Traditional Stories


The many pages we have collected on the Civil War are filled with violence, brutality, the shooting to death of a twelve-year old boy, robbery, burning of homes, railroads, and other buildings. General Sherman said, "War is hell," and we echo his words.

We have a story now that will show soldiers have compassion, too.

While in a campaign in Virginia, Captain Sida H. Campbell, commander of Company K, Nineteenth Virginia Cavalry, was visited by his wife, Jennie. When she returned to her home she carried before her in the saddle a tiny Negro girl. It was a long journey of about four hundred miles. All the family of the little one, except one, a little girl I believe, were caught in a battle and killed. The other little one was taken by another of the captains. My mother, from whom I heard this story, thought it was Captain Bragg, but I think it may have been Captain Sprigg of Braxton County, captain of Company B, Nineteenth Virginia Cavalry. We have tried to get facts on her but have failed.

Aunt Jennie called the little girl Lucy. She, Lucy, was fearful of soldiers.

Lucy is buried in the Campbell Cemetery at Orma, West Virginia. Her birth date is listed as September 1861.

Source: Robert J. Knotts, Jr., Stumptown, West Virginia 25280.


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