Submitted by Janet Kelch.

(Delivered to John D. Collins 17 March, 1874)

This deed made and entered into this 23d. day of November, 1870, between Isaac S. Collins, Sr. and Rachel his wife of the one part of the County of Ritchie and State of West Virginia and John D. Collins of the other part of the County of Calhoun and State aforesaid. Witnesseth; that whereas in consequence of age and bodily infenity it is with great inconveniance and deficulty that the said Isaac S. Collins, Sr. and Rachel Collins, his wife can longer provide for themselves as comfortable as their circumstances will warrant and as they would desire and whereas they are desirous that their son John D. Collins take charge of them during the remainder of their natural life, now therefore this indenture further witnesseth; that in consideration of the following covenants and agreements that is to say the said John D. Collins, hereby agrees to and binds himself to provide a comfortable maintenance for his said father & mother and render them as comfortable as they may desire or his circumstances warrant and in further consideration of one dollar the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged the said Isaac S. Collins, Sr. and Rachael Collins, his wife do grant and convey to the said John B. Collins, all that tract or parcel of land siutuate on Lower Leading Creek in the County of Calhoun and State of west Virginia and bounded as follows, to wit; Beginning at Samides corner on the original survey and running with the same S 83 W poles to a white oak, thence; N (degrees) 22 W 38 poles to a small white oak, a corner to Isaac N. Collins, survey thence with his line N 35 (degrees) E 123 poles to a beech on the original line thence with the same S 86 (degrees) E 38 poles to a Saunders Black oak corner, thence with Saunders division line 115 poles to the beginning containing 63 acres, more or less, the said Isaac S. Collins and Rachael his wife doth covenant to and with the said John D. Collins that they will warrant generally the above described property.

          Witness the following signature and seals.

Isaac S. Collins (Seal)
Rachael Collins (X) her mark

M. A. Ayers witness as to;
Rachael Collins mark;

State of West Virginia, County of Ritchie SS

     I Michael A. Ayers, a notary public within and for the coutny and state aforesaid, do hereby certify that Isaac S. Collins, Sr. who is personally known to me as the same person whose name is subscribed to the foregoing deed, appeared before me on this day in person and acknowledged the same to be his free act and deed for the use and purpose therein set forth, and the said Rachael Collins, wife of the said Isaac S. Collins, Sr. having by me examined separate and ------

apart from her said husband and the contents of the said instrument of writing been by me fully made known and explained to herm acknowledged that she had freely and voluntarily executed the same as her free act and deed, and that she does not wish to retract the same.

     Given under my hand this 23 day of Nov, 1870.

          M. A. Ayers, Notary Public, R. C.


     The foregoing deed together with the certificates of acknowledgments thereto annexed was this day presented in this office and admitted to record therein.

Teste: Alfred Stump, Clerk

      I, Loyd Reed, Clerk of the County Commission of Calhoun County do hereby certify that the attached and foregoing writing is a true copy taken from the records in my said office in Book No. 3 at Page No. 183.

     Given under my hand and the Seal of said Commission this 15 day of April, 1977.

Teste: Lloyd Reed, Clerk