Susan Sturm
Will dated September 4, 1885

Barbour County, VA

Submitted by Sandra Fields, transcribed from the courthouse copies.
I, Susan Sturm of Glade District in the County of Barbour, State of West Virginia, make this my last will. I bequeath my Estate as followeth to wit: All that I may have left at the time of my death after my funeral expenses is paid unto James Sturm, my son. One feather tick with dead feathers in it and one Feather Tick with live feathers in it, both striped ticks, one pillar and case, one Blue and Red Coverlet. L.D. Sturm and Thomas A. Sturm is to have one dead feather bed, the feathers to be equall divided between them Lair to have the tick. Lair is to have one red and White Coverlet and one pillar. Thomas A. Sturm is to have one white counterpane with fringes around the edge, & one pillow. Samuel Sturm the son of James Sturm is to have one blue and white coverlet and one sheet. Susan Sturm the daughter of L.D. Sturm is to have one white counterpane with netting around the edge. The remainder of my personal property that I may have if any is to be sold. The proceeds thereof with what money I may have if any is to be disposed of as followeth: James Sturm is to have one half of the whole amount. The remainder to be equally divided between my three sons John Sturm Lair D Sturm & Thomas A Sturm. I appoint William Stalnaker as executor of this my will, In witness whereof I have signed and sealed and published and declared this instrument as my last will on this 4th day of September 1885.

Susan ( X) Sturm (Seal)
Her Mark
The said Susan Sturm on this 4th day of September 1885 -- signed and sealed this instrument and published and declared the same as and for her last will and we at her request and we her presents and in the presents of each other have hereunto written our names as subscribing witnesses.

A. B. Vannoy
Marion Gainer

State of West Virginia
Barbour County Court Clerk's Office December 31st 1890.
The last will and testament of Susan Sturm, deceased was this day presented in said office for probate by A. B. Vannoy, the same being duly proved before me by the oaths of A.B. Vannoy and Marion Gainer the subscribing witnesses thereto was ordered to be recorded, and a record thereof was made accordingly.
Teste: L.C. Elliott, Clerk

Note: Susan Sturm was the second wife of Col. Henry Sturm.
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