Sherman District

One of the two colored cemeteries in Calhoun County.

Jessey Ogden - 16 Sep 1858 - 30 Apr 1889
William (s. of J. and M. Catlip) - 9 Aug 1882 - 22 Feb 1883
Washington McDonald - d. 26 Nov 187 - - 52y
Ralph (s. of W. and J. McDonald) - 17 Sep 1875 - 1 Aug 1888
12 or 15 additional graves are discernable; some marked with fieldstones.

Bone Ratliff was a known resident of this community and is probably buried here along with his wife.

On Raccoon run, 2 miles up the creek from Steer Creek on what was once the Ratliff farm, now owned by Ott Suttles and James Shaffer. It is located about 150 yards from the creek in a grove of big trees, sugar and yellow poplar. The site is downstream from the old house site and a gas well, on the right hand side of the run going upstream.

John Sutton was a schoolteacher here. John Adams was killed by an accident with a horse here and is likely buried here. Most of the folks left this community in the mid 20's but some few were here until after WWII. Libby, wife of John Adams, daughter of Bone Ratliff, worked for Dr. Bolling after WWII. Bone Ratliff was reported to have had 23 children by two wives.

"Cemeteries In Calhoun County, W. Va."