Washington District

At mouth of Crooked Run of Left Hand, near Orma.

Denver G. Sampson (s. of George and Mary Sampson) - 25 Aug 1971 - 25y 1m 12d
Anna Fleming Goff (d. of J. T. Fleming) - 26 Sep 1888 - 20 Aug 1965
Pansie Love Lambert (d. of Jim and Annie Lambert) - 1917 - 1923
John Tyson Fleming - 18 Jun 1858 - 13 Mar 1933
Ella Nora Fleming - child of J. T. and Mary Susan Fleming - d. 17 Mar 1883
Asa Adam Fleming - child of J. T. and Mary Susan Fleming - 13 Oct 1886
Marie Fleming - child of J. T. and Mary Susan Fleming - 13 Jul 1905
Mary Lawson Booher (w. of Nimrod Booher)
Chessie Hester Ethel Mable Jane Chenoweth (d. of Susan Booher)
Susan Booher (w. of John Fleming and Ralph Shaffer)
Robert Fleming (bro. of J. T. Fleming)
Nora Fleming and 3 other children of Robert and Polly DeWeese Fleming
Virginia Fleming (w. of John F., m. of J. T. Fleming and Ed. D. 1916)
Ned Fleming (s. of Virginia and John Fleming, bro. of J. T. & Robbie)
John Fleming (s. of Susan Fleming)
Dempsy Badgett's wife and two children

The following submitted by Joyce Sampson:

Mary Lambert Sampson, w/o George and mother of Carol, Pansy Jean, Margaret, Denver, Lois "Mae," Astin "Paul," and a female child who died in childhood of whooping cough - b 17 May 1914 - d 21 Aug 1995.

Pansy Jean Sampson, d/o George and Mary Sampson, and mother of Margaret Ann, Richard, and Joyce - b 3 Mar 1941 - d 16 Oct 2013.

Lois Mae Fink, d/o of George and Mary Sampson - b 26 Sep 1947 - d 8 Sep 1994. Cause of death: brain cancer.

Rusty T. Sampson, son of Margaret McClain (nee Sampson) - b 18 June 1961 - d 9 March 2002, Age 40 years. Rusty was a grandson of George and Mary Sampson. Cause of death: Motorcycle accident.

"Cemeteries In Calhoun County, W. Va."