Submitted by Linda Fluharty.

Calhoun County Will Book I, pages 25-26.

March 4th 1861-
Last Will and Testament of Henry Beall

In the Name of God, Amen.
     I, Henry Beall of the County of Calhoun and State of Virginia feeling the frailty of body and the uncertainty of life, Being of Sound mind and memory and being desirous of disposing of My Earthly Possessions among my heirs in accordance with my deliberate intentions do while in the enjoyment of health make this my last will and testament. I do first give and bequeath my soul to the God who gave it and my body to the dust from whence it came to be decently burried after my decease and my financial expenses to be paid out of any moneys I may have on hand at the time of my decease or the personal property if no money or assets may be on hand or obtainable. I also further bequest that the personal property which I may posess at the time of my decease and the homestead with the cleared land contained in the following named boundary shall pass into the full and free possession of my wife and continue in her posession during her natural life for the purpose of affording unto her ample support to be held and enjoyed and controlled entirely by her should she outlive me. - the boundry above referred to is as follows - beginning at the base? opposite the Barn on the river. Bank and running up by the Barn so as to include the Barn & Barn lot and Stock yard so continuing up to a fence above the Stock yard and from thence to near the run and up the river to the first right hand fork up said fork to the old line to the tract thence following said line to the river. And up the river to the Beginning. And I further bequeath that at the time of Wifes death should she outlive me that all the above named Boundary shall pass immediately and entirely into the possession of my sons Henderson & John and at the time of my death all my home tract except the aforenamed reserve to my wife shall pass into the hands of my sons Henderson & John. I further state that with the conditions hereinafter mentioned I will and bequeath over to my sons Henderson and John Equally to hold and enjoy for ever my home tract of land with the afore mentioned reserve to My wife should she outlive me. I also give and bequeath to my son Townsend the one hundred acres on which he now lives on Rowels run together with three hundred acres adjoining of the tract of Eleven hundred and fifty acres patented the Messrs Holt and deeded by them to me the afore named one hundred and three hundred acres I will and bequeath to my Son Townsend during his natural life and to his heirs for ever. (three lines in the original eraced) I bind my son John to pay Townsend Bell his brother two hundred dollars $200.

      I also give and bequeath to my daughter Emily Smith one hundred acres of the five hundred and twenty five acres deeded to me by the Messers Holt. My son John is to pay unto Emily Smith his Sister fifty dollars $50.

      I also give and bequeath to my son Newton if he is alive or should return twenty five acres the remaining 125 acres of said Holt tract and what I hold on big root to be enjoyed by him for his exclusive Benefit during his natural life and then to become the property of his heirs forever. I further will that should he not return untill my decease then my three sons Townsend Henderson and John shall keep the taxes paid on it and if he should never nor his heirs to claim it then in such case it shall become the joint property of my three afore named sons Townsend Henderson and John

     Witness the following Signature Henry Beall (Seal)

We the undersigned do certify that Henry Beall
of Calhoun Co Va Presented
us this paper Stating that within
Contained his last will and
testament. Witness our Signatures
A. J. Lyons
Joshua E. Conn

State of West Va
Calhoun County Recorders Office July 18th 1870 -
     The foregoing writing dated the 4th day of March 1861, having been proven according to law to be the will of Henry Beall decd whose name is subscribed thereto was this day presented in said office, and admitted to record.

Teste: John C. Campbell
Cal. Ct.