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Robert Earnest WILSON, Sr.
born: 15 Sep 1839, Monongalia Co., (W)Va
died: 26 Apr 1916, Calhoun Co., WV
George Washington Wilson, bn. 25 Jan 1811, White Day Place, Marion Co., (W)Va
Lavina Ferrell, bn. 25 Oct 1814, White Day Place, Marion Co., (W)Va

Jane (Ellison) Wilson
born: 17 May 1837, Va
died: 8 Sep 1921, Crooksville, Ohio
Zacariah B. Ellison, bn. 1804
Temperance Weaver

Robert Earnest WILSON
born: 12 Aug 1874, Broomstick, Five Forks, Calhoun Co., WV
died: 12 Jan 1895, Broomstick, Five Forks, Calhoun Co., WV

"Calhoun Chronicle" - 19 October 2000
ROBERT WILSON, JR. (Obituary from 1895)
One day last week (early January), Robert Wilson, Jr., who resided with his father on Big Root, went some distance from the house to feed some stock, and took with him a rifle gun, and while feeding set it against an old well curb. After finishing the feeding , he picked up the gun and in some manner the hammer caught and it fired, the ball taking effect in the front part of his throat passing through and lodging near the skin on the back of the neck. Medical aid was at once summoned, but his injuries baffled medical skill, and on last Saturday night, about 7 o'clock, he died.