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Donald Tenney 11 December 2008

Flora Dell Reed CHAPMAN was my great grandmother. She was born in 1866 and died in 1897. She was married to Richard Chapman and they lived in Elk city. He is buried with his second wife at the cemetery there. I am looking for information as to where Flora is buried. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you...dt

Janet Laciano 2 October 2008

I am looking for birth certificates or census records and death certificates, obituaries or cemetary records for my greatgrandparents in order to prove decendency from John Hart, Declaration of Independence signer. I believe that William Bull BAKER II was born between 1862 and 1864 and died on August 22,1959 in Belington, Barbour County and that Rhoda FINDLEY was born on June 18, 1873 and died around 1903 or 1904 in Barbour County. There is a Missouri 1880 census record (ZCensus 1880: MO: Scotland Co.: Union Twp: Page 199D) for Rhoda Findley cited on the Chenoweth family geneology web-site, The book, The Harts of Randolph written by Katherine Hart Frame, on page 321, cites the Barbour County Marriage Records, Bk.3, pg.306 as stating that Rhoda Findley, age 22, married March 6, 1895, at Francis Findley's, William Bull Baker, age 31, both born in Barbour Co.

Other information that might be useful: William Bull Baker II's parents were William Bull Baker I and Mollie MOATS and Rhoda Findley's parents were Francis Findley and Minerva McLEAN. I think that they lived and died in Barbour County and that Francis Findley is buried in the Chenoweth Cemetary in Barbour Co. Rhoda and William Baker had two children, my grandfather, Lyndell Orion Baker Sr, born Dec. 10, 1895 and DeAna Baker Nagel.

I remember visiting my greatgrandfather in 1958 or 1959 when I was 3 or 4; in fact, it is my earliest memory. He lived in a house in Belington which my mother thinks he built himself and he was a school teacher. I believe he taught in or close to Belington. I would appreciate any help you can give me.
Thank you. Janet Laciano

Scott Mayle 22 September 2008

I am interested in purchasing any books published by Bernard Mayhle. If you have a copy you would be willing to part with, please contact me.

Nancy Miller 13 September 2008

We are searching for our native american ancestors in that area. The surname is Goss. Any recommendations?
Thanks in advance, Nancy Miller

Martha Payne Tucker 3 August 2008

I am working on my family tree and was wondering if you could help me. Below is what I know; I am having trouble tracing back from Frank E. Payne. My father:
John Gardner Payne b. March 5, 1921 (in Clarksburg, I think) d. 2000 in Alexandria, VA (married Jeanne LeGendre in 1943)
His father:
John Edward Payne, M.D. b. 1898 (Harrison Co.) d. 1953 in Arlington, VA (married Ruby Smith in WVA)
His father:
John Bosworth Payne, M.D. b. Dec. 31, 1871 (Philippi) d.?? (married Sallie Corpening in 1896. She died in 1911; then he married Eulainne Strove in 1912)
His father:
Frank E. Payne b??? d??? (married Virginia Simon of Loudoun Co. VA) This is where I reach a roadblock.
Please contact me at my email address -- also, let me know if you need any further information. Maybe I can dig some up.
Thanks very much. Martha Payne Tucker

Emmitt J Taylor 26 July 2008

This family of John and Elizabeth-Fitzwater Valentine left WVA in the 1890's and settled in Austin Arkansas. They were my family..great grandparents with my grandfather and uncles and aunts. Can anyone find a census report on them. Thanks so much Emmitt Taylor Sacramento California
Note from M.Lew: Emmitt, I found the marriage of John and Elizabeth in the Barbour County Marriages book: Valentine, J. C. and Fitzwaters, Elizabeth 8 April 1867. I do not have the 1870 Census but you may be able to consult it and the 1880 for information.

Bobbe Ernzer 29 May 2008

I have a death certificate for Henry Howard White b 05/19/1885 died 4/20/1947 in Philippi. certificate #3988. It shows Henry married to Jessie Lewis at the time. Henry was my grandfather and he was married to Bessie McGowan and lived in Clarksburg. He worked for the Galloway mine, parents listed as Arch White and Anna Jane Fansler. My version of the family history does not show anything about Jessie, but I was told that Bessie remarried so there must have been a divorce. Guess I wasn't told the whole story and it makes sense as divorce was a dirty word in my family. Anything on Henry and/or Bessie would be helpful. They had 2 sons Henry F and Willianm G (my dad).
Thanks, Bobbe

Denise Stewart 16 May 2008
The Western Waters: Early Settlers of Eastern Barbour County (WV)

I'm looking for a copy of the book "The Western Waters: Early Settlers of Eastern Barbour County (WV)" authored by Violet Gadel Coontz, published in 1991. Anyone with a copy available for purchase, please advise! Thanks so much. Denise

Donald Tenney 13 May 2008
Lance Cemetery

I am looking for the location of theLance Cemetery on Big Run Road. in Barbour County. Thank you

Karla Lowman 12 May 2008

My great great grandfather Elias Pitzer born around 1869, lived in Cove WV according to Federal census records. His wife was Lucinda Nestor. I'm looking for information about the parents of Elias.

Ann Sligar 21 April 2008

Would you have information about:
William Henry Harrison Shaffer b. 24 Sep 1846 on Mt. Pifer near Valley Furnace, Barbour Co.WV
married to
Mary Margaret Auvil b. 22 Feb 1852 at Valley Furnace, Barbour County, WV

children were:
E. Brown,
Dona Marcilla,
Journey Bradford,
Porter D. and
Ruby Alta Shaffer.
Thank you. Ann

Sandy Hall 2 April 2008

I have ancestors that were married in Randolph Co. West Virginia July 12, 1810. I found a list of Randolph marriages while researching my family. The names are Hezekiah Bussey and Fanny Knotts. I believe that Fanny's last name is Cross and not Knotts. Hezekiah was born in Virginia in 1789 and his father was John Bussey. Family papers say that his father was born in England and came to the U.S. before the Revolution and settled in Virginia. Hezekiah had a brother, John, who was killed in the War of 1812, and sisters, Mary, who married a Black from Virginia and Annie, who married Benjamin Ashby. I am trying to locate information on Hezekiah's father, John, and his unknown wife.
Thanks for any help, Sandy Hall

William (Jerry) Robinson 2 April 2008

I am looking to purchase the book on the Proudfoot Family of Barbour County, West Virginia. There were only 400 copies printed and it's impossible to find. I am willing to pay for a copy.
William (Jerry) Robinson
6138 Rohrersville Road
Boonsboro, MD 21713-2749
Robby1938 @

William (Jerry) Robinson 2 April 2008
Taylor Drain Cemetery

I am one of the Trustees of the Taylor Drain Cemetery in Barbour Co. I have a 1933 list of those people buried at Taylor Drain. I am looking for photos of the old Methodist Church which once stood there and information such as birth certificates, death certificates or any information that relatives may wish to share for an upcoming book on The Taylor Drain Cemetery. Also we are looking for help in the renovation of the cemetery.
William (Jerry)Robinson
6138 Rohresville Road
Boonsboro, MD 21713-2749
Robby1938 @

Charlotte Spencer 1 April 2008

Sylvia Antel, born in Phillipi, WV in 1898, I am having a hard time trying to find anything on her family living/dying in the area.

Ellen Jenkins 5 March 2008

I am looking for the original owners and construction date for the two-story brick house located on the west side of the intersection of CR-92 and CR-9 in Meadowville. I am also interested in any history anyone has on this house. I am also researching two other vacant houses (one in Kirt and one along Koontz Hollow). If anyone can be of assistance, it would be greatly appreciated!

Jacqueline Willard 3 March 2008

Seeking information on my grandfather's family. Father-Dellie Grubb
Mother- Bertha B. Grubb
(son) - Lester Richard Grub (my grandfather) born on April 5, 1918. Had numerous brothers and sisters. His father had numerous children with other woman from what I have been told. Lester Grubb was born in County of Barbour, WV. We did not have the original birth certificate and was found in papers after my grandfather's death stating a copy was attained on September 15, 1941. He lived in WV till age of 15 - 16 years old and did not graduate high school. I would like get as much information on the Grubb Family as possible.

Arlene Little 3 March 2008

I am looking for information on my paternal grandmother. Her name was Mary CRITES born in Philippi, W.Va., 24 Aug 1902, died in Philippi 13 Oct 1975.

I know she was married to Ira PROUDFOOT and then Franklyn PHILLIPS. I also know she had two children with Ira PROUDFOOT: Camden and Marilyn.

Could you provide me with information on other children she may have had and if she had any siblings? Her parents were Marcellous CRITES and Savannah STRADER, both of West Virginia.

Thank you for any help you can provide to me.
Arlene Little

Peggy Myers 19 February 2008

On November 21, 2007, a query from Sharon Pearce was issued. I'm interested in contacting Her concerning this family. My 4 great grandmother is Marie Rachel Higgins Ray, daughter of Levi and Rachel Hannah Higgins. I'm most interest in finding out more on the children of this pair. If this is a liable source, I would welcome an e-mail from her. Thanks for your help.

Karen 13 February 2008

I am trying to find someone who may know of my GG-Grandfather, Col. Wellington HOLLEN, I have papers showing he married Elizabeth ZINN, on September 20, 1860, in Barbour County. This was his second marriage. If you or anyone knows of this ZINN family, please send me an email.
Thanks for your help..

Donna French 9 February 2008

My Name is Donna E (Mayle) French, I'm just looking for information for my family tree. My Father Was Donnie Lee Mayle His parents were: Gillespie & Laura Geneva (Pritchard) Mayle His Brothers are: Arlus E Mayle, Henry Dean Mayle, Bretsel Mayle, Charles Mayle, Laura Faye (Mayle) Cherrine. One 1/2 brother Raymond Mayle

Martha Payne Tucker 4 February 2008

I am the great-granddaughter of John BOSWORTH, MD of Barbour County. Does anyone know our lineage BEFORE John BOSWORTH? My father, John Gardner PAYNE, was John BOSWORTH's son, John Edward's, son. My late uncle, Edward Corpening PAYNE, was named after John BOSWORTH's first wife. I would love to hear from other PAYNEs related to John BOSWORTH.

Leigh Gatewood 7 January 2008

I am interested in seeing if anyone has a photo of William George Washington Price, brother of Isaac "no arms" Price, son of William Price. My father passed away last January 16th and he is a Price descendant. Isaac is the 2nd great grandfather to my father Paul Roger Price. In a cedar chest I found a civil war tintype of a soldier. He is a Union soldier and his markings are of a 1st Sergeant. William G W Price entered into the 15 West Virginia Infantry at this ranking. I would love to confirm the identity of this man. Although I am pretty sure it is Wm. GW Price, I would love to compare faces to the real ancestor. Thanks for all your help.

Robert Bonar 4 January 2008
Philippi Colored High School

I am looking for information regarding a black high school once operated in Philippi. The only thing I know about the school is that it was in operation as late as the 1939-40 school year, when it was listed as "Colored High School" in the state educational directory. I would appreciate any information (dates of operation, name of school, mascot and school colors). I would also like to hear from someone who knows the histories of Belington, Kasson, and Philippi high schools and may have pictures of them.

Diana W. 2 January 2008

looking for information on the Carr and Booth families. Emeline (Emiline) Carr, daughter of David Carr and Sarah ? born abt 1833 believed to be in Phillippi.

Emeline married Isaac Booth, also of Barbour county, born 1818

Monica Pratt 2 January 2008

My husbands great, great grandparents were supposed to have been married in Barbour Co on 3/25/1862. His name was Irving Dexter Pratt and hers was Rebecca Costilow. I am looking for verification of this information, and if listed any parents' names for Irving. I'm stuck on him in my research. I do know that he was born in 1838, either in Taylor, Barbour, or Marion Co. If you can provide any other assistance besides the marriage info, or maybe point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it! Thanks, Monica Pratt
Note from M.Lew: I find their marriage is recorded in Barbour County, the complete record may contain parent's names and other information:
Pratt, Irvin
Costlow, Rebecca 25 Mar 1862

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