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Ruth E. Markley
A copy of this was given to me by Ida May Shockey Neal who lived in Philippi, Barbour Co.W.Va. at the time. I'm sure she wanted all Shockey's to know about it.

Ira B. Shockey was born 8 Nov 1843 in Marietta, Washington Co., Ohio. died 1937. He was a son of Jacob Shockey and his second wife Minerva Haynes. Minerva died in Washington Co. Ohio in c. 1847 leaving 3 small children. William Giffor, Ira B., and Franciscus. Jacob must have moved to Barbour Co. the year of 1847/1848 as he is married to Nancy Ann Wilmoth d/o George W. Wilmoth and Mary Williams as I find their first child born c. 1848.

Henry J. Shockey born 1886 died 1945, is the son of Franciscus Shockey and a brother of Burr P. Shockey who is father of Ida May Shockey Neal. In reading the first paragraph of the memo I would say the early Shockey generations wanted this passed on.

I have more Shockey information that takes family back a generation further than Abraham. Abraham had two more children settle in Barbour Co. W.Va. Jacobs brother John who married Christeny Markley, sister of Christian Markley who married Margaret Shockey who is also a child of Abraham.

Ruth E. Markley

"We, who are of the name of Shockey, may sometime wonder where our people came from, what land, and when. Well, we can thank one of the second generation, by the name of Ira Shockey, for that information. He leaves a short history of what he knew of his mother's people."

"I was born in Ohio, near Marietta, Nov. 8, 1843, a son of Jacob Shockey. He was a son of Abraham Shockey, who with his wife, came from Germany before the Revolutionary War. They settled in Pennsylvania near Uniontown, where my father was born and reared. Afer my father got married, a colony moved to Northern Ohio, near Lake Erie, his father and mother going along. It being sickly, or unhealthy up there, my father lost his wife.

After a time, all who lived moved to Eastern Ohio, 20 miles from Marietta. There my father married one of two girls who came from New York. Doctor Valentine married Abby Haynes, and my father married Minerva Haynes, the other sister, who was my mother. These two are all that I ever saw or knew anything of my mother's people.

I had one sister and two brothers, one older than I, the other younger; Mary Jane, my sister, being the oldest child.


"That being the end of the history that I have, may I say the sister married a man named Fisher, and that they lived at Wheeling,W.Va. The older brother lived at Moundsville, W.Va. and the younger brother, who was the writer's father, lived the most of his life in Barbour County. The uncle who left the memo, or history, lived the most of his life in Randolph County, and their father, Jacob Shockey, lived his last years in Barbour County, numbering between 97 and 98. We know not how many children Abraham Shockey had.

Jacob Shockey was married to the third wife, the first wife brought forth to him three children, two boys and a daughter, whose names were Henry , Squire and Deliah.

The second wife, four children, three sons and one daughter; names, Gifford, Ira, Franciscus, and Mary Jane. The third wife outlived him, gave birth to six children, five daughters and a son. The names: Elizabeth, Ellen, Emily, Belle, John, and Rebecky. The last two being twins. This made 13 children in all.

Now Jacob Shockey did his part in multipling and replenishing the earth, and there are some of his offspring who did very well, there being about 125 names on the list when the late John Shockey's estate was settled.

This being as true as my memory serves me.

Respectfully yours,

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