Confederate Soldiers

Note: The source for this information is the Boone County Genealogical Society's quarterly dated Jul 1996 Vol. XVIII-No. 3 and Jan 1997 Vol. XX-No. 1. They state this is a list of those who served with the 22nd Virginia Infantry and taken from a book of the same name published by Terry D. Lowry. Mr. Lowry roots in Boone County. He has a new book out "Last Sleep. Battle Of Droop Mountain". Price is $17.95 from Pictorial Histories Publishing Co.

FARLEY, Noah of Giles Co. captured Boone Co. 1863
FERRELL, Levi enlisted June 1861 in Charleston.
FERRELL, Oliver, sick in Boone Co. in 1864.
FARBER/FORBER, George W captured 1863.
HALSTEAD, Amos - Court martialed Sept 1864.
HALSTEAD, Basil/Bazzle prisoner of war 1864.
HALSTEAD, Benjamin sick 1861, no other record.
HALSTEAD, Davis - prisoner of war at Camp Chase and Fort Delaware.
HALSTEAD, Iverson - deserted 1864.
HALSTEAD, Joseph - prisoner of war, later deserted.
HILL, John W. captured Boone Co. 1864.
HOLSTEN, Henry, William A., Andrew Jackson & Van Buren were listed on page 159 as possible residents of Craig Co. VA.
JARRELL, Anderson = deserted 1862, later sick and then later captured.
KELLY, Aaron captured Boone Co. 1864.
LINVILLE, Squire enlisted June 1861, no other information.
LONEY (IN BOOK) Carey, attended 1918 reunion no information. (See TONEY)
MARTIN, John captured in Boone Co.
MARTIN, William - captured and died Fort Delaware. These Martins along with James Martin do not appear to be our Boone Co. Martin family. (note from editor)
MCNEELY, Andrew D. AWOL 7/26/1861.
MCNEELY, John W. Deserted Setp 1861.
MCNEELY, Lorenzo D. Deserted Setp 1861.
MELTON, Robert T. captured Boone Co. 1864.
MEDLIN, Daniel P. resident of Boone Co. 1861, captured 1864.
MEDLIN, George W. resident of Boone Co. 1861, captured 1861.
MILLER, John captured Boone Co. 1861.
MILLER, Anderson resident of Boone Co.
MILLER, Daniel - deserted.
MILLER, Dryden - deserted.
MILLER, Elijah - killed in action at White Supher Springs. No Boone reference on this man. Called Eli he could be from another county.
MILLER, George H. two references but no connection to Boone Co. shown.
MILLER, Isaac L. - was a prisoner of war at Camp Chase Ohio.
MORRIS, Fenell - shot and died in Boone Co. on Big Coal River 1861.
NELSON, George W. - deserted, was a prisoner of war and sick several times.
NELSON, James - prisoner of war at Camp Chase Ohio.
OWEN John S. - captured in Boone Co. in 1863 as bushwacker & horse thief.
OXIER, Lorenzo D. - was wounded, later captured taken to Pt. Lookout.
PAULEY, Samuel, - was Court Martialed, 1864, deserted 1865.
PEYTON, William H. - Pvt Co. I. first enlisted in Co. B. 36th VA Inf at Peytona when age 16. Later trans. to 22 VA Inf. buried Spring Hill Cem. Charleston, WV.
RIPPETOE, Andrew J. of Putnam Co. captured in Boone Co. on 9 Feb 1864.
SIAS, Andrew S. PVT Co. I. res. Boone Co. in 1860.
SIAS, Evi Pvt Co. I. enlisted at Charleston. Resided Lincoln Co. after the war.
STEPHENSON, Joh Pvt/Corp. Co. I. lived in Boone Co. in 1860.
TONEY, Adam Pvt/Sgt Co. I. enlisted Charleston. deserted at Lewisburg 26 Jan 1864.
TONEY, Carey Pvt Co. I. Wounded in Action at Droop Mt. WV 6 Nov 1863.
TONEY, Frederick Pvt Co. I. discharged with disability 10 April 1863.
TONEY, John P. Capt/1st Lt.. Co. I. captured at Droop Mt. 6 Nov 1863, age 33. Taken to Camp Chase Ohio, then to Ft. Delaware. Released 12 June 1865. A boatsman he was 5' 10" tall, florid complexion, dark hair, gray eyes, lived Boone Co.
TONEY, Poindexter Jr. - Pvt Co. I. from 22 June 1861 to 30 Apr 1863.
TONEY, Poindexter Sr. Pvt Co. I. enlisted 29 June 1861, present 31 Aug 1861. No further record.
WOODRUM, Green, Pvt CO I. Enlisted 6/29/1861 AWOL 7/26/1861.
WOODRUM, Green 1839-1912 at Lory buried Woodrum Cem at Lory.
WOODRUM, Robert Pvt Co. I enlisted 6/29/1861 AWOL 7/26/1861.
BALDWIN, Joel probably same in Co. B. 26th VA Inf. Killed at Strasburg VA 17 Aug 1864 buried at Mt. Jackson, VA.
BALDWIN, John proobably same as in Co. B. 26 VA Inf. Killed at Fayetteville WV 10 Sept 1962.
BARRETT, Andrew J. probably same as enlisted Co. D. 26 VA infantry on 5/27/61 at Peytona, then transferred to 22 VA Inf after Dec 1863.
BROWN, Thomas b. 1844 Boone Co., d. 7 Sept 1875 at Petyona in a mine accident bur. Brown Cem 3 1/2 miles south of Gordon, Boone Co. WV has upright marker.
ELKINS, Daniel veterans grave registration card says served as Capt in 36th VA Inf but does not appear on records of that Regt. He does appear as Capt of Co. B. 1st VA State line in 1862. Buried Elkins Cem. Costa Boone Co. WV has upright marker.
ALLEN, William Perry age 18 when killed in action. A brother of James Henry Allen. "A Mr. Powell from Greenview was with him when he died."
ALLEN, James A. has Post War Record which states middle name is Henry, also served Co. A 45th Batt VA inf and enlisted in that unit on 2 April 1863 in Boone Co. Wounded in shoulder by sabre at Droop Mt., WV on 6 Nov 1863 later in Co A, 27th VA Cal. Later Captured and POW at Ft. Delaware. Took the oath and was released 12 June 1865. Was elected 2nd Lt. in Co. A. 45th Batt Va Inf and was brother of William Perry Allen.

Note from BCGS editor: We have to remember that being listed as deserted didn't always mean that a man had deserted his country. Sometimes he joined another unit because he wanted to, sometimes out of necessity. Some times he was wounded and left behind, then later listed on his Company roll as deserted. He even went home some times and visited his family before reporting to his unit. We must understand the circumstances of this war to understand our ancestors.
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