Brooke County, Indentures

Vachel Kurk's - 1803 Brooke County, VA Apprentice Indenture-

This indenture witnesseth that Vachel KURK of Brooke County and State of Virginia hath put and placed himself as an apprentice and doth by these presents bind and engage himself as an apprentice, unto Brice VIERS of the County and State aforesaid to learn the art, trade and mystery of a tanner and currier.

The said Vache KIRK after the manner of an apprentice is to dwell with and serve the said Brice VIERS from the day hereof till the twenty first day January in the year of the Lord one thousand eight hundred and four, during all such term of time the said apprentice, his said master faithfully shall serve, his secrets keep and all his lawful commands readly everywhere obey, he shall do no damage to his said master nor see it done by others without telling or giving him notice thereof, he shall not waist his said maters goods nor lend them unlawfully to others, at cards or dice orany other unlawful game he shall not play, Fornication he shall not commit nor matrimony contract for and during said time; Taverns, aleshouses or any unlawful assembly he shall not haunt or frequent, from the service of his said master he shall not absent himself unnecessarily without his leave, but in all things behave himself as a true and faithful apprentice ought to do during the whole term of the time aforesaid. ......................

And the said Brice VIERS on his part doth by these presents promise, covenant and agree to teach and instruct said apprentice, or cause him to be taught and instructed in the art, trade and calling of a tanner and currier, according to the best way or means he can do, and also shall well and faithfully provide for said aprentice good and sufficient, meat, drink, washing, lodging and wearing apparel as is fitting and necessary for such an apprentice during the term aforesaid. And the said Master is also to send said apprentice to Scholl (school) six months of the above time.

In testimony whereof the said parties have interchangeably hereunto set their hands and seals this twenty first day of April, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and (Three).

Abstracted by Julia A. Krutilla from the Brooke Co., VA/WV Courthouse, Wellsburg, WV Deed Book 2, page 195.

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