Brooke County VA/WV Marriages

Brooke County VA/WV Marriages

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Mary Virginia ALLISON William Hubble WRIGHT June 30, 1920 Wellsburg, WV Dianna Wiggins
Jane ANDERSON Jackamiah ALLEN Mar. 7, 1809 Brooke County Sue Pitcher
Rebecca Elizabeth ANDERSON John Dusty WELLS Feb. 21, 1863 Wellsburg, WV Charles C. Miller
Elizabeth Margaret AUGENSTEIN Clyde Alonzo CABLE Sep. 28, 1914 Wellsburg Beverly Morris
Sarah BAKER Thomas PRESTON 1801 Brooke County Thomas Davis
Mary BAXTER Elijah HEDGES 1799 Brooke County Bill Hedges
Elizabeth BEALL A. O. JESTER Aug. 25, 1828 Brooke County Betty Rudolph
Elizabeth BEALL John McCONNELL 1798 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Jane BEALL Alexander CAMPBELL Jun. 4, 1792 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Polly BEALL Joshua WILSON 1816 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Rachel BEALL James HOUSTON 1813 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Rebeccah BEALL David FRESHWATER 1812 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Ruth BEALL Samuel STILL Apr. 5,1816 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Sarah BEALL William KELLY 1813 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Elizabeth BROWNLEE Elisha WEST Sep. 21, 1872 Wellsburg Betty Rudolph
Jane BROWNLEE John DONLEY Mar. 6, 1835 not given Betty Rudolph
Mary J. BROWNLEE Eli C. TOWN Mar. 7, 1849 not given Betty Rudolph
Nancy BROWNLEE Henry MAXWELL Jan. 1, 1829 not given Betty Rudolph
Nancy BROWNLEE Francis PALMER Oct. 5, 1854 Brooke County Betty Rudolph
Kate C. BUCKEY David E. JESTER Jan. 4, 1860 not given Betty Rudolph
Muriel Veronica CABLE James RITSON Oct. 15, 1926 Wellsburg Beverly Morris
Jane CAMERON Philip BEALL Apr. 15,1830 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Clarinda E. CAMPBELL Ebenezer A. FRESHWATER 1867 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Jane CAMPBELL Henry STIFFLER 1836 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Mary CAMPBELL Morris BAKER Oct. 26,1815 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Susannah CAMPBELL Francis M. RALSTON 1874 Hollidays Cove Dale Patterson
Hester Rosalie CLARK Charles MEYER May 7, 1914 Wellsburg Marsha Clark
Rebecca M. COLE J.B. GRIFFITH Sept. 26, 1862 Wellsburg, WV Katrina Wilk
Ann CORBIN James BROWNLEE Apr. 8, 1872 not given Betty Rudolph
Rebecca COUNSELMAN William METCALF 1870 Buffalo District Charles C. Miller
Polly CRAWFORD George BARNET Jun. 10, 1800 Brooke County Stan Baker
Rebecca CROXTON John H. EDIE 1790 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Mary C. DEULEY William WAY Aug. 30, 1871 Brooke County Christine Diamond
Daisy DOWDLE Martin V. BROWNLEE Dec. 16, 1871 Brooke County Betty Rudolph
Sarah DUNLAP William HEDGES Aug. 15, 1802 Brooke County Bill Hedges
Margaret FOSTER Ebenezer TAYLOR Dec. 19, 1811 Brooke County Sandy Onbey
Mary FOUTS Issac HEDGES Sept. 1809 Brooke County Bill Hedges
Jane GUY James McQUILLING May 5, 1835 Brooke County Betty Rudolph
Margaret GUY Basil CARTER Jan. 29, 1835 Brooke County Betty Rudolph
Rachel HAMILTON David JESTER Dec. 8, 1853 Brooke County Betty Rudolph
Sophia HAMILTON Joseph BROWNLEE Aug. 28, 1850 not given Betty Rudolph
Catharine HEDGES William STONE Jul. 11, 1815 Brooke County Bill Hedges
Elizabeth HEDGES Edward MORGAN Jan. 13, 1820 Brooke County Bill Hedges
Elizabeth HEDGES Joshua MEEK Nov. 2, 1797 Brooke County Bill Hedges
Johanna HEDGES William FOUTS May 9, 1816 Brooke County Bill Hedges
Margaret HEDGES Jacob FOUTS Mar. 24, 1818 Brooke County Bill Hedges
Nancy HEDGES Absalom FOUTS Oct. 12, 1819 Brooke County Bill Hedges
Ruth HEDGES James NORLAND Sept. 1809 Brooke County Bill Hedges
Sarah HEDGES David MILLER Feb. 11, 1817 Brooke County Bill Hedges
Minerva HERSHEY Theodore P. FARNSWORTH Aug. 19, 1918 Wellsburg Sandra M. Griffin
Sarah A. HOGG George W. McCord Sept. 7, 1852 Brooke County Edward F. Kelly
Catherine HOUK Archibald CAMPBELL 1830 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Catharine JAMES Dr. Edward SMITH Dec. 18, 1818 Brooke County Richard Smith
Mary E. JESTER William H. McKEE Nov. 13, 1859 Wellsburg Betty Rudolph
Catherine JONES William COLE Oct. 16, 1832 Brooke County Katrina Wilk
Sallie KEITH James BROWNLEE Dec. 4, 1871 Brooke County Betty Rudolph
Helen Audrey LUCE William BOUSTEAD Feb. 6, 1928 Wellsburg Sarah Patterson
Ruth Ellen Stansbury MARSH Intrepid Morse MARION May 11, 1871 Brooke County Briana Caccamo
Eliza MARSHALL Isaac CULLEN Feb. 15, 1838 Brooke County Judith Tauber-Lovik
Charlotte McINTIRE James McDOWELL March 1831 Brooke County Trevor Reynolds
Agnes Q. MELLEN Shepard L. GUY Feb. 20, 1863 Brooke County Betty Rudolph
Isabel MODERWELL John MAGERS June 8, 1820 Brooke County Jodie Shumaker
Margaret J. MOORE Alexander EDIE Jun. 22, 1823 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Etta A. MYERS Wesley STANLEY Oct. 15, 1932 Brooke County Corrine Robinson
Nancy ORR James M. CAMPBELL 1825 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Marie Agusta PINCUSPY Ivan George JAMISON June 8, 1914 Wellsburg Donald Ackley
Margaret PURDY Robert CAMPBELL Jun. 6, 1830 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Henrietta RALSTON Timothy KELLY Nov. 6, 1817 King's Creek Dale Patterson
Elizabeth RIDGELEY Dr. Edward SMITH 1816 Brooke County Richard Smith
Susan ROSS James BROWNLEE May 15, 1853 not given Betty Rudolph
Cassander B. ROWLAND Brice V. BRASHEAR Nov. 18, 1911 Wellsburg Julia A. Krutilla
Jane SMOTE William E. BROWNLEE Feb. 26, 1854 Brooke County Betty Rudolph
Bessie White SMOYER Louis RUTHERS Apr. 15, 1915 Wellsburg Gigi Zaccagnini
Martha SNOWDEN Samuel WILKINSON Dec. 20, 1821 Brooke County Teddie Carter
Helen STEWART Earl WHITE Jul. 15, 1933 Wellsburg, WV Janice Mitchell
Sarah STEWART Benjamin PROSSER Apr. 7, 1820 Brooke County Janet Waite
Priscilla Belle STOCKS Joseph H. ISINHOOD Dec. 8, 1887 Brooke County Kathy Isinhood
Rebecca SWEARINGEN John CAMERON Jan. 5, 1826 Brooke County Laurie McGee
Ann SWEARENGIN John CHAMBERS Aug. 29, 1820 Brooke County Donna Negri
MaryAnn SWINER William J. BROWNLEE Dec. 27, 1854 Brooke County Betty Rudolph
Mary TWEED Samuel LINDSAY Jan.10,1861 Wellsburg Charles C. Miller
Eliza Jane WAY John Henry McGOWAN Aug. 4, 1891 Brooke County Christine Diamond
Ida Uretta WAY Wiley BELL Aug. 7, 1889 Brooke Co., WV Christine Diamond
Minerva WILCOXON Cyrus BEALL 1854 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Minerva WILCOXON Hiram C. BEALL 1863 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Jean WILSON William BEALL 1803 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Rebecca WORTHINGTON Samuel LINDSAY 1829 Brooke County Charles C. Miller
Mary WOSTEL/WOSTIL Alexander BARNES Mar. 20, 1822 Brooke County Jim Covel
Ethel Mildred WRIGHT Clyde Alonzo CABLE Oct. 25, 1926 Wellsburg Beverly Morris
E. WYLIE James CHAMBERS Jun. 21, 1841 Brooke County Donna Negri
Martha WYLIE William BEALL 1832 Brooke County Dale Patterson
Elizabeth ZINK Lemuel LINDSAY Nov. 21, 1850 Wellsburg Charles C. Miller

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