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Mystery Log Cabin

Brooke County VA/WV Mystery Log Cabin
Mystery Cabin - Who lived here and built the homestead?
Mystery Cabin on McKim Ridge, Brooke Co., WV


The mystery of who lived in the log cabin has been solved with the help of Katherine Slasor who phoned
and provided the family name of McKIM.

Back in the 1990s, Katherine Slasor and her sister June organized the most enjoyable historical excursions
in and around our Ohio Valley which included Hancock and Brooke Cos., WV; Beaver and Washington
Co., PA areas. They were small bus tours of historical places, and cemeteries where June with the help
of a microphone narrated the details of these pioneer families as the bus jogged and tossed her about on
the back country roads.

At the end of the tours (which lasted approx. 4 hours), we would always stop at some small church, or
grange, and dine on some of the most pleasurable fare of the area. This provided a chance for all to share
in family stories and also question those in attendance, and meet newly-found distant cousins.

At the same time, these two sisters provided 50 + paged booklets packed full of facts, maps, stories and
old photographs of the pioneers. A donation would provide a copy of these 8 ˝ x 11” booklets after each
tour and I always donated them to the Vivian Snyder Library in Steubenville,
Jefferson Co., OH where a special file exist – hopefully to this day.

Now back to answer regarding the “Mystery Log Cabin”:

In one of these booklets,
The McKim saga is pleasantly provided:

“Down the gentle slope behind the mansion house of Nannie and Clara, stands the original log home where
the first Thomas (McKIM) and his bride, Nancy ATKINSON went to housekeeping. It was moved a short
distance from its original location and a second addition was attached to it.”

Additional info in that booklet says, records of Brooke County provide the marriage date 16 March 1826 of
Thomas and Nancy – and the first record for the surname McKIM. Thomas and family remain for the 1830,
and 1840 census, but moved to Illinois where Thomas passes on, and widow Nancy returns to Brooke county
1850 census with her little brood.

The “Leaves of History – McKim Ridge-Morton Hill” provides detailed information on the McKim
descendants in within its pages.

Now, let’s hope some subscriber is descended from this McKIM-ATKINSON family and adds their name
to the Surname Lists at:

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