From a Barbour County Scrapbook
Clippings from the Barbour Democrat

submitted by Linda Graham.

Legion Memorial Service

Thursday, May 29, 1930

Last Sunday at Mt. Olive, the Barbour County American Legion boys held their eighth memorial service.

It was well attended and well conducted. The program was rendered in first class shape. Every number deserved the complimentary mention given by many present.

The service follows: Sung, America, Mansfield Choir, Prayer, Rev. C.V. TATE. Introductory address, Rezin E. CHRISLIP, Song, selected, Mt. Vernon Quartet. Reading , selected, Miss Curtis DAVIS. Song, selected, Mansfield Choir. Recitation, selected, Elmer ZINN. Memorial address, Post Chaplain, Rev. S.P. FARRIOR. Song, Star Spangled Banner, Mt. Vernon Quartet. Memorial Prayer, Rev. C.V. TATE. Decoration of Graves. Salute to the Dead. Taps.

The Grafton Drum and Bugle boys were there and added much to the program. Our boys surely appreciated their aid.

Post commander Rezin E. CHRISLIP made a very interesting introductory address and among other things gave a list of the veterans of the World War buried in Barbour County:

Belington: John I. KRAMER, Carl SIMMONS, Clyde ERVIN, Herman VIQUESNEY.

Clemtown: Okey E. DUCKWORTH, Artie J. ROBINSON, Lawrence MAYLE.

Criss Church: Clayton B. BRANDON, Dorsey HENNINGS

Hall: Daniel C. GOSS.

Kelley Graveyard: Ralph W. KELLEY.

Locus Grove: James B. HOVATTER

Mt. Liberty: Early ENSMINGER

Mt. Morris: Isaac Marshall JOHNSON

Mt. Olive: J.J. W. GAWTHROP

Mt. Zion: Thomas Clayton WILSON, Tony WALTON

Norris Graveyard: Alonzo COLLINS

Nutter Graveyard: Victor STEWART

Philippi: Harry COYNER, Lynn MALONE, Andrew MATTHEW, D.B. CROSS, David O. JONES, Gaston SWICK, George WAGNER, W. Ray SMITH, Floyd B. REED.

Pleasant Creek: Wilbur S. MOORE, J. Gordon COLE, Quincy C. DADISMAN, Norman B. HOWES, Clyde McDANIEL

Shiloh: William Grover WILSON

St. John: James Milton HOLMES.

St. Peter's Church: Jasper NEWMAN.

Stringtown: Evert Earl ICE, W.M. MYERS

Tacy: Robert J. RITTER

Talbott Church: Jessie C. LEYMAN

Talbott Church (near) : Jesse E. REGESTER

Valley Bend: Lewis GODWIN

Welch Cemetery: Nelson NEWMAN

In all 44 men in 24 cemeteries.

In order the eight services have been as follows: Philippi, Belington, Pleasant Creek, Stringtown, Criss Church, Clemtown, Tacy, and Mt. Olive

The music furnished by the Mansfield Choir and Mt. Vernon quartet was excellent.

Rev. FARRIOR's address was spoken of in highest terms. He and Rev. TATE whose name is on the program are both veterans of the war.

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