The Descendants of
Samuel and Margaret (?Ramsey? ?Van Ort?) Cleavenger

By Ronald Cleavenger

This is part of a book I am writing on the Cleavenger/Clevenger families from Barbour County, West Virginia. I have been researching this information for the past 12-1/2 years. I can document everything in this; I hope this helps to clarify some of these families from Harrison (current day Barbour) County, Virginia (West Virginia).

Ronald L. Cleavenger, MD
21 Nordic Drive
Morgantown, WV 26505-3667



Many people have said that the progenitor of the Barbour County Cleavengers was "Edmund" Cleavenger. I believe this is based on a newspaper article on The Cleavenger Family History, written by Guy Cleavenger, that appeared in the Barbour Democrat (Philippi, WV) newspaper on 15 January, 1931, in which Guy states that Edmund is the progenitor; this has then been perpetuated by many since. There is absolutely no evidence that this is so! On the contrary, all of the court records point to this progenitor's name being "Samuel" Cleavenger. However, it is possible that his name was Edmund Samuel or Samuel Edmund Cleavenger. George R. Griffiths refers to the progenitor of the Barbour County Cleavengers as Edmon Clevenger (38). I shall refer to him as Samuel Cleavenger (c. 1760 - c. Sep 1803) for the reasons I am about to delineate in the following paragraphs. I have estimated his birth year from the age of his oldest known son's birth year, i.e., 1780, and assumed that Samuel was about 20 years old at the time of the birth of this son, Miner Cleavenger.

There are several theories as to who the parents of Samuel Cleavenger are, but they remain unknown. Some of these theories are:

  1. In the George Griffiths book, he speculates that his parents might be any of the following: William and Mary (Asson) Clevenger or John and Hannah (Baker) Clevenger.

  2. Others in referring to the Guy Cleavenger newspaper article, say "Edmond's (Samuel's) father was John Cleavenger, who was married twice.

  3. Ella Virginia Dobbins, a great-great grandaughter of Edmond Clevenger, says this (in 2 above) Edmond's brothers were Asa, John, George, and Joseph and that the latter John's father was George Cleavenger, who was married to Sarah Hadden, and died in 1690's leaving two sons (underage)."

    Now, I do not know the source of her info, but I think all of her line is not probable as the lines from the Griffiths Book above would indicate that this line would be George (b.c.1654) his son John (b.c. 1678) Edmond ("Samuel") (b.c. 1760), which would make John about 82 years old when Edmond ("Samuel") was born; this is possible, but not very probable! Now it is also possible that she had heard from her ancestors some of the info about the person whom, she thought was Edmund, that his siblings were Asa, John, George, and Joseph.Thus George and Deliverance (Horner) Cleavenger could be his parents.

  4. My personal suspicion based on what is known of the geography of what was then Frederick County, VA, and all that it encompassed, is that Samuel and Asa lived south of Winchester, VA, toward Shenandoah County, VA, whereas the other Cleavengers in Frederick County, VA, tended to live north and west of Winchester. However, in Griffiths (Note numbers in parentheses are numbers assigned these individuals by Griffiths), there is a Samuel Clevenger (15) b.c. 1750 NJ/VA?, a brother of William Clevenger (14) b.c. 1747, who married Francis Acker, and a s/o William Clevenger (6) b. c. 1710. Further when discussing William Clevenger (14), Griffiths states that some have suggested that this William was born c. 1757, not c. 1747. If that were true, then Samuel Cleavenger (15) possibly was born c. 1760 and not c. 1750. Then, he certainly could fit the Samuel Cleavenger under consideration in this treatise.
What makes this latter possibility more intriguing is that if William (14) and this Samuel (15) are indeed brothers, it would seem that both families left Frederick County, VA, about the same time. Griffiths suggests that William Cleavenger's family was in Frederick County, VA, in 1803, and in Ross County, OH, in 1804. Samuel Cleavenger died in Frederick County, VA, c. Sep 1803, with his wife Margaret being appointed executrix of his estate. The appraisement of the estate was completed on 5 Dec 1803., with the appraisers being William Harnot, Robert Whitaker, and Moses McKay. Margaret appears in the 1810 Harrison County, VA, census, age > 45, with three sons, who would be William, Edmund, and Samuel; she is listed as living next to her son Miner, who married in Harrison County in 1809; the other son David married in Monongalia County, VA, also in 1809, and is in the 1810 Monongalia County Census as David Clovinger.These five boys, "Miner, William, David, Edmund, and Samuel" are listed as "heirs of Samuel" in a land record in Harrison County, VA, dated 15 Jul 1805; this land totaled 98 acres on "the right hand fork of Simpson's Creek".

One thing that is intriguing about a possible Samuel and Asa connection is that, in Samuel's estate settlement mentioned above, one of the appraisers was a Moses McKay and in Griffiths' Book, in discussing the three land transactions involving Asa Cleavenger, Griffiths says, "On 6 April 1801 Asa Hankins and Ann his wife of Frederick Co. to Asa Cleavinger of Frederick Co. for 500 lbs. Va. money ... Witnesses were Moses McKay (my boldness) and Isaac Painter. From these two records, Moses McKay is involved and could indicate that Asa and Samuel probably lived in reasonably close proximity to each other.

There is a biographical sketch of one of Samuel Cleavenger's grandsons, namely John C. Cleavenger, in which he states that his:

"paternal grandfather (unnamed in this source, but would be Samuel) was born and raised in Winchester,Virginia. He married there and had a family of six sons (only five are known by name, these being the ones in the above land record) and one daughter, and was killed by a runaway team. His widow took their children and came to Simpsons creek in what was then Harrison County, bought a farm of 100 acres and lived there until her death."
Comments in parentheses are mine (RC).
This information coincides with the land record mentioned above; this account was written in the late 1880's and is closer in time than the Guy Cleavenger Barbour Democrat newspaper article. Miner Cleavenger's death record in 1873, lists his father as "Samuel"; This information was provided by James F. Cleavenger, Miner's son; presumably he, James F. Cleavenger, who was only 42 years old at that time and presumably not prone to senility, should know his grandfather's name.

Margaret Cleavenger is said to have been Margaret Ramsey and possibly the widow of John Vanort. I haven't been able to prove or disprove this supposition. Thus this family left Frederick County, VA, between Dec, 1803, and Jul, 1805. Margaret presumably died between 1810 and 1820, as she is in the former Census, but not in the latter, unless she was living with Lydia, wherever she went; all the known sons were still in Harrison County, VA, in 1820, and thus Lydia would be the only logical other person, with or near whom Margaret would be living in 1820, if she were still alive.

Possibly the families of William (14) and the descendants of Samuel (15) deceased, traveled together (Note- numbers in parenthesis are identification numbers from Griffiths' book). It is believed from family tradition that Samuel was a teamster, and thus traveled over the mountains bringing other families to the lands west of the Allegheny Mountains. It is conceivable that William could have accompanied him on some of these treks. If so, then it is logical that William would be the leader of the two families, having been familiar with the territory. Possibly, Margaret, a female (and thus not as adventuresome--not meant as a sexist remark!) may have opted to stay in what is current day Barbour County, WV, and not go on West with William to Ross County, OH; the farther West one ventured at that time, the more likely one was to have possible Indian trouble!

The known children of 1) Samuel and 2) Margaret Cleavenger were:

*3) Miner Cleavenger 10 Apr 1780 - 13 Nov 1873
*4) Lydia Cleavenger b.c. 1782 -
*5) David Cleavenger b.c. 1784 - bet. 1840-1855
*6) William Cleavenger b.c. 1785 -
*7) Edmund Cleavenger b.c. 1789 - d.c. 1848-49
*8) Samuel Cleavenger b.c. 1789 - 3 Mar 1860

From the above mentioned West Virginia Heritage article, there is possibly another child:

*9) ?? Male Cleavenger b.c. ??? and would apparently have been married or deceased or not in Harrison County, VA, area in 1810, as known children are accounted for in this census.

One male child that some people have tried to tie in to this family is Edward Cleavenger of Greene County, PA, which is adjacent to current-day Monongalia County, WV. I do not believe that this Edward is a sibling of Miner, etc., above for the following reasons:

  1. According to Griffiths, he was born 13 Jul 1798, and thus by the 1810 Census, would only have been 12 years old.

  2. If he belongs, it is unlikely that he, at age 12, would be "on his own;" and thus one would expect him to be at least living with either his mother or one of her children's families, if for some reason Margaret couldn't take care of him.

  3. Miner, David, and Margaret do not have any children with them, who would age-wise fit for Edward.

  4. It is possible that he could be one of the two male children with Lydia (Cleavenger) Johnston in the 1810 Frederick County VA, Census, listed as age 10-16, if indeed this is the correct Stephen Johnston family. A Lydia Cleavenger and Stephen Johnston were married in Frederick County, VA, by a marriage bond dated 11 Nov 1797, with a surety by Jacob Anderson. Unless Lydia had a child out of wedlock, who kept the Cleavenger name instead of using Johnston, then I don't see how Edward Cleavenger would be in this family! Another source states that Lydia married a William Bartlett, but more on that in the future.

  5. One further point is that it is unlikely that there was a child named Edmund and another named Edward in the same family, unless they were twins, which does not seem likely from the birth years of these two individuals, which are approximately 9-10 years apart!

I certainly think it is logical that these families are somehow related given their proximity to each other; their locations, Greensboro, Greene County, PA, and what is current day Galloway, Barbour County, WV, at that time being separated by only about 50 miles!

3b) Sarah Elizabeth CLEAVENGER, a d/o Minor & Elizabeth (Goodwin) Cleavenger, was born c. 1812 in Harrison County, VA, and died c. 1859, possibly during childbirth. She was married in Harrison County, VA, on 6 Jan 1834 to Silas Josiah BARTLETT; the marriage bond, which is dated 4 Jan 1834, also lists name as Sarah. George R. Griffiths says name was Elizabeth and that she married Silas Bartlett. A letter by Chasteen Cleavenger to William F. Clevenger of Sommers Point, NJ, in 1910, says that her name was Elizabeth and she married Silas Bartlett and had two sons and two daughters, with one son George Bartlett residing at Simpson, WV, in 1910. Silas Josiah Bartlett was born 5 Apr 1811 in Harrison County, WV, and died on 14 Jan 1895, in Taylor County, WV. He is buried at the Simpson Baptist Cemetery at Simpson, WV, in Taylor County; it is unknown where Sarah Elizabeth (Cleavenger) Bartlett is buried, but presumably in Taylor County, where her spouse was residing and was subsequently buried. Sarah is in the 1850 Barbour County Census, listed as Sarah, age 38, with Josiah, age 39, and some of their children. Sarah is not listed in the 1860 Census, but Josiah, age 51, is listed in Taylor County, VA, living with his son George's in-law's, W.S. and Sally Bartlett; also in this household is listed a Catherine Bartlett, age 68, a widow. One source says that Silas Josiah was a son of William and Lydia (Cleavenger) Bartlett; however, when Josiah remarried in Taylor County in 1861, to Sarah Anne PAYNE, age 46, d/o Daniel G. & Sarah Payne; his parents are listed as "James and Catherine Bartlett." Thus, the above Catherine, in the 1860 Taylor County Census, was presumably his mother, who from this record was born about 1792; if her name was Lydia Catherine or Catherine Lydia and her spouse was James William or William James Bartlett, then she could fit age-wise for the 4) Lydia CLEAVENGER, the d/o Samuel and Margaret Cleavenger; thus maybe she is not the Lydia Cleavenger marrying to the Stephen Johnston in the preceding chapter of this work or Stephen Johnston died shortly after the 1810 Census, with Lydia remarrying fairly quickly, for Josiah to have been born in 1811. Josiah Bartlett's will was probated on 1 Apr 1895, names wife Anne, sons, George W. and Granville P. Bartlett, daughter, Mary Catherine Bailey, and a granddaughter, Sarah J. Bartlett. Sarah Anne (Payne) Bartlett's tombstone says Sarah Payne Bartlett 27 Sep 1828-8 Aug 1887 and she is buried near, but not beside Josiah at Simpson Cemetery.

The children of Silas Josiah Bartlett and Sarah Elizabeth (Cleavenger) Bartlett were:

*3b.1) Elizabeth Bartlett 13 Nov 1834 - 2 Jan 1853
*3b.2) Granville Peter Bartlett 6 Jul 1837 - 8 Apr 1917
*3b.3) Mary Catherine Bartlett 1840 - May 1908
*3b.4) George W. Bartlett 16 May 1842 - 29 Nov 1910
*3b.5) Adolphus J. Bartlett 14 Jan 1855 - 24 Jan 1857
*3b.6) Emery Bartlett b.c. 1859 - d.c. bef 1880??



5) David CLEAVENGER, the second son, and third child of Samuel and Margaret (??Ramsey ?? Vanort) Cleavenger, was born c. 1784 in Frederick County, VA. He was married in Monongalia County, VA, by Rev. Joshua Hickman, on 20 Dec 1809, to Elizabeth "Betsy" BARTLETT, born c. (?) 1784-1787, in Harrison County, VA, a d/o Thomas and Sarah Bartlett. David and "Betsy" sold in 1819, in Harrison County, VA, their share of the land, that David along with his brothers, had inherited from his father. Between 1820 and 1830, David and Betsy left Harrison County, and went "West" to what is current day Tyler County, WV (then Wood County, VA). It is unknown when or where he died, but he appears in the 1840 Wood County, VA, Census; I can find neither he nor Betsy in the 1850 Census in what is now West Virginia; however, Elizabeth Cleavenger, a widow, age 68, and born Harrison County, VA, a d/o Thomas Bartlett, was remarried in Tyler County, VA, on 4 Aug 1855, to George R. McGeorge, a widower and son of Thomas, born about 1785, in Scotland. Thus David died between the 1840 Census and 1855, when his spouse remarried. I do not know where or when Elizabeth "Betsy" (Bartlett) Cleavenger McGeorge died; even though George McGEORGE had a large family by his first spouse, I cannot find any McGeorge's in the 1860 Census in what is now West Virginia; thus, presumably, they left West Virginia between 1855 and 1860. In the 1810 Monongalia County Census, Elizabeth is listed as age 26-<45; this would make a birth year of c. 1784; however, when she remarried in 1855, she is listed as age 68, which would yield a birth year of c. 1787, and this would make her about age 23, in 1810.

The children of David and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Bartlett) Cleavenger were:

*5a) Male Cleavenger b.c. 1810 -
*5b) Sarah Cleavenger b.c. 1810 -
*5c) Samuel Cleavenger 20 Nov 1813 - d. Aft 1894
*5d) Thomas Cleavenger b.c. 1820 - 6 Dec 1878
*5e) Eda Cleavenger b.c. 1822 -
*5f) Eleanor Cleavenger 27 Sep 1825 - 23 Sep 1859
*5g) Male Cleavenger b.c. 1826



6) William CLEAVENGER, a s/o Samuel & Margaret (??Ramsey ?? Vanort) Cleavenger, was born about 1785, in Frederick County, VA, and on 12 Oct 1812, in Harrison County, VA, married Mary Ann "Polly" KNIGHT, who was born before 1794, a d/o James Knight. Mary Ann "Polly" (Knight) Cleavenger died before 1839, in Harrison County, VA, and was buried before 1839, in Harrison County, VA. She possibly died during childbirth of daughter Margaret, who from 1850 Census, was born c. 1822, and the fact that her spouse, William Cleavenger remarried on 1 Apr 1823, in Harrison County, VA, to Nancy SHIELDS. One source says William Cleavenger may have gone west to Wayne County, IL, where he appears in the 1830 Census. One problem with this is that Candee Hoff says he had a son, Daniel H. Cleavenger, who was born 15 Jan 1822, and died 28 Aug 1892; he would have probably had to have been a twin of Margaret Cleavenger, the daughter of William and "Polly" (Knight) Cleavenger; this is possible, but even less probable as another known child of William and "Polly" Cleavenger, i.e., Bailey Cleavenger, was born in Nov 1821, and it is not likely that the time frame between Bailey Cleavenger's birth and this Daniel H. Cleavenger's birth is sufficient, namely two months!

The children of William and Mary Ann "Polly" (Knight) Cleavenger were:

*6a) Mary Ann Cleavenger
*6b) Unknown Male Cleavenger b. aft 1815 -
*6c) Sally Cleavenger b. bef 1815 -
*6d) Margaret Cleavenger 16 Jun 1819 - 7 Sep 1855
*6e) Bailey James Cleavenger Nov 1821 - 19 Sep 1862

The Chasteen Clevenger letter Appendix A says William had one son and three daughters, all deceased by 1910.

There are, to this writer, no known children of William Cleavenger and Nancy (Shields) Cleavenger.



7) Edmund CLEVENGER, a s/o Samuel & Margaret (??Ramsey ?? Vanort) Cleavenger, was born c. 1789, presumably in Frederick County, VA. He was married in Harrison County, VA, on 15 Oct 1813, to Elizabeth KNIGHT, born c. 1790, in VA, a d/o Bailey Knight. Edmund Clevenger died in Barbour County, VA, near the end of 1848 or very early 1849, and was presumably therein buried. In his will are listed the following survivors: Elizabeth, his wife, sons- Thomas, Minor, Edmund, David, and John; daughters- Elizabeth Wright (w/o Harrison Wright) and Sarah Jenkins (w/o John Jenkins); and grandson- Elam, who was a son of John; witnessed by Bailey Cleavenger and others; spouse and son Thomas were appointed as executors of the will; listed as Edmund in this record. Elizabeth (Knight) Clevenger died between 1850 and 1860, presumably in Barbour County, VA(WV), unless she migrated out of the state during that time frame or remarried (there is no record for the latter event happening in WV), and is therein presumed buried.

The children of Edmund Clevenger and Elizabeth (Knight) Clevenger were:

*7.1) David Clevenger 11 Feb 1811 - 22 Oct 1899
*7.2) Jonathan Clevenger b.c. 1813/15 - 14 Feb 1885
*7.3) Edmond Clevenger, Jr. 9 Apr 1819 - 27 Mar 1894
*7.4) Elizabeth Clevenger 11 Mar 1820 - 23 Apr 1902
*7.5) Sarah "Sally" Clevenger b.c. 1825 - 23 Apr 1885
*7.6) Thomas Clevenger b.c. 1827 - 28 Jul 1896
*7.7) Miner Clevenger b.c. 1829 - d.aft. 1880



8) Samuel CLEAVENGER, Jr., a s/o Samuel & Margaret (??Ramsey ?? Vanort) Cleavenger, was born c. 1790, in Frederick County, VA, and on 27 Nov 1827, married to Comfort GOODWIN, born 14 Jan 1801, in Harrison County, VA, a d/o John & Elizabeth (Webb) Goodwin; note she was a sister of Elizabeth Goodwin, who married Miner Cleavenger, a brother of Samuel Cleavenger, Jr., as previously discussed. Samuel Cleavenger was a farmer, and for several years was a magistrate in Barbour County, VA, where he owned a 1400 acre farm; he died on 3 Mar 1860, in Barbour County, VA, and is buried in the Cleavenger Cemetery at Galloway, Barbour County, WV. His wife, Comfort died on 14 Jan 1889, presumably in Barbour County, WV, and is buried beside Samuel.

Their children were:

*8.1) John C. Cleavenger 3 Apr 1827 - 17 Dec 1917
*8.2) Sarah Cleavenger 23 Oct 1830 - 23 Dec 1923
*8.3) Margaret Cleavenger 25 Jan 1833 - 27 Jan 1899
*8.4) Chasteen Cleavenger 19 Jul 1835 - 12 Jul 1922
*8.5) Zadock Cleavenger 1 Jun 1838 - 8 Jun 1904
*8.6) George G. Cleavenger May 1841 - 5 Sep 1904

The Cleavenger Cemetery is located in Galloway, WV, in Barbour County. This is near where Samuel Cleavenger's wife Margaret brought the family in 1805, when they came from Frederick County, VA. Barbour County was part of Harrison County, VA, at that time (1805); it became a separate county in 1843, being formed from Harrison, Randolph, and Lewis Counties.

Appendix A

Chasteen Cleavenger Information from Dr. Sarah Clevenger

My grandfather was born in the area of Winchester, Virginia. I think his name was William, not sure. Married there. He was a teamster. Had team of six horses; scared at the side of the road, ran away, so injured him that he lived but a short time; his wife got him home, I think before he died. After he was buried at or near Winchester, my grandmother sold all the horses but two and with her five sons (William the oldest, about 18 at that time) came to Simpson's Creek in what was then Harrison County, Virginia, buying their farm and living on it until she died. The following were her sons:

Miner Cleavenger
William Cleavenger
David Cleavenger
Samuel Cleavenger, my father
Edmond Cleavenger

Very sorry indeed that I cannot give you a more complete record. Gladly give you any other information I may have at any time. Very respectively,

Chasteen Cleavenger
Flemington (RFD No. 2)
Simpson, W.Va.

Miner CLEAVENGER is my oldest uncle. Farmer. Married Elizabeth Goodwin, his first wife. Elizabeth his wife died Sep 21st 1820 in her 31st year.
To this union was born 4 boys and 1 girl:

1st son: Samuel Cleavenger, farmer born April 10, 1810, died June 16, 1899. His wife Kiziah (Cole) Cleavenger born Aug 14th, 1810 and died February 2d 1897. To this union was born 1 son and 3 daughters; the son James K. Cleavenger married and living. His address is Flemington, Taylor County, W.Va.

2nd son: John G. Cleavenger, farmer, was born July 31st 1813 and died Feb 27th 1894. His wife Elizabeth (Fleming) Cleavenger born Jun 14th 1814 and died July 2d 1894. To this union was born 5 sons and 4 daughters. Benjamin Cleavenger is son of J.G. Cleavenger. Married Minerva Newlon, living; address Philippi, Barbour County, W.Va. To this union was 4 sons and 3 daughters. 1st son U.S. Cleavenger married and living. Address Simpson, Taylor County, W.Va. The other three sons, Lon, Gordon, and Deaver Cleavenger; Address Philippi, Barbour County, W.Va. 2d son of J.G.C., Miner S. Cleavenger, single and lives in the west. 3rd son of J.G.C., Charles G. Cleavenger married and living. Address Flemington, Taylor County, W.Va. 4th son of J.G.C., Alonzo Cleavenger, single and living; address- Flemington, Taylor County, W.Va. 5th son of J.G.C., Ai Cleavenger, farmer, living and married; address- Flemington, Taylor County, W.Va. (RFD No. 2).

3rd son: Granison Cleavenger went west with family, married there and was living when I last heard from him.

4th son: George Cleavenger is twin brother of Granison C., went west, died, single.

Daughter of Miner Cleavenger: Elizabeth Cleavenger married Silas Bartlett had 2 sons and 2 daughters. One son of S. Bartlett living. George Bartlett. Address Simpson, Taylor County, W.Va.

MINER CLEAVENGER, my uncle, married Frankie Modisste for his second wife and to this union 3 sons were born, all died.

First son: Miner Cleavenger, farmer, married and had three sons. James Cleavenger married and lives in Randolph County, WV. 2d son Charles W. Cleavenger died married Minerva Bartlett, now living, address - Flemington, Taylor County, W.Va. 3d son Alonzo Cleavenger married Address - Grafton, Taylor County, W.Va.

Second son: Charles Cleavenger, died, married; has a son Charles Cleavenger, married and living; address - West Union, Doddridge County, W.Va.

Third son: Frank Cleavenger, died, married Arbanna (Fletcher) Cleavenger; living, address - Buckhannon, Upshur County, W.Va.

WILLIAM CLEAVENGER, my third uncle died, married a Knight. To this union was born 1 son and 3 daughters, all dead.

Son: Bailey Cleavenger married Liddie McDonald, both dead. Bailey Cleavenger has a son living, James Cleavenger, address- Spencer, Roane County, W.Va.

DAVID CLEAVENGER, my second uncle, farmer; married Elizabeth Bartlett, both died.

EDWARD CLEAVENGER, my 4th uncle, farmer, married Elizabeth Knight, both died. To this union 5 sons and 2 daughters.

1st son: David Cleavenger married Jemima Wright. Has son living, Samuel Cleavenger, address - Lawford, Ritchie County, W.Va.

2d son: John Cleavenger, farmer, married a Jenkins, both died. To this union were born 2 sons and 2 daughters. 1st son of John C., Elim Cleavenger, died, single. 2d son of John C., Granville Cleavenger, living, address - Flemington, Taylor County, W.Va. 1st daughter of John C., Ingaby Cleavenger, married Edward Costilow, both living, address- Flemington, Taylor County, W.Va. 2d daughter of John C., Elizabeth Cleavenger married Joseph McCauley, both living, address - Berryburg, Barbour County, W.Va.

4th son: Tom Cleavenger died, married a Marple who died and then he married Norah Kinney, his second wife now living, address - Flemington, Taylor County, W.Va.

5th son: Miner Cleavenger married Rebecca Adams, both died, has two daughters living and single, Jane and Elizabeth, their address is Flemington, Taylor County, W.Va.

My note (Ronald Lee Cleavenger)-- Chasteen omits the 3rd son of Edward, namely Edmund Cleavenger, who married Mary Reed, and died in Ritchie County, W.Va.

SAMUEL CLEAVENGER, my father, farmer, owned 1400 acres of land on Simpsons Creek, then Harrison County, now Barbour County, W.Va. died March 3d 1860 in the 71st year of his age, was born in Winchester, Virginia. Married Comfort Goodwin, who died June 23d, 1898, aged 88 years. This union was born 4 sons and 2 daughters.

1st son: John C. Cleavenger, farmer, living, address - Flemington, Taylor County, W.Va., married Elizabeth McDonald born March 7th 1824 died May 6th 1897. To this union was born 1 son Claget Cleavenger now dead and 3 daughters. 1st D. of J.C. Cleavenger, Canzada Cleavenger married George Post living, address - Jane Lew, Lewis County, W.Va. 2d D. of J.C.C., Rosalpha Cleavenger died married T.A. Law, now living, his address - Buckhannon, Upshur County, W.Va. 3d D. of J.C.C., Mary Virginia Cleavenger, living, married John M. Ross. Address - Flemington, Taylor County, W.Va.

2d son: Chesteen Cleavenger, farmer, living, born July 14th 1835, married Elizabeth Fleming March 13th, 1862. Elizabeth (Fleming) Cleavenger, his wife was born Oct. 9th, 1840 died Jun 6th, 1890. To this union 4 sonswere born all living. 1st son, Guy R. Cleavenger, single, farmer and living, born Jan 25th 1863. 2d son, Howard Cleavenger, farmer, living, married Annie B. Ross, born Oct 29th, 1864. 3d son, Samuel J. Cleavenger, living, teamster, born January 11th, 1873, single. 4th son, Eldon D. Cleavenger, living, single, born March 1st, 1877. Chesteen Cleavenger married the second time Rhoda A. Morris, November 24th, 1892, both living.

3d son: Zadock Cleavenger, farmer, born Jun 1st, 1838, died June 8th, 1904. married Susanna Cole; his wife Susanna Cleavenger died Seo 12th, 1887, age 46y 6m and 2 days. To this union 1 boy Odor Cleavenger, was born, living at Parkersburg, Wood County, W.Va. and 2 daughters, Aurena Cleavenger married Waitman Lake and lives at Simpson, Taylor County, W.Va.; the other daughter, Alsyona Cleavenger, single, living with sister Aurena Lake.

4th son: George G. Cleavenger, born about the year 1840 and died 1907. Married Mary Catherine Lake; his wife died June 28th, 1883, aged 46 years 2 months, and 26 days. To this union was born: 1st son, Curtis S. Cleavenger, living, address - Flemington, Taylor County, W.Va. 2d son, Orland Cleavenger, living, address - Rosebud, Montana. 3d son, Hayward Cleavenger, living, address - Gypsy, Harrison County, W.Va. 1st D., Comfort Cleavenger married J.D. Curry, address - Flemington, Taylor County, W.Va. 2d D., Abbie Cleavenger married Chester Yowell, living, address - Flemington, Taylor County, W.Va.

1st D.: Sarah Cleavenger, living, born Oct. 23 1831, married Webb G. Goodwin, born May 3, 1828, died March 24th, 1909. This union 1 son Cleophas Goodwin, living, married, address - Flemington, Taylor County, W.Va. 1st daughter, Lovernia Goodwin married Edward Cookman. 2d daughter Ellie Goodwin married (living) L.D. Lewis, address - Johnstown, Harrison County, W.Va. 3d daughter living, married Luther Morrow, address - Flemington, Taylor County, W.Va.

2d D.: Margaret Cleavenger was born on Simpsons Creek (then) Harrison County, Virginia, January 25th 1833, now barbour County, W.Va.. Married Abraham Talbott. Margaret Talbott, died. Her husband Abraham Talbott lives in Oklahoma. Abraham Talbott has a brother S.H. Talbott whose address is Flemington, Taylor County, W.Va., RFD No. 2."

This letter by Chesteen Cleavenger was sent to William F. Clevenger of Sommers Point, NJ, and was dated as received there on September 8, 1910.

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