as well as from England, Scotland or Ireland.

Any help appreciated.

Elizabeth Marshall 18 May 2007

I am working on my family tree. My great grandfather, William H. BEAM, was a marble and stone mason who worked in the construction of the Barbour Co. Courthouse.

We have no pictures of William H. BEAM and wonder if you would have access to photos of the workmen working on the courthouse. Even a group picture would be fine as my 90 yr. old great uncle could readily identify his father.

Appreciate any help in this search. Elizabeth Marshall

Joyce Snell 29 April 2007

Seeking info on Celia REGER, daughter of Abram REGER, who married George SIMON(S) in 1837. They later moved on to Missouri. Celia's mother was Leah Ann BRAKE REGER. Have traced George and Celia to 1870 in Linn Co, MO, then they vanished, most likely passed on . . . but where buried???
Joyce Snell

F. Philip Right 23 April 2007

I am looking for any information on Arnold RIGHT, b 1830 who married Elizabeth HAYES. Together they had 12 children, one of which, William Warren was my g-grandfather. Arnold was possibly born out of wedlock.

Mary Ellen Pearce 16 April 2007

I'm interested in finding Dianna F. COFF who died some time after 1910, would like to find a death on her family. Mary E. 27 March 2007

I am looking for information on Naomi KELLER, born in 1884, daughter of Asa KELLER and Edith PHILLIPS. Looking for information on her death and where she is buried. She was married to Thomas ISNER.

Also any information on James Thomas ANDERSON who was married to Ivy Myrtle KELLER and the first wife of Asa KELLER who is Sarah KELLER. They were married on 23 Dec 1875, two daughters were born, Martha and Flora, can find no info on Flora. Sarah died shortly after the last daughter was born.

Laura Riley 21 March 2007

* WHO: Lilace DAMON, Squire MORRISON
* WHAT: Looking for marriage record confirming marriage date. Also looking to see if record contains names of Lilace Damon's parents and Lilace Damon's birthplace.
* WHEN: May 17, 1881
* WHERE: Barbour County
* WHY, HOW: Squire's father was William McKendra MORRISON, decendant of Alexander and Archibald Morrison family.

Gail McMaster 11 March 2007

Looking for Benjamin F. BOLEY b. Virginia c.1840; Served in 7th Cavalry W.V. Ashby's Regiment under Capt. Sheetz Co. F (Confederate). Later reassigned to 12th W. V. Cavalry (Confederate). Found him on 1870 Census but nothing after that. Does anyone know this man and where he went. Also, any relation to a Pinkney WARD, or the CROWE family. Does anyone have any pictures of him that I might see? Thanks!

Robert Walton Wilson, Jr. 26 February 2007

I am looking for William Blake WILSON who was born on June 8, 1811 somewhere in Virginia or West Virginia, depending upon the region was split up into the two different states.

His family moved to Kentucky when William was young (5 years old or so is my guess). His mother and father passed away in Kentucky and William went to Indiana where he was raised to manhood by his grandparents.

If this story sounds familiar, please contact me at

Larry Bartlett 25 February 2007

In an Internet search for F. C. Frymier, I found a 1999 "Barbour County Queries" post from Diane Huyer. If she can be located after all these years, I have a relevant Frymier genealogy and old photos that I'd be happy to forward. Thanks, Larry Bartlett, Parkersburg

Neva Adams 23 February 2007

I'm looking for any descendants of James and Mary ENGLE HEATHERLY. I descend through their daughter Sarah Amanda HEATHERLY who married Charles BARNES in Woods County, VA in 1870. She is sometimes listed with an M. as a middle initial. Thanks!

Joyce Heigel 21 February 2007

Hi, I am looking for the burial site of my gg grandfather, Philip HOFFMAN. He died at home, in Barbour Co., WV Jan 9, 1879. I do not know that he was buried in Barbour Co, but that seems to be a starting point. His parents were Baptists; I have no idea about Philip's religion, or place of worship. He was married twice, the first wife died; he is not buried beside her. He left a widow and they are not buried together.

Thanks, Joyce Hoffman (Lyons) Heigel

Margaret Meyett 21 February 2007

I'm looking for information on Edward PRITCHARD and his family who lived in the Bellington/Clarksburg area in the 1800's. My great grandfather was the son of Edward PRITCHARD, Jr. His name was Watson PRITCHARD.

Janet Poling Toth 10 February 2007
Mt Vernon Cemetery

I need an address for Mt. Vernon Cemetery (custodian?) or someone to whom a veteran's marker may be shipped for placement on my father's grave, Wm.Obed Poling. The form for ordering this marker will not accept a P.O. Box address. The form asks for the SIGNATURE of the person who will receive this marker at the address of the "business."

Stanton Barbour Bullock 6 February 2007

My grandfather was William Stanton BARBOUR. I believe his grandfather was Robert Kennedy BARBOUR. I am wondering if we are related to the Barbours of Barbour County

Charlene Mitchell 29 January 2007

WHAT: More birth/location information needed as well as who his parents were if possible.
WHEN: (b abt 1798 Barbour County as per the "History of Ritchie County" book by Minnie Lowther), Marriage to Margaret LOWTHER in 1820 in Harrison County
WHERE: Barbour County, Ritchie County, Harrison County, W VA
WHY, HOW: I have located only records stating the marriage of William L. MITCHELL to Margaret LOWTHER. No other information on him, only Margaret. Also that they had 8 children: William, Virginia, Mary, Madison, Robert, Lafayette, Margaret and Cyrus (my great great grandfather).

Does anyone have any further information? thanks!
Charlene Mitchell

Ray Chester 24 January 2007

Philip ? COONTZ b.1762? d.1856? m. Barbara BARNHOUSE or Barbara ? RHYMER

David ? COONTZ b.1800? VA d.1868? TN m.1830 Sarah McCLANNAHN b.1806 TN d.1855 TN

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