Sand Run School, Barbour County

Sand Run School,
Barbour County
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Submitted by Diana Taylor

This is the Sand Run School in the late 1930's - my father and three of his four brothers are in the photo - we believe his fourth brother was to young to go to school yet - it helps date the photo that way

Teacher Wayne Phillips.
Back: (left to right) Flossie Lantz, Eloise Lantz, ? Leonard, unknown, ? Leonard, Durl DeLauder "Toby", unknown, Earl Delauder.

Middle: Francis Poling, Marilyn Lantz, ? Lantz, ? Digman, ? Leonard, ? Leonard, Ernie DeLauder.

Front: Conard Murphy, Paul "Dick" Delauder,? Davidson, ? Digman, Buddy Lantz (brother to Flossie Lantz.

Can you identify any of the unknowns?

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