Washington District

On left Hand on Emmons Smith Farm.

Sida H. Campbell - Jan 1833 - 12 Mar 1910
Christena J. Campbell (w. of Sida H. Campbell) - 2 Jan 1838 - 6 Oct 1918
Verona G. Campbell (d. of Cleavy and Bill Campbell) - 11 Dec 1905 - 19 May 1911
Twin children of Brooks and Edna Carpenter
Lucy Neale (Nigger Lucy)
Infant daughter of Julius Rider
Marshall Campbell (s. of George and Sarah Campbell)

John A. Campbell, Company A, 31st Regt., Va Inf. C.S.A.

"Cemeteries In Calhoun County, W. Va."
"Calhoun County In The Civil War"