A Clue on Walters of Barbour County

By Nicholas Sturm

Several months ago I was communicating on the Barbour County list with an investigator working on material that was associated with the Walters family of Cove District. (An early Simon Walters is buried in the oldest part of the the Mt. Morris Church Cemetery on the ridge overlooking Little Cove Run.)

While running a line related to the Duckworth family I found a connection of Sydney Shaw (possibly in Allegany Co., MD) that was married to an Isaac Walters. A bell rang and I wondered if this could be one of the Walters family associated with Simon Walter of Cove District. A direct search for Isaac Walters revealed a marriage to Sydney Shaw. This Isaac is associated with the Walters family ("near Fellowsville"). A little perusing showed the submission of Jack T. Hinkle

This is an interesting of example of two rather extensive works, each of which dies with no clear information about the other spouse, but if you are working the Walters or Shaw families of Cove; this may be a good entry point.

Incidentally, for those who saw my brief posting to the List regarding the Duckworth Family, there is significant material on the Duckworth family in the LDS Ancestry Files, on the web. The Duckworth male line dies at a very early date in New Jersey, but there are hints there of the family being definitely English and some Duckworths appear have gone from England to New Zealand. Good searching. You can find the material via Henry Duckworth and his wife Abigail Tichell (or Tichen).

As always, with the LDS on-line data, treat the material as a secondary source, but you will find may useful leads.
--- Nicholas Sturm
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