From a Barbour County Scrapbook
Clippings from the Barbour Democrat

submitted by Linda Graham.

Christmas Meeting

[1940s?] The Barbour County Farm Women's Bureau held their regular Christmas meeting in the music room of the Board of Education Building here last Friday evening. The program opened with the singing of Christmas carols. History of carols was given by Mrs. Dayton R. STEMPLE. The Scripture was read responsively. The theme of the meeting was "American Home Christmas", and in connection with this theme, the following were given: Welcome Christmas Letters, Mrs. John CARL and Mrs. Ed FELTON; Subscriptions to Christmas, Mrs. Dorothy SWANSON; Understanding, Mrs. Elizabeth DIGMAN; Your Christmas Begins in the Spring, Mrs. Dayton R. STIMPLE; Prayer at Christmas, Mrs. Gay LANTZ. American Home Christmas Hospitality was discussed by Mrs. STEMPLE. A brief business meeting was held, after which Christmas games were played and the gifts exchanged. Mrs. Carol ASHBY REGER and Mrs. Helen STEWART visited the meeting and helped to judge the contests. Nineteen members were present. Clubs represented were Tacy, Elk Valley, Silent Grove, Shooks Run, Claude. The next meeting will be held on Saturday, January 2 at 2 p.m. The Silent Grove Farm Women's Club will have charge of the meeting.

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