Center District


Located about a half mile after the black top ends on Beech Valley Road, now called Back Fork Road, on Bob Beall's land.
It is straight up the hill from the small building on the right side of this picture.

Submitted by Michele Siegrist Clark.

     Although the cemetery may have had another name originally, I am calling it the Richards Family Cemetery at Beech Valley.
      It appears to have been forgotten and I only know of two folks who knew it was there. My cousin, Yvonna Collins, told me about it, and told me to ask my grandfather, Forest Tingler, about it. He had been told by my great grandmother (Minnie Richards Cunningham) that it was there, and he went in search of it about five years ago.
     There are seven field markers, four in the first row, and three in the back row. Supposedly, Thomas Henderson Richards and his wife Rachel (Norman) Richards are buried there, along with their son, Grant Richards. No one that I have talked to has been able to identify which graves are which.
     The original owner of the land, as far as I know, was a Frank Richards. I don't know which Frank, but he is possibly buried in the back row. There is one Wilson buried here and the tombstone says very clearly. "Ollie Wilson died Aug", but is is hard to make out the rest of the date. Possibly 1904? There is also a BW next to Ollie; also a Wilson?

Front row, L-R:
1. Unmarked (possibly Rachel?)
2. H R R (possibly Henderson?)
3. MLRR?
4. Unmarked (possibly Grant?)

Back Row, L-R:
1. Ollie Wilson died Aug (possibly 1904?)
2. B W



     These two pictures were taken to give everyone an idea of how the cemetery is laid out in the woods. The first photo was taken from the front left side; the other is taken from the front right side view. The two boys in the photos are my sons and they are standing next to fieldmarkers to help identify where the graves are in the pictures.

Michele Siegrist Clark