From a Barbour County Scrapbook
Clippings from the Barbour Democrat

submitted by Linda Graham.

Mrs. Wince Honored

17 June, 1939

Mrs. E. H. WINCE, of Locust Avenue, was the guest of honor at a family picnic Sunday. The occasion was her 74th birthday. The picnic was held at the home of Mrs. WINCE's daughter, Mrs. K.E. CLARK, of Tenmile. Those present were: Mrs. WINCE, Mr. and Mrs. K.E. CLARK, Jimmie and Jackie CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. L.Glenn ZINN, Elmer, Warren and Tony Lee ZINN, Mr. and Mrs. Don WINCE, and William CAMPBELL. [editor's note: Jimmie and Jackie Clark were the sons of Kent and Ina Wince Clark, at whose home the party was held. The L. Glenn Zinn and Addie WINCE Zinn family (she the daughter of Mrs. Wince) included sons Elmer, Warren and Tony Lee. Don Wince was the son of Mrs. Wince ; I don't know the identity of William Campbell. Mrs. E. H. is Mrs. Elmer Henry Wince, maiden name Mary Jane RYAN ]

Another Story about the same 1939 birthday: Reunion Dinner For the first time in three years the family of Mrs. E.H. WINCE were all together at a reunion dinner held at her home on Locust Avenue, Friday evening. Those present were: Mrs. Winces' four children: Mrs. K.W. CLARK [Ina], Mrs. L. Glenn ZINN [Addie], and Donald WINCE of Philippi, and Harley O. WINCE of Detroit, Michigan. Mrs. Harley O. WINCE and daughter Marylin [sic] of Detroit, her son, Billy GIBBONS, and her mother, Mrs. Annie CHASE, both of Essex, Ontario, Canada; K.E. CLARK [Kent] and two sons, Jackie and Jimmie; L. Glenn ZINN and three sons, Elmer, Warren and Tony Lee; Mrs. Donald WINCE, and Mrs. E.H. WINCE. One granddaughter, Miss Vivian ZINN, who is employed at Jackson's Mill, was not able to be present. The visitors from Detroit and Canada left for Detroit early Saturday morning.

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