Reverend Elija Stanley and Martha Dickens one of the organizers and designers of the Van Methodist Church and its first Pastor from 1826 to 1937

History: Elijah Stanley DICKENS was born on 28 Nov 1871 in Peach Tree Creek, Raleigh Co WV and passed on 3 DEC 1943  in Van WV. He married Martha PETERS on 8 Apr 1891. Martha PETERS was born in Elkhart, WV on 8 Nov 1872 and passed on 17 Mar 1967 in Madison WV. They had the following children:    1  Matilda Gladys DICKENS (F)
   2  Prince H. DICKENS (M)
   3  Louisa Myrtle DICKENS (F)
   4  Bradie DICKENS (F)
   5  James Bert DICKENS (M)
   6  Maggie L. DICKENS (F)
   7  A. Page DICKENS (M)
   8  Ford Stanley DICKENS (M)
   9  Lillian DICKENS  (F)

A. Page Dickens was my father and passed on 11 Nov, 1999 at Houston, TX

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