From a Barbour County Scrapbook
Clippings from the Barbour Democrat

submitted by Linda Graham.

Chestnut Ridge Community Council Plans Program

[no year given (about1940)]
The planning committee of the Chestnut Ridge Community Council met at the home of Charles REYNOLDS, Community Chairman last Friday night and planned the work of the council for the next year. The needs of the community were discussed and plans made to start things moving toward the obtaining of these things. Programs were planned for the next six months with leaders appointed as follows: January 19, Subject: Better school lunches, Magdalene MAYLE, leader. February 2, Subject: Groundhog party, Reason MAYLE, leader February 18, Subject: Better schools, Robert JENKINS, leader March 1, Subject: To be selected, Okey MAYLES, leader March 15, Subject: Better Gardens, L.G. ZINN, leader April 5, Subject: 4-H program E.E. ADAMS, leader April 19, Subject: Poultry production, Mr. and Mr. C.E. MAYLE, leaders May 3, Subject: 4-H Club spirit, Galloway 4-H Club, Homer HOWELL, leader. May 17, Subject: Patriotic program, E.E. BARNETT, leader. June 7, Subject: Mock Trial, Charles REYNOLDS, leader

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