Lee District

At mouth of Lambert's Fork of the right hand fork of Crummies Creek of the West Fork.

Loyd A. Parsons
Ezra C. Parsons - d. 13 Jun 1943 - 9y
Mary E. Parsons (d. of Joseph and Gatha Parsons)
Joseph A. Tucker - 22 Jun 1840
Emily Tucker - 12 Oct 1848 - 14 Mar 1926
Henry Curtiss Parsons - 1880 - 1959
Lucy Tip Parsons - d. 13 Apr 1947 - 67y 8m
Vernie J. Parsons
Infant Child of Perry and Odie Parsons William Parsons
Della Parsons (w. of William Parsons)
Joseph Parsons
Betty Parsons (w. of Joseph Parsons)
2 infant children of Andy and Anna Parsons
Sarah Wilson Starcher (w. of Peter Starcher)
Hezakiah Starcher (Lost leg in logjam on West Fork Creek)

"Cemeteries In Calhoun County, W. Va."