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Submitted by June Quinn

From The History of Barbour County by Hu Maxwell, 1899.
According to the traditions of the family, Jacob Teter was the first of the name to make his home in what is now Barbour County, coming from Pendleton and settling near Belington about the year 1800. However, it is shown by the Virginia land books that George Teter owned land here as early as 1787; and the same books show that Teter's Creek was named as early as 1783. It is probable, therefore, that there were two families of Teters who figured in the early history of what is now Barbour. Jacob Teter was married before he came to Barbour, and his son Joseph was born in Pendleton County, May 8, 1796.The family was represented in the Valley of Virginia at the close of the Revolution by the Dietricks, which is the German form of Teter. They are said to have come from Pennsylvania to the Valley of Virginia, whence they entered Pendleton and crossed into Randolph, now Barbour. Jacob Teter was the son of Philip, and his children were Jacob, Joseph, Isaac, James, and probably Mary. At any rate the records in Randolph show that in 1803 Mary "Tidricks" was married to Enoch Osborn, the ceremony being performed by Robert Maxwell. In 1809 Jacob Teter (son of Jacob, no doubt), was married to Nancy, daughter of Moses Cade. The ceremony was performed by Phineas Wells. In 1811 Solomon Yeager married Mary, daughter of Jacob Teter, the ceremony being performed by Simeon Harris. There is no mention in the Randolph County records of the marriage of any other of Jacob Teter's children; but three of them held office in Randolph: Jacob, who was Justice of the Peace in 1817 and Assessor in 1823; James, who was Constable in 1819, and Joseph, who was Justice of the Peace in 1832.

Joseph Teter, son of Jacob, was married to Mary McCann (Mitchell) who was born in 1786. They had two children, Joseph and Elizabeth. The latter married William P. Woodruff. Mr. Teter died February 17, 1881. He was Assessor in 1845, and School Commissioner in 1844.

Joseph Teter, son of Joseph and grandson of Jacob, was born 1828. On March 29, 1856, at Carrolton, Ohio, he married Dorrinda, daughter of Charles and Margary (Brooks) Fawcett. Their children were Charles Fawcett, Martha Virginia, John Mitchell, Gordon Battelle, Mary Margary, Daniel Patrick, William Steele, Joseph Henry, Letticia Grace and Addison Brooks. Mr. Teter died December 21, 1898. He was a member of the M.E. Church, and was a local preacher. He organized the first Sunday School in Valley District. He was a member of the Masonic Order; in politics he was a Republican, and by occupation a farmer, residing near Belington. He was educated in the public schools; and he filled the office of Colonel of the Militia. In 1864 he was elected Supervisor. He was a member of the first legislature of West Virginia, and his name was first on the roll. He was twice elected to the legislature. As a preacher, it is claimed that he married more couples than any other person in Barbour County, except Joshua S. Corder. He preached fifty years. He was an extensive owner of real estate, and was in all ways, an able and influential man.

June George Quinn is the gggg granddaughter of Jacob Teter one of the earliest residents of Barbour County and a great granddaughter of Reuben T. George. A native of Barbour County, she was raised in Barbour County, attended schools in Belington, and still has a fondness for the area. She now lives in Shelburne, Vermont, but returns to WVA as often as possible.
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