From a Barbour County Scrapbook
Clippings from the Barbour Democrat

submitted by Linda Graham.

One Killed and Three Injured Result of an Automobile Wreck

Last Monday Evening Near Philippi [no year given] An automobile accident which resulted in the sudden death of one and the serious injury to three others happened last Saturday night a few minutes after 10 o'clock on the Philippi-Belington highway just within the southern limits of the Phillipi Corporation. Harold BAUGHMAN was the boy who was killed outright. The car was coming toward Philippi when the brakes, according to the story of the driver, locked and it left the road and went into the ditch, upended and threw the boys out. The car was badly wrecked. Three companions of BAUGHMAN, one of them badly hurt were reported recovering at Myers hospital here. [in Philippi] Most seriously injured of the three was Scott REED, 16, freshman in high school and son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold REED, of Philippi. He suffered a crushed pelvis. Hospital attaches say he likely will recover. His father is a road worker. Kermit CHAPMAN, 17, owner of the car, is an orderly at the Myers hospital. He suffered a broken collarbone and severe cuts. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. E.H. CHAPMAN. The fourth occupant of the machine was Joseph TIMSKY, Jr., 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph TIMSKY, Sr., of Philippi, who suffered a dislocated shoulder and cuts on the face. He works in the mines at Galloway. The BAUGHMAN boy was riding in the rumble seat of the car with young TIMSKY and was hurled out of the machine when the brakes locked. He was dead when his companions partially recovering from their shock and hurts, hurried to his side. He was a member of the football squad at Philippi high school and was mentioned by the school's athletic coach as a "promising prospect." He was a son of Artie G. and Dessie BENNETT BAUGHMAN. His father is commander of Barbour County Post No. 44 of the American Legion and is supervisor of the WPA project for world war veterans here. Short funeral services were held at Mansfield. Further rites were held at 11 o'clock at the Tacy Methodist Episcopal church, South, eight miles east of Philippi, with burial in the Tacy church cemetery. Rites were in charge of the Rev. C. C. PERKINS, of the Philippi Methodist church, South. Surviving in addition to the parents are a brother and sister, Paul and Patricia who are twins, aged 7.

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