Submitted by Sandra Ferguson.


This appeared in the local newspaper: "A Blue and Grey reunion in Spencer brought together Civil War Veterans who had fought on both sides. Civil war vererans gathered from Roane, Calhoun, Jackson and other surrounding counties attended the event, held in 1921."

Names were supplied by Euna Poling of Sand Ridge.

In the front row, left to right: George W. Harris, Thomas Tanner, Nathan McDonald, Ezra D Anderson, William Steine, unidentified, Wm Parsons, Scott Wing of Belleville, Joseph Dalton, James Gandee, James M Clevenger and Andrew Land.

Second Row: Robert Conley of Mason Co, James Griffith, Wm Pursley, Capt I. M. Adams of Ravenswood, Geo Gibson of Calhoun Co, Eli Rogers, Wm Combs, Wm Wyett, John B. Goff.

Third Row: Carr Nichols, Jacob M Lesher, John M Lowery, James M Wright, unidentified, John Horn of Ripley, Wesley Poling of Calhoun Co, George Stump of Calhoun Co, James White of Jackson Co, Russell Alvis, James M Snodgrass, Riley Whitney Hall (Raleigh White Hall) of Calhoun Co, George Lawson, Joseph M McCall and Henry M Arnett.