Samuel Black
Will dated 1839

Barbour County, VA Will Book I

Submitted by Sandra Fields, transcribed from the courthouse copies.
In the name of God Amen.

I Samuel Black son of the county of Louis and State of Virginia, being of sound mind and susposing Memory do hereby make and constitute this my last will and testament revoking all other for the love and affection which I hold for my children, I do hereby desire that in the space of two years after my decease that my lawfull property shall be sold to highest bidder at public auction on the premises on one and two years credit and that my two sons Thomas and Samuel Black have cash three hundred dollars out of the first payment and that the remainder of the first payment and all of the second be equally divided amongst my children viz Thomas Black, Samuel Black, & Elizabeth Keesling, Louvina Shreeves, Susan Morrison, Mary Simons, Nancy Black, Eliza Black and Anna Cox. I desire further that my personal property such as shall not be named in this will shall be sold on the premises at Twelve months credit after my decease and equally divided amongst my above named sons and daughters.

I bequeath to my daughter Eliza one bed one cow and calf called the call cow also one womans saddle one spinning wheel and one half of the kitchen furniture also one third of the wool that are now in the house also one third of the crop that is now on the ground save the grass.

I bequeath to my daughter Nancy one cow of a brindle color and spinning wheel half of the kitchen furniture one bed and one third the wool one third the present corp save the grass.

I bequeath to my daughter Susan one big wheel after the wool now in the house shall have been spun.

I bequeath to my daughters Mary, Elizabeth, Anna and Luvina one cow in the possession of Joseph Cox which is to be sold and the proceeds equally divided.

I desire my administator to collect all my money due whether from my own children or from strangers namely by Teter Keesling $5.00 John Morrison $18.00 Absolem Shreve $5.00 Thomas Black $5.00 all loan'd money save Keesling which was in salt which several amounts if not refimaed will be retained out of their several shares.

I desire that Thomas shall have possession of the lower place untill sold free from rent and that Samuel Eliza and Nancy have possession of the home place in the same way as Thomas unless said girls shall marry then she to have no further claim of possession.

I bequeath to my son Samuel my gray mare and colt one mans saddle one bed 1 P Janes & one third of the wools and one third of the crop and half of the hay and one calf and calf at Coxes and one heifer.

I desire that the money on hand together with all debts due me after disposing my sick and funeral expenses and and paying my debts I wish divided equally amongst my children.

I bequeath to my daughter Nancy and Eliza ten head of sheep five cash

I desire that Thomas Black administrator on my estate. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 21st day of August A.D. 1839. Signed acknoledged and delivered in the presents of

Samuel (X) Black (Seal)
D. S. Hasselton
Anthony Rohrabaugh
John Burn

Barbour County Court April Term 1849
The last will and testament of Samuel Black Sr dec'd was this day presented in court, and proved according to law by the oaths of David S. Hasselton Anthony Rohrbaugh and John Burn witnesses thereto and is ordered to be recorded.
Lair D. Morrall Clk.

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